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Health Report - 02/09/2010 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed raw, in-shell eggs to be stored on the top shelf of the 7-up cooler above other ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating the eggs to another cooler above raw meats. Several containers of raw meat & chicken were stored above the container of feta cheese in the randell two door cooler. Corrected by relocating the feta cheese to a cooler with produce

(Critical) 1) observed two kitchen knives stored in a slit between the end of the prep cooler and a wall. The knives and the wall/cooler surfaces were not clean. Discontinue this process and provide a commercial knife rack or magnet for storing clean knives. The knives were cleaned in the 3 comp. Sink. --corrected. 2) the food end of the baking peel was observed resting on the floor. The baking peel was washed in the three compartment sink--corrected. 3) the mounting bases for the soda nozzles were observed to be unclean. Please clean and sanitize these surfaces

(Critical) Observed numerous cockroaches (all stages) to be present in the front counter area among the styrofoam to-go food boxes, around the prep cooler and many of them hiding in between two pieces of wood by the display cooler. The manager immediately called a pest control company for an emergency visit. Provide me with a written contract for ongoing service and a copy of the report from the contractor visit outlining problem areas and how the facility was treated for the roaches

(Critical) Observed the falafel making tool to be resting in a cup of water at room temperature. Temporarily corrected by washing the container and the falafel tool. The manager will store the tool in the prep cooler when not in use

(Critical) Observed baked spinach, meat, and chicken & potato pies in the display case without use by times. Temporarily corrected by discarding these items. Provide four hour use by times as required

(Critical) Observed the metal tool used to make the falafel to not be easily cleanable with inaccessible and hollow surfaces. Replace this tool with one that is nsf or equivalent approved to be easily cleanable

(Critical) Observed a large sprayer containing an insecticide in the back prep room the manager brought from home to use for ants. The insecticide inside was not identified. Corrected by removing from the facility. Several household use only ant bait stations were located in the front of the store. Corrected by discarding these items. In the future, only utilize pesticides that are approved for use in restaurants and/or contract with a pest control company

(Critical) Observed several falafel pieces stored on the prep cooler cutting board in a plastic bag, and some in the deep fryer basket at 60f. Corrected by discarding. In the future, either maintain these items hot (above 135f) or cool them down and maintain cold (below 41f)

Please thoroughly clean the out of the way areas such as below and behind coolers, cooking equipment, cabinetry, etc. To eliminate food and miscellaneous debris

Observed the following pieces of equipment to be in need of cleaning: the door track of the front counter display cooler and the interior of the two door randell cooler

Observed cracked door gaskets on the three door prep cooler. Please replace

This incident (33738) does not have any more information on it

Observed dessert items (mostly baklava) that are purchased in bulk and then separated into smaller packages. All of these pacaged foods need to have proper labeling on them. Provided an mda food labeling guide for packaged foods

It appears the food service license is still in the mailing envelope at the front counter. Please remove the license and post it on the wall

Observed a chair and the large sprayer stored in front of the back kitchen hand sink. Corrected by removing these items from in front of the sink

Provide paper towel for the hand washing sinks at the front counter and at the dish washing station

This incident (64533) does not have any more information on it

Please hang up your mop at the mop sink to facilitate quicker drying

Health Report - 08/06/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed beef and chicken shawarma with out use-by dates in the coolers. Provide use-by dates for these and any other ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods that last more than 24 hours after preparation (or opening the container if it is a commercially made item). The maximum use time frame is 7 days--calculated by adding only 6 days to the day of prep/opening. Provide the month and day of the month for the use-by date on the food container.

(Critical) Observed the wiping cloth sanitizer and the three compartment sink sanitizer solutions mixed too strong (>>200ppm). Corrected by diluting these solutions to 100 ppm

(Critical) Observed an employee handling baked flat breads with his bare hands to stock the display case and when packaging customers food. Corrected by using deli tissue and tongs to handle these foods

Observed access to the two hand washing sinks in the back kitchen to be blocked by a large trash can and by some old equipment (soup warmer unit). Always provide access to your hand washing sinks to facilitate use by the employees

No chlorine test strips were available in the facility. Corrected by purchasing test strips

Observed the shared dumpster area to be unclean with spilled trash. Please work with your employees and neighbors to maintain this area clean to prevent attracting pests to the area

1) the door gaskets on the two door upright cooler, and 2) the middle door gasket on the three door prep cooler. Replace to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface

Only observed a non-functioning digital food thermometer in the front counter area. Provide a replacement unit

Provide a replacement air thermometer for the damaged one in the front area glass display cooler

Again observed the doors/lids left open on the shared dumpsters behind the building. Please work with your employees and neighbors to keep these lids/covers closed to prevent pest access

Provide an air thermometer for the one door front counter area freezer

Observed the baker rinsing/washing his hands off in the three compartment sink. Please utilize the provided hand washing sink in the kitchen for this task

Observed 1) the front door to be propped open--corrected by removing the brick and allowing the front door to close. 2) the screen door at the back of the kitchen has holes in the screen material and a couple locations where the screening has pulled away from the frame. Repair or replace this screening to prevent pest entry

Please clean: 1) the two round floor sink basins located under the three compartment sink in the kitchen and under the base cabinet at the front counter area to remove debris accumulation. 2) the floor under equipment at the front counter area