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Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 06/08/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 05/21/2015 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Bowls of salsa were left out on counter at salsa chip station and found at 46*f. House made salsa must be kept at 41*f or less in a cooler. This is why you must replace your salsa prep cooler. Until you have a new cooler, you must keep salsa in a cooler. Corrected by keeping in walk in cooler.

(Critical) A pan of raw chicken was found stored on bags of onions in the walk in cooler, creating a cross contamination potential. Always store raw meats in safe location away from and below any ready to eat foods. Corrected by storing chicken on raw meat speedrack.

(Critical) The prep cooler at the salsa service area broke and taken out of the store and not replaced. You need to obtain a new prep cooler with a top cold rail by june 4, 2015, at which time i will be back to verify you have it installed in your store.

(Critical) 2 spray bottles were found unlabeled. Always label spray bottles with common name of contents. Corrected by labeling

(Critical) There were no paper towels stocked in the employee restroom. Staff must re-stock immediately after deleting them. Corrected by stocking.

The floor drain under the large ice bin at the bar has black slime growing in it. You need to thoroughly clean this area and put on frequent cleaning schedule.

Replace the 3 cracked light lenses in the kitchen.

Mops were left in mopsink. You need to hang them up to dry.

I want you to clean all of the ceiling vents and the old, unused hood canopy where lots of dust has accumulated. Keep these on a regular cleaning schedule.

The rear exit door has damaged door seals that need to be replaced to keep out pests.

Health Report - 11/11/2014 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The drain lines out of the pop machine and ice bin are not permanently air gapped in the drain under the 2 comp sink. Have a plumber professionally secure the lines so they stay air gapped. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify this has been done!

(Critical) No chlorine test papers in your store. You need to keep them supplied and use them routinely. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify you have some.

(Critical) Staff are not keeping up on date marking. I found an opened milk, whipped cream and flon not date marked. I also observed staff scrambling to date mark foods after i arrived. Managers need to assure staff are keeping up with compliance with date marking. Unmarked foods were discarded. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify date marking is in compliance.

(Critical) I observed the temperature of a "chub" of ground beef at 57*f, as it was left out on the sink drainboard to thaw for way too long. Staff need to be pulling meats ahead of time and thawing them in the walk in cooler so they stay under 41*f. Corrected through education and discarding meat.

(Critical) The can opener blade was found dirty. Staff are not remembering to run this through the dishwasher after using. Managers need to correct this bad habit. Corrected by running through dish.

(Critical) You have water leaking onto the floor out of the 3 comp and 2 comp sink. You need to have a plumber out to professionally fix this problem. Also, repair the leak on the faucet at the 3 comp sink. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify this has been done!!!

(Critical) I observed a can of unapproved insecticide at the bar. You are not to use these types of insecticides. Have your licensed pest company treat for the small flies that are at your bar. Corrected by discarding insecticide.

A pot of cooked beans was found on the floor in the kitchen. Staff need to keep foods off the floor at all times.

There are some small flies at the bar. I also found one bottle of liqueur with 2 small flies floating in the contents. You need to have a licensed pest company treat for the flies and give you a list of things you need to do to control the flies. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify you are doing this.

Meat was found not thawing properly on the drainboard of the 2 comp sink. If thawing outside of the cooler, you need to immerse product being thawed in water and have cold, running water flowing over it. Correct staff behavior on this.

The mop sink and faucet was taken out. You need to install a new mop sink and faucet with proper vacuum breaker within 3 weeks. I will be back to verify you have done this. Mop water was being dumped in the food prep sink. This is an unsanitary practice and must be discontinued immediately.

You need to put covers on the floor drains by the 3 comp sink and the salsa cooler. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify this has been done.

Staff need to be cleaning the inside of the coolers, freezers and microwaves more frequently.

Health Report - 04/23/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Obtain some tapered tipped, digital food thermomters. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify you have them.

(Critical) I observed 3 chemical spray bottles that were unlabelled. Always label with common name of content of bottle. Corrected by doing so.

(Critical) I arrived here just before opening and none of the handsink basins were wet, indicating none of the opening staff who were prepping foods, washed their hands before beginning work. Staff need to always wash hands upon arrival to work. Corrected through explanation.

(Critical) Gallons of cleaning chemicals were found stored with drink glasses at the bar. Also, a case of chafer fuel was found stored above food pans in the back with the catering items. Chemicals need to be stored safely away from foods and food contact items. Corrected by doing so.

(Critical) No paper towels stocked at the bar handsink. Mount a paper towel dispenser and keep stocked. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify this has been done.

(Critical) I found a case of raw chicken stored directly next to the onions and 2 cases of raw shell eggs stored with salsa, creating a cross contamination potential. Raw animal product needs to be stored seperate from and below any ready to eat foods. You need to install one more rack in your middle rack so you can store all your raw meats/eggs on it. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify you have this rack.

Provide an oven thermomter for your hot hold unit so you can monitor temperatures in it.

The ice scoop at the pop station was found stored in the ice. Store outside of bin in a clean container with handle up. You also need to obtain new ice scoop holders for your server station and at your ice machine.

The interior of the microwave found dirty. Staff need to be cleaning this out with sanitizer cloth often.

Opened bagged dry product needs to be put in a covered container once opened.

You need to clean the air ventilation system covers in your kitchen as they are full of dust.

Do not re-use margarita mix jugs. Obtain easily cleanable, food grade containers to store drinks in.

Provide a small wastebasket at each handsink for ease of paper towel disposal.

The far back area has a lot of damaged floor tiles. This area needs to be re-tiled within 6 months before your next routine inspection.

Staff did not have wiping cloth buckets made up and in use. You need to always have cloth towels in sanitizer made up with 50-100ppm chlorine. Change out about every 2 hours.

Staff need to be using the provided lockers for their personal belongings. I found hairspray, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and a coat stored with foods in the dry goods room.