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Health Report - 05/04/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 10/21/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 05/13/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The following expired foods were found in the bottom of the three door prep cooler: a coconut sauce (5-3), a small quantity of soup (5-8), and a couscous sauce (5-11). These foods were discarded. Ensure someone is purging any expired foods on a daily basis.

(Critical) No food container labels were provided on the following foods: two kinds of soup in the market area grab and go refrigerator, packages of pita bread (purchased from a bakery in dearborn), and small pastries that are purchased in bulk and then re-packaged for retail sale. This facility already has the mdard labeling guide. Create and provide food labels as directed in the labeling guide. I would be happy to review these labels prior to printing them

1) observed two containers on the counter with utensils stored in them. The service end of the utensils are sticking upward. Either store these utensils with the handles upward, relocate them to a covered storage tub or place them in a tray with the handles all in the same direction. 2) observed a stack of aluminum and plastic to food containers to be stored upright. Either keep these containers inverted or in a storage bag to protect them from misc. Contamination

1) the three door upright refrigerator was operating at a slightly elevated temperature. The temperature control dial was turned one unit higher (colder setting) during the inspection. Monitor this unit to ensure it maintains 41f or below. 2) the condenser coil for the display cooler has a significant dust accumulation. Remove this dust layer to improve the efficiency. 3) the fan guard for the three door prep cooler has a dust accumulation on it. Also, this unit's condenser coil is starting to ice up. After relocating the food from this unit, turn it off, and remove the fan grate so it can be cleaned and allow the unit to defrost

Observed the wiping cloth storage solution to be too weak on quat sanitizer. Discard this solution and provide fresh sanitizer at the proper strength to store the wiping towel to prevent bacterial growth

Observed several boxes of single service items stored on the floor in the back of the kitchen. Store all of these items off of the floor by at least 6" for protection

Health Report - 11/13/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The following foods stored in a couple refrigerators were found to be expired: soy milk (10-1), beef chili (11-12), and fava beans (11-11). Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff are performing daily checks of your food supplies to purge expired foods

(Critical) No metal stem food thermometer was provided in the facility to verify food temperatures. Corrected by obtaining a new thermometer prior to the end of the inspection

The bucket of sanitizer solution for the wiping cloth was too weak. Corrected by providing a fresh solution of sanitizer at 250 ppm

The interior of the microwave oven is in need of cleaning to remove splattered food debris