Wurst Bar (The)

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705 W. Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 08/01/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the blade of the can opener soiled with accumulation. Found the interior front shield of the ice machine soiled with moldy build up. Found the underside of the slicer blade and surrounding areas soiled with accumulation of food debris. To correct follow manufacturer's directions and clean can opener, ice machine surfaces and slicer. This is a repeated violation and a risk control plan must be submitted. ,

Health Report - 02/05/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the interior front shield, surrounding areas in ice bin, and upper parts of the ice forming assembly soiled with mold. Found the under side of the slicer blade and surrounding areas soiled with food debris. To correct follow manufacturer's directions and clean ice machine and slicer. Pic has been instructed to monitor and ensure food contact surfaces are properly cleaned. ,

Health Report - 08/20/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the drain line of the ice bins leading to the wall leaking. To correct repair drain line.

Found the basement floor with missing tile and uneven spots. Found the wall behind the bar walls missing drywall and with open areas. To correct repair floor and wall to be durable, smooth, and cleanable.

Found an unshielded sewer line running across the entrance of the basement walk in cooler. To correct shield the sewer line so food coming in and out of walk in cooler is protected from any potential drips.

Found debris in between dumpsters and surrounding area. To correct clean area and keep clean.

Found the soap dispenser in the bar handsink area no longer attached to the wall but on shelf. To correct resecure soap dispenser to wall.

Found an opened cup with straw but no lid on the shelf by the cooking/prep area. To correct provide a lid for cup and straw.

Found light shield missing from ceiling of the back prep area. To correct provide light shield.

Found plastic squeeze bottles of oil and sauces without labels. To correct provide labels.

Health Report - 02/22/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Found several food storage containers of seasoning on the kitchen storage shelf without labels. To correct label food storage containers

Observed the presence of flies in the 3 compartment sink floor drain area and in the handsink area. To correct keep facility clean and dry, in good repair, and continue fly control treatments.

Found no handwashing signs in the public restrooms. To correct provide signs reminding employees to wash their hands.

Found the door gaskets on the 3 door prep top cooler torn and cracked. To correct repair/replace door gaskets.

Found the floor in the basement rough, and uneven and with missing tile. To correct repair floor to be smooth, durable and cleanable.

Found the edges of the cooking hood soiled with greasy build up. To correct clean hood edges and clean on a schedule to preclude accumulation.

Found slight accumulation on the diffusers of the pop guns in the bar. To correct follow manufacturers directions and thoroughly clean pop guns (nozzles and diffusers).

Found a prep table with utensils stored on bottom shelf next to the mop sink. To correct install a barrier/splash guard to protect utensils on the bottom shelf from splash.

Health Report - 08/29/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the water supply line of the steamer without back flow prevention device. To correct provide a backflow prevention device ( meeting asse 1012 or 1022) on steamer water supply line.

(Critical) Found cheese debris on the under side of the slicer blade. To correct follow manufacturers directions, and properly clean slicer, that is wash, rinse, and sanitize slicer.

(Critical) Found the drain line of the kitchen steamer draining into floor drain without air gap. Found the drain line of the ice machine in the kitchen without air gap. Found the drain line of the ice bin in the bar corner draining into a receptacle without air gap. Found the drain line of the basement walk in cooler draining into sump without air gap. To correct provide an air gap of at least 1 inch from the drain line(s) and the rim of the drain receptacles.

Found a damp mop in an empty mop bucket by the mop sink. To correct hang mop after cleaning task, to allow mop to air dry.

Found the left side wall of the cooking hood loose and hanging from hood. To correct resecure sidewall to hood.

Found food license not available. To correct provide current food license or if ownership has changed apply for food license.

Found the cleaning items in the bar handsink. To correct relocate cleaning items and keep handsink accessible at all times.

Found gaps along the floor and wall junction in the cooking prep area. To correct repair/replace coving to eliminate gaps. Found the floor between the kitchen and display cooler and the walk way to the basement not smooth. To correct repair tiled floor to be smooth.