Ypsilanti High School Indoor Concession

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2095 Packard
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 01/17/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the floor in the concession area soiled with accumulation. To correct thoroughly clean floor and keep clean.

Health Report - 08/22/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found a removeable type sprayer which can be left in the sink below the flood rim of the sink. To correct remove sprayer and cap water supply line.

Found no paper towels in the paper towel dispenser. To correct keep paper towel dispenser stocked.

Found a dead mouse in a glueboard in the cabinet under the 2 compartment sink. Found dead insects in glueboards through out concession stand. Pic corrected by discarding dead mouse in glueboard, and has been reminded to check and replace glueboards when filled.

Observed some accumulation on the top interior of the popcorn machine. To correct follow manufacturers directions and clean pop corn machine.

Found no chlorine test kit available. To correct provide chlorine test kit.

Observed the thermometer in the empty domestic cooler indicating an air temperature of 46°F, with the thermostat at the coldest setting. Pic provided a menu of items which indicates no time/temperature control (tcs) food will be stored in coolers. Pic has been reminded that tcs food must be stored at 41°F or lower and to verify this cooler can hold tcs food at 41°F or lower, if tcs food will be stored in this cooler.

Found the floor in the concession stand with chipped and damaged tiles. Found the ceiling with peeling in the corner of the concession stand. To correct repair/replace floor and ceiling.

Health Report - 12/06/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed mouse dropping on the back storage room floor and lower shelf of the storage cabinet, and no trapping/bait boxes to help eliminate mice. To correct clean areas, repair areas to be free of holes and gaps, and contact pest control company and treat areas for mice. ,

Observed back storage room with various items stored in an unorganized manner. To correct determine if items are needed for operations, discard if no longer needed, and organize room.

Found the tiled floor behind the front counter window chipped and damaged. Found the ceiling above the popcorn machine with peeling paint and surfaces. To correct repair floor and ceiling to be smooth, durable, and easy to clean.

Found the floor in the concession stand soiled with debris. To correct thoroughly clean floor, and clean on a schedule to preclude accumulation.

Found the interior shelves and door gaskets of cooler soiled. Found the shelves in the front counter window soiled with accumulation of debris. To correct clean cooler and shelves and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Health Report - 11/30/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Some chemical products found stored improperly in rear storage room. Please store all chemicals away from and below any food, clean equipment and utensils, single-service items and clean linens. Critical corrected: at time of inspection relocated sterno and oven cleaner to chemical storage area

(Critical) Install separate handwashing sink complete with soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and handwash sign notifying food employees to wash their hands. Not corrected. This was noted on inspection report from 8/24/10

(Critical) Interior pop corn mahcine in need of cleaning. Food-contact surfaces shall be clean to sight and touch. Not corrected

Please provide food-grade container for storage of pop corn; currently using tote

Observed unnecessary items and clutter stored front counter area shelves and rear food storage closet. Please sort through and get rid of any items not used in the operation and maintenance of facility. This will make it easier to keep clean, prevent potential harborage conditions for insects and rodents and give you additional space

Please provide accurate food thermometer to monitor food temperatures

Please provide chlorine test kit to monitor sanitizer concentration at manual warewashing operation and for sanitizer buckets for wet wiping cloth storage