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Health Report - 09/09/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no air gap on the ice machine drain line. A direct connection may not exist between the sewage system and a drain originating from equipment in which food, portable equipment, or utensils are placed. ((b) (p). To correct provide a one inch or 2x the pipe diameter air gap to the noted item.

Health Report - 02/27/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed cooked sausage at 112 degrees f. Held in pan of hot holding table. Corrected by reheating to 165 degrees f. And raising dial thermostat setting on hot holding table

Health Report - 08/22/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the sani bucket on the cook line and in a spray bottle to be above 200 ppm chlorine. Corrected - sanitizer was discarded and a new batch made to the correct concentration

(Critical) Found an unlabeled spray bottle in the rack under the 3 comp sink. All spray bottles are to be labeled with the common name of the contents. Corrected - unlabeled spray bottle was discarded

(Critical) Found sani bucket at the bar to have chlorine concentration below 25 ppm. Corrected - chlorine sanitizer was added to achieve the correct concentration of 50 - 100 ppm chlorine

Found 2 pedal cars stored in front of the glass front storage unit by the office. Staff stated that these cars may be used for decoration in the dining area. Corrected - cars were removed from establishment

The dishwasher took 9 cycles before the heat tape started to indicate correct temperature. There had been a lag time of about 1 hour that dishes weren't run. Have service tech check guages, as they were reading over 200* f, actual temp of water was 150 - 160* f. Continue to monitor dishwasher to ensure proper temps are being maintained

Found boxes of single service articles stored directly on the floor in the back dry storage area. To correct - all boxes must be stored at 6" above the floor to facilitate cleaning underneath

Found several cases of beer stored directly on the floor in the beer cooler at the bar. To correct - provide dunnage racks to store beer cases at least 6" above the floor

Found the hood filters to be in need of cleaning with excessive grease on them. The sticker from the hood cleaning service stated that hoods were cleaned in june 2013 and are due for cleaning in december 2013. From the current condition of the hood filters, a 6 month timeframe for cleaning is not sufficient. To correct - clean hood filters now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found staff not wearing required hair restraint/cover. Corrected - staff put hat on as required

Found ceiling tiles near the back door of the kitchen to be missing or in poor repair, also, ceiling in back storage room at the bar is falling in, insulation is hanging from attic area. To correct - replace and/or repair the missing or broken ceiling tiles, and repair/install ceiling in back room at bar

Found the following areas in need of cleaning: right side oven, range top burners, baking prep area, wall under the dishwasher and 3 comp sink, the floor sink under the 3 comp sink. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Health Report - 02/28/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found rte corned beef hash in lower compartment of sandwich prep unit holding @ 44* f. Found processed cheese slices holding @ 44*f in upper compartment. Other non-potentially hazardous food items, such as sauerkraut and pickles that were located in the back of the unit were holding @ 42* f. Corrected - rte food was discarded at the time of this inspection. Unit's thermostat was moved to hold at a lower temp. Service tech to be called to ensure unit's working order. Re-inspection to be made within 10 days to ensure permanent correction. , found rte corned beef hash in lower compartment of sandwich prep unit holding @ 44* f. Found processed cheese slices holding @ 44*f in upper compartment. Other non-potentially hazardous food items, such as sauerkraut and pickles that were located in the back of the unit were holding @ 42* f. Corrected - rte food was discarded at the time of this inspection. Unit's thermostat was moved to hold at a lower temp. Service tech to be called to ensure unit's working order. Re-inspection to be made within 10 days to ensure permanent correction. 3/6/13 - not corrected - follow-up insp. To verify prep unit holding food @ 41*f. Found top of unit @ 45-51* f. Discarded cheese slices and ham holding @ 50* f. To correct - don't use top of unit for phf, store below. Contact service tech for repair. Will re-inspect within 10 days. Use refrig. Monitoring chart provided until follow-up. Additional follow-up inspection fee of $126 required.

Health Report - 08/21/2012 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the can opener to have an accumulation of food debris on it. Corrected - the pic thoroughly cleaned the can opener at the time of this inspection

(Critical) Again found several phf items (sour cream, cottage cheese, tuna salad) stored past their expiration dates. Corrected - pic discarded all expired food items. This is the 3rd time in the last 4 routine inspections that this violation has been sited. Previously, risk control plans have been completed, an administrative conference was also held regarding this violation. Because of the repetition of this same violation, an informal hearing will be required. Formal notice of this hearing will be completed and returned to this establishment within 48 hours

(Critical) Found the dishwasher not reaching 160* f. Strip not turning black. To correct - repairman had been called earlier in the morning, pic was hand washing dishes in 3 comp sink at the time of this inspection. A follow-up inspection will be performed with 10 days to determine if dishwasher has been repaired

(Critical) Found chili in the steam table holding @ 128* f. Corrected - chili was removed from steam table and placed in a pan on the stove to reach the required 165*f. Chili had been placed in the steam table directly from refrigeration. Pic was educated regarding bringing phf from refrigeration up to required reheat temp of 165* f on the stove before placing in the steam table

Found cases of beer stored directly on the floor in the beer wic. To correct - all cases must be stored at least 6" above the floor to facilitate cleaning underneath. Provide dunnage racks to store cases

Found several non-food contact areas that need cleaning: behind the coffee machine, bottom shelf of slider door unit in back hallway, dry storage room floor, and the walk-in cooler floor. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found popcorn machine in bowling alley to have an accumulation of grease and popcorn debris in it. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Required handwash signage not provided in men's restroom. To correct - provide signage in men's restroom that states employees must wash their hands before returning to work

Found the only probe thermometer in kitchen to not be calibrated, reading 6* f high. To correct - provide probe thermometer that is calibrated correctly

No thermometer was found in the bar refrigerator where milk is stored. To correct - provide required thermometer in refrigerator in bar

Found the back door to the kichen without the required self-closing mechanism and the screen door is not tight-fitting. To correct - install a self-closer on the back door and repair screen door to be better fitting

Found several old plastic lids, etc. Stored in the dry storage room. To correct - discard these items as it is apparent that they have not been used, are stored on the floor with other tools, etc. On top of them. Removing unused, items will free up space for needed items

Found women's restroom not having covered waste receptacles in the stalls. To correct - if waste receptacles are provided in the stalls, they must have a cover

Found the interior of the microwave and the hood filters to be in need of cleaning. Corrected - microwave interior was thoroughly cleaned at the time of this inspection. To correct - clean hood filters now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found the seal on the walk-in freezer to be in bad repair. The door was frozen shut, there is an excessive amount of frost on the door seal and on food items. There is a layer of ice from dripping condensate on boxes of food stored on the top shelf in the freezer. To correct - have the seal/gasket repaired/replaced before the next routine inspection. Discard frozen iced over food items on top shelf

Found clean lexan pans to be stacked wet on the shelf next to the dishwasher. To correct - allow all clean pots, pans, utensils, dishes, etc. To completely dry before stacking for storage

Health Report - 02/29/2012 (9 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Founder de-limer stored in a hall closet above pop syrup containers. To correct - all chemicals need to be stored below and away from food items. This closet area is in need of cleaning and re-organizing

(Critical) Found one of the toilets in the women's restroom to have a submerged inlet in the toilet tank. This situation can allow contaminated water to enter the water supply during a period of negative pressure within the distribution system. To correct - replace the old ballcock assembly in the toilet with a new assembly that is nt submerged

(Critical) Found the can opener blade to have an accumulation of food debris on it and it was stored backwards in its holder. The microwave was also found to have an accumulation of food debris on the walls and under the top which can fall into cooking food. The popcorn kettle in the bowling alley also has an extreme accumulation of grease build-up on it. In the bar, the pop gun and holder also had an accumulation of slimy debris. To correct - this is a repeat violation is from 4 of the last 6 of the last routine inspections. As such, an in-office administrative conference will be required. Please call me within the next 2-3 days to schedule. The fee for the conference is $124 to be paid at the time of the conference

(Critical) Found an unlabled spray bottle with unknown contents stored along with cleaning chemicals. Corrected - pic discarded the spray bottle

(Critical) Found the cook not demonstrating required knowlege of cooking and reheating temperatures of potentially hazardous foods, not knowledgable about foodborne illnesses or food allergy information. To correct - all cooking staff must be educated in the proper food cooking and holding temperatures, foodborne illness, and food allergy information

(Critical) Found raw shell eggs being stored above feta chesse in the reach-in unit. Corrected - pic relocated raw shell eggs to the bottom of the reach-in unit

(Critical) Found dish machine not reaching the required rinse temperature of 180 * f. As identified by the test strip not turning black as required even after several attempts. To correct - contact service imediately to repair the dish machine

(Critical) Found cook not washing hands between glove changes. To correct - hands must be washed with soap and water whenever gloves are changed. This violation has been repeated on the two previous routine inspections. This third violation for hand washing issues requires an administrative conference at our office to discuss how this violation will be permanently corrected in the future

(Critical) Found food items; vegetable soup, crab pasta salad, that were being held past the discard date. To correct - make sure all food items are discarded by the discard date by making daily checks of inventory in all refrigeration units.

Found ceiling tiles to be missing in the kitchen and exposed insulation in the storage room at the bar. To correct - replace missing ceiling tiles and cover the exposed insulation in the ceiling of the storage room in the bar

Found a wet mop leaning, inverted (head in sink) on the mop sink with the mop handle on the floor. To correct - hang mops up on hooks provided to allow proper drying

Found door to outside in bar area to have excessive gaps around sides and bottom of door. To correct - provide ddorsweeps and weather-stripping to prevent entry of pests and insects

Found both restrooms without the required signage requiring employees to wash their hands before returning to work. To correct - post hand wash sign in both restrooms

Found equipment that is in need of repair; the raised rail prep fridge is missing the compressor cover, the garbage disposal is leaking. To correct - contact service personnel to provide repair for these items

Found several areas in the kitchen, wic, storage areas to have items stored directly on the floor. To correct - all items must be stored on shelving or dunnage racks that are at least 6" above the floor to facilitate cleaning underneath

Found the roof to be leaking above the pizza oven. Water was dripping from the roof onto the top of the pizza oven. To correct - have the roof repaired. In the meantime, place a pan on top of the oven to catch any dripping. Don't allow dripping water to drain directly onto the pizza oven

Found several areas within the facility where there is excessive clutter, unused items, and equipment. The storage closet where chemicals are being stored is in need of purging and reorganizing. To correct - work at cleaning out storage areas and removing any items that are old, not used often or all all, and old single service items that are not being used.

Found floor in waitstaff area around hand sink to have coving in need of repair. The plumbing from hand sink exiting the wall just above the coving is plugged with a rag. To correct - repair or replace the floor coving and plug the plumbing opening with expansion foam insulation to provide an easily cleanable surface

Found paper plates in bowling alley to be stored on a shelf exposed. To correct - stove all single service items in a protected manner by storing in a covered container to avoid contamination by dust or debris

Found several non-food contact surfaces in need of cleaning; the prep table where the can opener is, the walls and under the hood of this prep area, all shelving where clean plates are stored, the outside of the pizza oven, the ovens below the griddle, the prep table to the right of the pizza oven, especially the covered sink on this prep table, the sides of the fryer and microwave stand, the interior of both the reach-in freezer and refrigerator, as well as the wic and wif, all floors under equipment. To corret - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule by having a written cleaning schedule for all employees to follow

Health Report - 08/30/2011 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed approx. 1. 5 gallons of ham and bean soup made the previous day to still be at 54f today at 10:30 am. Corrected by discarding the soup and discussing with the cook alternative ways to rapidly cool the soup

(Critical) Observed the cook handling finished toast with bare hands while removing, buttering and plating it. Corrected by discussing this item with the employee and by using the gloves provided

(Critical) Observed the following rte, phfs in kitchen coolers without required dates: sliced roast beef, cooked pork chops, feta cheese. The roast beef and pork chops were discarded. The feta cheese was provided with a use-by date based upon when it was opened

(Critical) Observed the cook not wash his hands after cracking raw, in-shell eggs on the flat grill. Corrected by discussing this issue with him and by washing his hands.

(Critical) Observed the ice cream dipper well, the scoop and spade, and the can opener to be unclean. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing

(Critical) 1) observed soup made the previous day to have a last day of use of september 8th. This date exceeds the allowable 7 day use period. Rte, phfs made on 8-29 would have a last day of use of 9-4. (soup was discarded--due to another concern). 2) observed the following foods in the kitchen to be expired: chili (8-27), cabbage soup (8-27), corned beef (8-15). Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure staff are not marking required foods for more than 7 days (determined by adding 6 days to the day of prep/opening), and on a daily basis going through the coolers to purge expired foods

(Critical) 1) observed the following foods to be spoiled/moldy at the coney island facility coolers: meat loaf, re-fried beans, beets, corned beef, tomatoes, and tomato juice. Corrected by discarding these foods. 2) observed the ice at the bar to be overfilled to the point where the ice was in contact with the upper ledge of the ice bin & the surrounding counter top that had black/brown growth on it. Corrected by discarding the ice. 3) observed eleven open bottles of liquor at the bar to have small flies in them. Corrected by discarding this liquor

Observed the kitchen to be in need of cleaning in the following areas: under the kitchen hand washing sink cabinet (the one by the food service window and microwave oven), under the microwave oven, and under the pizza oven

Observed no bulb tube end caps for light bulb in the right hand (from the employee side) ice cream freezer. Provide end caps to contain glass shards should the bulb break.

The bar cutting board is worn out. Provide a replacement cutting board for the fruit

One of the dumpster lids was left open and birds are getting into the trash. Please ensure staff keep the lid closed

This incident (32862) does not have any more information on it

Observed the flexible drain line for the ice making machine at the bar to have slipped down. Re-establish the drain line air gap for this ice machine

Health Report - 02/24/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods in the kitchen without use-by dates (opened deli meat, bulk soup, feta cheese, sliced potatoes, etc. ). Some of these foods were marked with use-by dates based upon the date of opening when known. Other foods were discarded

(Critical) Observed the dish washing employee not wash their hands after handling soiled dishes before beginning other tasks. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employees and by the employees washing their hands

(Critical) The following drain lines need to have air gaps provided: bar: the ice machine (two of them on the left side of the machine), the bar ice bin located under the pass through window to the bowling facility. The drain line for the water softener. Kitchen: the dipper well drain line in the beverage station area

(Critical) Prep cooler: observed raw ground pork and raw hamburger patties stored on the top shelf of the reach in portion above an open container of deli meat, olives and pickles. Corrected by relocating the ready to eat foods to the top shelf and placing the raw animal foods to the bottom

(Critical) Observed phfs (deli meat, feta cheese, shredded & sliced cooked potatoes, etc. ) in the top rail of the prep cooler to be at 46 to 58f. These foods were discarded. The top of this unit may not be used for the storage of phfs until it can maintain proper temperature

Observed a lot of spilled food located under the cook line equipment as well as under the kitchen counter with the microwave oven. Ensure these food scraps are removed daily to prevent the attraction of pests.

Observed multiple metal pans, and plastic containers & food container lids to be stored upright. Please keep these items inverted or covered to prevent misc. Contamination

The kitchen and the bar microwave ovens are in need of cleaning at this time

The back kitchen hand washing sink soap dispenser is out of soap. Thoroughly clean out this dispenser as some of the old soap remaining is thick and gelled

Observed the exhaust hood and the removable filters at the cook line to be overdue for cleaning. Maintaining this equipment clean will reduce the risk of a hood fire. Also, eliminate the gap that is present at the end of the row of hood filters by installing a blank section of metal to fill the gap

Observed water leaking through the roof at the pizza oven exhaust hood duct work. Water was leaking on top of the pizza oven and running down the side of the oven between the oven and the conveyor. This issue was temporarily addressed by placing a catch bucket above the oven under the dripping water. Locate and repair the roof leak as needed

The back kitchen delivery door and the exterior building door by the entryway with the ramp need properly sealing door sweeps to keep out pests

Locate or purchase a calibrated metal stem food thermometer so staff can verify food holding/cooling temperatures

Repair as needed the top rail of the kitchen prep cooler so it maintains foods at 41f or below

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