West Coast Sandwiches

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505 W. Cross
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 10/20/2009 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed numerous fruit flies in the facility: basement near a trash can & the open sewer line, and in the kitchen near the mop sink, the soda dispenser and the front make line. Take necessary steps to eliminate these pests

(Critical) Observed cooked mushrooms in a hot holding unit at the front make line area at 96-100f. Corrected by reheating to over 165f. Ensure your hot foods are maintained at 135 and above during the day after first fully cooking/reheating

(Critical) Observed three pairs of tongs and the food processor blade not fully cleaned after going through the dish washing process. Corrected by soaking and cleaning these items

(Critical) Observed raw philly steak stored in the sliding door kitchen cooler above tomatoes and salad dressing. Corrected by relocating this raw animal food to another location away from the ready to eat foods

Provide replacement door weather stripping on both back doors and repair the door sweep on the back door at the stair well to seal out pests

1) the (concrete) basement floor is still in a state of disrepair after the sewer line repairs. Repair this floor asap to provide a smooth and cleanable surface and to eliminate the dirt/dust. 2) repair the damaged wall paneling in the basement on the west wall

Observed a wet mop head stored in the mop bucket. Please hang up all wet mops to facilitate drying

This incident (32484) does not have any more information on it

Observed styrofoam food containers to be stored upright. Please invert these containers to prevent debris accumulation

No paper towel was provided at the front prep area hand sink dispenser. Corrected by providing

The following areas are in need of cleaning at this time: 1) the mop sink, 2) the basement stair carpeting, 3) the basement floor

1) observed a missing cap from the sewer line clean-out in the basement. Corrected by installing the cap. Consider installing a cap at this location with a threaded fitting so it doesn't come off again. 2) the waste water drain for the over head spray sink & garbage grinder is not draining properly. Trouble-shoot the problem as needed and repair for proper drainage.

Your food service license is posted in a location the public cannot view it. Please relocate your food service license to a publicly viewable location