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Health Report - 01/09/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

At the bar ice well, observed three ice scoops stored with their handles in the ice. Correct by storing the ice scoops outside of the ice well on a clean surface

Observed plastic food storage containers stored without completely air drying before stacking. Correct by completely air drying before storage

Health Report - 06/12/2014 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Basement kitchen: the glass washer is lacking an audible alarm or visual means of determining the detergent and sanitizer are being dispensed. Also, the large dish washing machine is lacking an audible alarm or a visual means for staff to verify the sanitizer is being delivered to the machine during the wash and rinse cycles

(Critical) Main kitchen sandwich prep station: observed a partial 1/3 pan of portioned sliced corned beef to have expired two days ago (6-10). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed the mashed potatoes in a hot holding unit to be at 111f. Also, five beef roasts in the alto-sham to be holding at 118f. Corrected by reheating the mashed potatoes in the steamer to above 165f, and by reheating the slow cooked roasts to 130f.

(Critical) Observed the lower level glass washer to not be providing a proper level of chlorine. Corrected by the ecolab technician--50 ppm chlorine provided

(Critical) Basement kitchen: observed over half of the metal kitchen food pans on the back storage shelf to have some small bits of residual food on them. Corrected: these pans were re-washed

(Critical) The steak option on the daily special menu was not provided with an asterisk to link it to the consumer advisory foot note. Ensure staff are providing these asterisks, as needed, when the daily lunch and dinner specials are created

(Critical) In a couple locations sanitizer was placed in green pails labeled detergent. Please either switch to using the red sanitizer pails or cover up the "detergent" with a new label indicating is sanitizer

(Critical) The basement kitchen mop sink: shut-off valves are located down-stream from the faucet's atmospheric vacuum breaker. This atmospheric vacuum breaker is not approved for use with any valves down-stream. Have your ecolab technician provide their "side-kick" device and install it between the faucet and the "wye" splitter as a correction

Observed bare wood shelving in the lower kitchen back storage rooms for the back-up liquor and wine bottles. Provide plastic or metal shelving

Basement kitchen: 1) a sewer line is located over the produce reach-in cooler and a food storage shelf in the small room with the soda carbonators. 2) some liquor and wine is stored under sewer lines in the back storage rooms. Provide drip catch pans under the sewer lines to intercept any possible wastewater leaks

Basement kitchen: the clean equipment storage shelf by the back delivery door is located under a wastewater line. Either relocate this storage rack or install a drip catch pan under the wastewater pipes

This incident (54048) does not have any more information on it

Observed two wet mop heads stored in five gallon buckets in the area under the stairwell. Hang up these mop heads to facilitate faster drying of the mops. Ensure a tub is placed under them to collect any dripping water

Observed a lot of water on the floor under the lower level ice machine. There are four drain pipes under this unit that are draining water into a grated floor drain. These pipes are not all located directly over this drain. Ideally, a floor sink is installed for this type of use. Consider removing the drain cover (possible down-side is allowing debris to enter the drain pipe) and the discharge pipes repositioned so the water is routed directly into the drain (proper air gaps must be maintained).