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Health Report - 09/05/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) At the mechanical dishwashing machine observed the rinse water temperature to be about 108 degrees f. The booster heater was not energized. After energizing the heater, 184 degree f rinse water was observed. Staff must be trained to energize the booster heater before washing dishes. A sign on the dish machine or other clear means of communication is suggested. Item corrected

(Critical) Observed the ice cream scoop stored in a 1/9 pan inside the hand washing sink to the right of the ice cream dipping cabinet. A handwashing sink is for handwashing only. No service utensils shall be stored or rinsed in a handwashing sink. Corrected by removing the ice cream scoops from the handsink item corrected

Observed a large gap under the walk in cooler door. Provide a door sweep to eliminate this opening that could allow pest access to your foods. This violation has been observed on previous inspections

Observed the ice cream scoop stored in a 1/9 pan inside the hand washing sink to the right of the ice cream dipping cabinet. Correct by discontinuing this practice and choose one of the options listed above

Observed the can opener with knicks in the blade. Correct by replacing blade

Across from the dishwashing area at the counter top pepsi merchandising cooler observed no ambient air thermometer. This unit is used for potentially hazardous food storage. Correct by installing an approved thermometer

Health Report - 08/28/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a few small fruit/vinegar flies at the following locations: dish washing area, the server station just outside of the dish washing part of the kitchen, and at the beverage station. A couple sticky traps and a vinegar trap were located at these areas. Ensure staff are closely monitoring these areas for moisture and debris build-up as well as the presence of flies so appropriate action can be taken

Observed the ice cream scoop stored in a 1/9 pan inside the hand washing sink to the right of the ice cream dipping cabinet. Discontinue this practice and choose either one of the following options to maintain the scoop in a clean /safe manner: 1) install a proper ice cream scoop dipping well (the water inlet and waste water drain termination require air gaps) to keep your scoops in running water between uses; 2) purchase additional ice cream scoops so each scoop is only used once and then sent to be washed; or provide a container of water that is maintained above 135f in which to store the scoop between uses

Observed no water exiting the bottom of the flow-through tee fitting at the mop sink faucet connection when the water valves were turned on to pressurize the chemical dispenser system. It appears mineral deposits have plugged the small outlets to this fitting. Repair/replace this fitting to allow water flow when the water is turned on at the faucet

Observed a large gap under the walk in cooler door. Provide a door sweep to eliminate this opening that could allow pest access to your foods

Observed the door gasket on the right-hand door of the three door upright freezer to be torn. Replace to be easily cleanable

Observed several pieces of washed kitchen equipment/pans to be stacked or covered while still wet. Please allow more time for these items to air dry prior to stacking or covering them

Observed: 1) foods stored on a shelving unit in the back store room located under a condensate drain line for the new remotely located kitchen a/c unit. Provide a drip catch trough under this drain line where it is located above foods, etc

Health Report - 08/18/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a pea soup made the previous day to still be at 48 to 51f in the walk in cooler at 10:30 to 11 am today. Corrected by discarding this soup

This incident (44728) does not have any more information on it

The following out of the way areas are in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future: the wall, floor and misc. Pipes located behind/under the dish washing machine; the floor to the left of the side stand soda system ice bin and the junction of the floor to the toe-kick area of the base cabinet at the same side stand.

Observed soup in a tightly covered plastic bulk container. Utilize uncovered metal containers, an ice bath, ice sticks and frequent stirring. Portioning the food in to additional containers to reduce the volume and increase the surface area also expedites the process. Provided staff with cooling charts to use when monitoring the cooling of foods in the future

Health Report - 08/10/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed refrigeration required individual coffee creamer containers at 63f in a plastic pan on top of some ice at the main server station. Corrected by discarding these creamers. The manager indicated shelf stable creamers will be utilized in the future

(Critical) Observed cook line staff handling ready to eat foods (buns, lettuce, tomato, potato chips, etc. ) with bare hands. Corrected by discussing this concern with the employee and by the employee utilizing single use gloves and/or utensils as appropriate

Observed a thin sheet of wood to prop up a leg under a shelving unit. Please eliminate this piece of wood and replace it with a non-absorbent material (plastic or coated metal) to eliminate the rotting wood

Observed a few small flies in the dish washing area, and a couple small ants in the main dining room server stand area near the floor drain. Please monitor your facility closely and take all steps necessary to eliminate debris build-up and moisture

Observed a few out of the way/difficult to reach areas of the floors to be in need of cleaning such as under the dish washing machine, the dirty dish area drain board, and under the upright coolers. Please clean these areas now and more frequently in the future to eliminate debris that attracts pests

Install an ecolab "sidekick" back flow preventer, or an equivalent flow through back flow preventer by another manufacturer on the mop sink faucet. Please call me with any questions prior to purchase and installation. As an alternative, a pressure vacuum breaker may be installed (at the required height) to provide water to the chemical dispenser

Observed the following areas to be in need of re-sealing: 1) the back splash and drain board for the dirty dish area, 2) the wall coving under the dish area hand washing sink. Please remove any old/damaged caulk/base coving and thoroughly clean and dry these areas prior to applying new caulk or base coving

Please relocate the trash and recycling dumpsters to an area paved with concrete or asphalt.

Observed the ice transfer pail to be stored upright in the storage room near the ice machine. Corrected by inverting the pail to prevent misc. Debris from entering the bucket and to facilitate draining

Health Report - 09/01/2009 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The kitchen manager could not produce a shell stock tag(s) for the fresh little neck clams that were delivered this past saturday and served on sunday. The manager indicated these clams were not delivered with a shell stock tag. In the future, all shipments of shell stock must be rejected if no shell stock tags are not provided. Ensure all kitchen staff are made aware of the requirement to keep these tags for 90 days after they are all consumed. Corrected through education of the kitchen manager regarding this topic

The drain line for the trough drain at the dirty dish pre-cleaning station is clogged. Please clear the drain so wastewater is removed from the area

Observed the two kitchen wiping cloth buckets to only have approximately 100 ppm quat. Corrected by providing replacement solutions at 200 ppm

Observed a 1/9 pan with an ice cream scoop in it located in the back kitchen hand washing sink basin. Corrected by removing this container from the sink basin. Please inform all staff that no items may be placed in hand washing sink basins

Observed sleeved stacks of plastic beverage cups, and the ice making machine stored under an access cleaning port for the exhaust hood duct work that is leaking. Please install a drip shield/trough to intercept any dripping grease/oil from this duct work

1) observed the floor at the wall juncture to be in need of cleaning under the ice machine, and under the back kitchen prep sink/table area. 2) please keep the floor drain area and the drain lines from the soda system & ice bin at the server side stand clean on a regular basis

Please ensure staff are removing and cleaning the coffee dispensing machine spouts at the end of each night

Please post your current food service license in a publicly viewable area of your dining area