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Health Report - 07/08/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Waffle mix is being placed back into cooler after using. Corrected. Sliced turkey and sausage kept in bottom section of prep unit instead of top rail. Corrected. Whipped butter is stored on top rail and portioned from there. Corrected. Gazpacho kept in bottom section of prep cooker at soup/salad/dessert station. Corrected. All potentially hazardous foods temped at 41f or below. A risk control plan was provided and approved for 3-501. 16 hot and cold holding temperatures.

Regulator for hot water at handsink was removed. Hot water provided at 123f. You may install another regulator for the handsink if necessary. Corrected.

Dicer was clean. Corrected. Rice cooker cleaned. Corrected

Cloth towels are no longer used for drying dishes. Will use paper towel if necessary. Corrected.

Health Report - 06/17/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) First aid kit and rubbing alcohol found stored over utensils on a shelf above the 3 compartment sink. First aid kit and accessories must be stored below and away from food and food contact surfaces to minimize potential for contamination. Pic corrected by relocating these items to an area withwout food and food contact surfaces.

(Critical) Several foods found being held out of temperature. Potentially hazardous foods must be kept cold at 41f or below or hot at 135f or above to minimize potential for bacterial growth. Waffle mix found in reach in cooler at waffle station at 59f. Elevation in temperature may be due to waffle mix sitting out during prep times. Pic corrected by discarding waffle mix. In the future, make sure that waffle mix is placed back in reach in cooler immediately to maintain proper temperature. Sliced turkey meat and sausage found at 44-50f on top rail of first prep unit on kitchen make line. Unclear as to why these meats are out of temperature. Pic corrected by discarding out of temperature meats. In the future, make sure that meats are not stacked above the rim of the container. Small amount of whipped butter found sitting on prep table at 48f. Butter had been out due to prep. Pic corrected by placing back into top rail of prep unit, and will use up within the next 2 hours. Gazpacho soup found at 50f in soup area. Ice in ice bath had melted. Pic corrected by placing gazpacho soup in freezer for rapid chilling and will discard soup within 2 hours. In the future, keep ice stocked in ice bath at product level or above. Grilled onions found at 81f on shelf on kitchen make line. Once heat-treated, onions are potentially hazardous. Pic corrected discarding grilled onions. ,

One of the ventilation fans in walk in freezer is currently not functioning. Equiptment must be maintained in good repair. To correct, repair ventilation fan so that it is functioning.

Dicer used to dice sweet peppers found soiled with some food debris. Food contact surfaces need to be cleaned to sight and touch. To correct, clean now and retrain food employees on proper washing procedures. ,

Non-food contact surfaces of rice cooker found soiled. Non-food contact surfaces must be kept clean to sight and touch. To correct, clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Handwashing signage not available at handsinks at bar area. Handwashing signage must be provided at all handsinks. To correct, provide handwashing signage at handsinks at bar area

Food employee seen drying clean dishes with cloth towel. Dishes must be air dried to minimize potential for bacterial contamination. To correct, re-train food employees on proper dish drying procedures. ,

Regulator for hot water at handsink in food prep area not functioning properly. Drain line at handwashing sink in dishroom leaking. Plumbing in facility must be maintained in good repair. To correct, repair handsinks mentioned above so that plumbing is in good working order. ,

Health Report - 11/24/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Cast skillets and pans found on the make line with food debris. Dough mixer found to be in need of cleaning. Assorted dishes, grater, skimmer implement and ice cream scoop and other miscellaneous utensils found on the clean utensil/dish storage rack with food debris remnants. Utensils and dishes are not been properly prescraped/prerinsed prior to cleaning and or not properly cleaned through dishmachine. Retrain employee on proper prescraping/prerinsing technique make sure that when clean dishes come out they are inspected as part of the dishmachine process for cleanliness prior to stacking on the clean dish storage racks. Corrected at time of inspection by running these utensils back through the dishmachine and cleaning.

(Critical) Handsink blocked for accessibility by large wastebasket directly in front of the sink making the handsink inaccessible for routine handwashing. Based on proximity of the handsink to the wall, the handink size being small, proximity to cooking equipment and small work space and paper towel dispenser on the wall, this sink is very difficult to access even under the best conditions. Relocate the wastebasket or provide a smaller one to prevent blocking of the handsink in the future. Corrected at time of inspection by moving the wastebasket away from the handsink allow access for routine handwashing

(Critical) Onions and potatoes in cartons found stored directly under the soap dispenser adjacent to the handsink. Satin shine cleaner next to clean plates on storage rack in the dishroom hand sanitizer at wait station next to food contact surfaces and water pitcher. Propane torch for creme brulee flambe found amongst crepe toppings in direct contact with the container of foods on the roll cart. Cleaners, sanitizer, soap and propane must be properly stored away from foods, food contact surfaces and prep areas to minimize potential for contamination of those foods, equipment, food contact surfaces and prep areas. Relocate cleaners, sanitizer, soap and propane to an approved designated location. Correct as indicated above.

(Critical) Sheet tray with raw bacon wraps found on roll cart in the produce/dessert walk in cooler above ready to eat foods including creme brulee. Raw beef found in the walk in cooler next to precooked turkey and prosciutto. Store raw foods so that they are not above or in close proximity to ready to eat foods to minimize potential for cross contamination of those foods. Corrected by relocating the raw bacon and raw beef to a lower shelf away from ready to eat foods

(Critical) Half gallon carton of heavy whipping cream found sitting on the shelf on the make line at room temperature temped at 65 degrees f. Whipping cream is potentially hazardous and must be maintained at 41 degrees f to minimize growth of bacteria and toxin production. Corrected by discarding heavy whipping cream at time of inspection

5 gallon pickle containers and clarified butter containers are being reused for food storage after the original food from the manufacturer is consumed. Discontinue this practice and provide food grade approved containers for foods storage. These containers are considered single use and are not approved for reuse. Correct by providing additional approved food grade containers

The sides of the cooking equipment need cleaning on the make line. There is excess water build up in the prep cooler opposite the cooking equipment. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Bar utensils and implements found in standing water with sanitizer inbetween uses. Ice scoops stored on cloth towel on top of ice machine at the bar. Knives in the crepe are are being stored periodically in sanitized water. Discontinue this practice and store scoops and utensils on clean dry surface. You may store ice scoop in the ice with the handle end extended or use rubber mesh matting or other approvable clean smooth surfaces. Correct as indicated above

Assorted equipment, utensils, etc found in the liquor storage room in cartons and boxes on the floor. All equipment, utensils etc are required to be a minimum of 6" above the floor to allow access for routine cleaning. Reorganize this area and provide additional shelving in order to keep all items off the floor as indicated above allowing access for cleaning

Mops found stored in the mop sink with mop heads in the sink basin. Discontinue this practice and hang up mops to dry after use. Correct as indicated above

Utensils/containers were found stacked wet on the clean dish storage rack. Properly air dry all utensils/containers after dishwashing so that they are stacked dry and not wet. Corrected as indicated above

Health Report - 05/14/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Utensils on the clean storage rack and knife rack found with food debris. It is probable that the dirty utensils are not being properly prescrapped/prerinsed leaving food residue on the utensil. Dishmachine appears to be functioning properly. Adjust/repair spray rinse to make sure that all food debris is rinsed/loosened prior to dishwash for proper cleaning. Train/retrain new employee on proper prerinse technique. ,

(Critical) Severely severly dented cans of condensed milk found on the can storage rack in the dry storage area upstairs. Examine cans for dents or damage prior to stocking. Establish a separate designated location away from the regular can storage for return to supplier or discard. Corrected by removing cans from the storage shelf at time of inspection. ,

(Critical) Assorted potentially hazardous foods found at 48-51 degrees f in the reach in cooler with 2 drawers. Potentially hazardous food must be maintained at 41 degrees f or below. All food was discarded at time of inspection. Ambient air temperature of this unit was found at 57 degrees f. Unit is not functioning call for repair of unit. Corrected by discarding food. ,

The cooler with two drawers on the cook line was found with an ambient air temperature of 57 degrees f. The unit was not functioning properly. Call for repair of unit in order to maintain potentially hazardous food at 41 degrees f or below. Once repaired you may use this unit for food storage. ,

Thermometr for the saute cooler was inaccurate. Provide an accurate thermometer in order to properly monitor the temperature of the unit. ,

Health Report - 11/26/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The main handsink for the prep line was blocked for access for routine handwashing by a very large wastebasket parked in front of the handsink. The main handsink is small and at the end of the line. Make sure it is accessible for routine handwashing at all times and that the wastebasket does not have to be handled in order to access the sink. Corrected by relocating the wastebasket at time of inspection.

The new spray rinse arm is loose and needs to be tightend/reclamped so that it does not hang below the top rim of the drain table when hanging freely. Correct by providing permanent clamp or resecuring properly to provide proper airgap to minimize potential for backsiphonage into the water supply. The faucet for the hansink in the crepe prep area is loose. Tighten faucet.

The slicer needs cleaning as discussed. Clean now and retrain employees on proper cleaning of hard to access areas.

Containers of foods are being double stacked on the top rail of the prep unit. The bottoms of the container are touching the food. Discontinue this practice as bottoms of containers may not be clean and are in direct contact with exposed foods. Corrected by relocating the contaienrs on top of the foods to the bottom of the unit.

The condensate line in the walk in cooler is not wrapped in insulation. Wrap in insulation to minimize potential for condensation to drip onto foods stored below the line.