Zeidan Bakery And Cafe

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3182 Packard Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 02/03/2009 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The three types samboosah pies are being made by a supplier at their private residence. All food served to the public must either be made at this facility or be purchased from a licensed and inspected food service facility. Corrected by taking the samboosah out of the cooler and removing them from the facility.

(Critical) Observed a bowl of falafel cooked at 11 am stored in a display cabinet without temperature control. Corrected by discarding. The facility already has a time as a public health policy for some other foods (baked meat pies, etc. ). In the future, either 1) mark these foods with the four hour use-by time and discard them after the four hour period, 2) cool them down and keep refrigerated at 41f and below, or 3) portion and freeze them then pull them to thaw as needed for immediate service/reheating.

Ensure the mounting bases for the soda dispensing system are also being cleaned when the removable diffusers and spouts are being cleaned. A small diameter bottle brush will be helpful in completing this task

Again found the covers/doors of the three shared dumpsters left open and one of the covers was broken/missing. Please keep the covers closed to keep pests out of trash. Also, contact the waste hauler and have them provide a replacement cover for the one that is missing

Observed several single use food containers being cleaned and reused for other foods (such as aluminum foil pans, plastic and glass food/spice containers). Please recycle/discard these contianers and only use multi-use food grade containers with nsf or equivalent ratings for food storage

Please provide a small trash can for the back hand washing sink near the hot water heater

Observed the covers on the two bulk containers for salt and sugar to be damaged/cracked. Please provide replacement covers

Observed four light bulbs in the front counter display cabinet (originally a hot holding unit) with standard light bulbs installed. Please replace the existing ones with a shatterproof coating