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Health Report - 10/05/2009 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) What appears to be storm water is accumulating in the basement (3-4" deep approx. ). Contract with a plumber asap to remedy this problem as needed. Once the water is removed, follow the clean up directions located in your emergency action guide book, and provide fans and dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth.

(Critical) Observed the blade on the can opener to be excessively soiled, and an unclean knife was observed on the clean knife storage magnet. Corrected by cleaning these items

Observed used narrow necked sauce bottles with hollow handles being saved for re-use and some that are in use after their original contents have been depleted. These bottles are not easily cleanable and need to be recycled after their initial use. Purchase commercial, food grade containers with large openings to facilitate cleaning

1) several areas of the roof are leaking rain water into the facility around pvc drainage pipes. The roof needs repairs asap to eliminate this source of moisture that is deteriorating the structure and contaminating foods and the facility. 2) once the roof leaks have been eliminated, provide replacement ceiling tiles

The current food service license is not posted. Your current license was mailed to your post office box. Obtain and post this license in a publicly viewable location in your facility

Observed the front door and a side exterior door to be propped open upon arrival, and a couple of house flies to be present in the facility. Exterior doors must remain closed to prevent the entry of pests

Observed condensation accumulating on bottom of the metal panel at the top of the one door pepsi cooler and running down the back wall and bottom of the unit to the front door. Have someone trouble shoot the problem (possibly a clogged condensate drain line) and repair as needed to eliminate the problem

Observed multiple packages of cups or sauce cups that had fallen onto the back storage room floor. Corrected by picking these items up and placing them on the storage shelf.

Observed foods and food handling equipment (refrigeration units, prep counter, cutting boards, etc. ) located below and adjacent to one of the ceiling areas that leaks water when it rains. All food and food handling equipment must be moved away from this area as needed for protection

Observed oil accumulation on the floor in the vicinity of the bulk used oil storage tank in the back room. Please clean this area now and more frequently in the future

Health Report - 03/09/2009 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed sour cream and cole slaw in the one door cooler with the glass front to be at 45/46f (the air thermometer in the unit was reading too cold and staff thought the unit was maintaining proper temperature). Corrected by discarding the phfs. The unit was turned to a colder setting

1) spilled oil was observed on the floor at the deep fryer; 2) spilled food was observed on the floor up against the partition wall under the two prep counter tables; 3) the floor sink serving the three compartment sink has old food debris build-up on it (and the adjacent wall); 4) the restroom is in need of cleaning. Please clean these areas now and more frequently in the future (consider creating a cleaning check list with tasks to complete at reasonable frequencies)

Observed the thermometer in one of the coolers reading 35f when the food was being maintained at 45/46f. Discard this thermometer and provide an accurate replacement

Observed the basement flooded with water (3-5" deep) from recent rain. Asap have this water pumped out and dried with fans and a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth. Reference your emergency action booklet for additional clean-up details. After the clean-up is complete make necessary changes to prevent this from occurring in the future

Metal spoons are being used to stir/handle foods in the non-stick coated pans. Purchase and utilize plastic or high temp silicone utensils to prevent from damaging the non-stick coating any further

Observed two to three containers of food not covered prior to the close of business. Please keep bowls covered and bags of food sealed to prevent misc. Contamination and to prevent the attraction of pests

Discontinue the use of sponges as they trap small amounts of food debris and stay moist for long periods of time and can allow bacteria to grow rapidly and then be spread to food contact surfaces

Observed oil droplets starting to form on the interior surfaces of the small hood located above the deep fryers. Please clean this hood unit per the manufacturers direction with approved chemicals

1) observed evidence of rain water leaking into the establishment through the roof around a 4" pvc drain pipe located above the half height wall separating the kitchen and the hallway. The facility is closed on sunday. This morning (monday) a bucket placed to catch dripping water was overflowing on top of this wall significant rain fell both saturday and sunday this past weekend). Please thoroughly seal all leaks in the roof to prevent this from occurring in the future. 2) once the leaks are eliminated, replace all damaged ceiling tiles. 3) re-caulk the three compartment sink back-splash to the wall to prevent moisture and debris from migrating behind the sinks were the wall is uncleanable

Observed leaking containers of used deep fryer oil and an open, bulk storage container (plastic trash can) with used fryer oil in the back storage room. Provide suitable storage containers for waste oil

Observed two cans of restaurant trash in the alley that were uncovered. The trash can lids are laying on the ground. Please ensure staff are utilizing the covers to prevent pest entry and to keep rain water from filling up the containers

Observed the bottoms of the coolers to have spilled/leaked food on them. Please keep these surfaces clean

Observed large quantities of used oil (about 30 containers at 4-5 gallons each, plus a trash can full of oil) in the corner of the back storage room. This used oil must be removed and properly disposed asap and on an ongoing basis in the future. Information was left with operator regarding concerns of fats,oils, and grease, as well as some contractors to call