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Health Report - 07/08/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 12/17/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Lunch buffet at the food buffet observed the sneeze shields to not be positioned to properly protect the food service dishes. Pic corrected by pulling the guards forward to protect the food. Happy hour buffet observed food placed out for the happy hour buffet without proper protection pic corrected by placing proper protection.

Observed the following repair items: 1. At the main cook line, observed parts of the hood baffle to be rusted and separated. Correct by repairing or replacing 2. In the dry storage room observed holes in the wall caused by dishware carts being hit against the wall. Correct by repairing the wall and installing damage resistant panels. 3. In the banquet hot cart storage area observed holes in the wall caused by banquet carts being hit against the wall. Correct by repairing the wall and installing damage resistant panels

Observed the following surfaces with an accumulation of food debris in need of cleaning: main cook line 1. Sides of grill below cooking surface 2. Sides of fryer 3. Hood filter holder 4. Back of the oven facing the flat top grill prep kitchen 5. Hobart floor mixer stand 6. Main prep table storage shelf correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of food debris

Health Report - 06/04/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Staff were using the dish washing machine when the wash water temperature was only about 112f. The dish washing machine was turned off last night (normally the machine is left on all of the time). The dish washing machine repairman was on site prior to the end of the inspection to trouble-shoot and repair the problem

(Critical) Observed an employee only wash and rinse out a large food container used to store lettuce in at the dirty dish pre-rinse station. This equipment must be sanitized after rinsing, and allowed to drip dry prior to use. Create and submit to me a written standard operating procedure for this and all other large pieces of equipment that cannot be run through the dish washing machine. Train all necessary staff in this cleaning and sanitizing process as needed

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed a whole piece of left over prime rib (from the hot holding box) this morning that did not cool properly from the previous evening. This piece of beef still had a core temperature of 58 to 59f. Additionally, some small pieces were found to be at 48 to 49f. Corrected by discarding. Utilize several rapid cooling techniques (reduce the volume, place it on the top shelf in the airflow from the cooling unit, etc. ) to ensure this beef is cooled within the parameters identified in the food code.

(Critical) The sanitizer dispenser was not providing at least 200 ppm quat. The chemical contractor was on-site prior to the end of the inspection to make an adjustment

A large tub of bread crumbs was found on top of a hot holding cabinet without a cover. Corrected by providing a cover for the container

Several surfaces of the shaved ice machine & bin were found with a slime build-up on them. Clean and sanitize this unit per the manufacturer's directions

Bar area server station: an air thermometer in the counter top dairy cooler was reading +/- 10f too cold. Corrected by adjusting this thermometer in an ice bath. Dining room server side station: the air thermometer was damaged. Corrected by discarding--provide a replacement thermometer

Ventura bar two door low-boy beer cooler: the bottom, shelves and the fan guards are in need of cleaning to eliminate debris build-up

Spoons were found to be jumbled in a 1/3 pan at the bar area server station. If stored horizontally, please only store the spoons with the handles in the same direction so staff do not touch the eating end when dispensing them

1) one of the cook line exhaust hood filter sections has one or two of the vertical slats missing. Provide a replacement hood filter section to eliminate this gap. 2) provide a curtain between the rinse and final rinse sections of the dish washing machine

1) re-establish the air gap (minimum of 1") for the water supply on the pantry area dipping well. 2) re-establish the drain line air gap for the two pvc drain lines from the shaved ice machine above the flood rim of the receiving drain

Health Report - 11/19/2013 (9 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The soap dispenser at the cook line area was not dispensing soap. Corrected by installing a new soap dispenser that is functional

(Critical) The following surfaces were observed unclean with old food build-up: the can opener blade, a wall mounted food slicer (removed from the wall so it won't be used in the future), the drain line on the steam kettle, the tilt skillet, multiple small ceramic bowls for pate. Corrected by cleaning these items

(Critical) Observed four of the five kitchen hand washing sinks to have items (buckets, spoons, bowls) stored in the sink basins. In addition, one of the above mentioned sinks had a trash can and a chemical bucket stored in front of the sink. Corrected by removing the items from in front of the sinks and the sink basins. Ensure staff do not use these sinks for anything except hand washing

(Critical) Multiple animal food items on the menu that are served raw or under-cooked per customer request are lacking an asterisk to refer the customer to the consumer advisory footnote. Revise the menu as required

(Critical) Observed the following potentially hazardous foods stored in a bowl on a table without any ice or cold holding equipment: canned black olives, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and shredded lettuce for the "taco day" lunch buffet service. These foods were found to be at 59 to 60f. Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure your phfs are maintained at 41f or below

(Critical) Observed patty turkey sausage and link sausage in the hot holding unit near the end of breakfast to be at 119 to 124f. Corrected by discarding the turkey sausage and reheating the links to 165f and returning back to the hot holding unit in one layer. The likely cause of the cooler temperatures: sausage stacked too high (three and four layers high).

(Critical) The container of solid soap for the dish washing machine was empty upon inspection. Corrected by replacing the empty container with a new one

(Critical) Observed the following expired foods to be in back prep area walk in coolers: +/- 7 to 8 gallons of house made thousand island dressing (11-18); house made tartar sauce (11-10); white clam broth (11-5). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed a prime rib roast in the hot holding unit that had been pulled from the convection oven a half an hour earlier to only be at 122/123f. Corrected by returning the roast to the convection oven to cook further and then returned to the hot holding unit such that it reaches 130f for 112 minutes prior to being served

Observed a couple wiping cloth storage solutions to be less than 200 ppm quat. Corrected by providing fresh sanitizer at 200 ppm

1) several stacks of metal kitchen pans were observed with water still in the bottom of the pans. Allow to air dry prior to stacking. 2) on the cook line, observed employees storing tongs and knives in a bucket of sanitizer. Maintain these tools on a clean and sanitized surface or in hot or cold foods to prevent bacterial growth. Sanitizer needs to be air dried prior to use

The floor under the ice machines is in need of cleaning, and a few of the floor drains in the facility have debris build-up. Maintain these areas clean

Health Report - 04/25/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a deep 1/2 pan of lobster bisque soup (about 2/3°Full) in the walk in cooler (from the hot line the previous night) to still be at 52f this morning (+/- 9:15 am). Corrected by discarding this soup.

(Critical) The metal stem food thermometer in the one door tall boy victory reach-in cooler to be reading 28f in a container of water. The water temperature was actually 35/36f. Corrected by adjusting the thermometer to 36f.

(Critical) Phfs (shell eggs, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese) were found to be at 52 to 64f in the portable prep top cooler at the cook line. These foods were discarded

Observed the fan guards for the produce and the banquet walk in coolers to be moldy. Remove these guards and thoroughly clean them as needed

The portable counter-top prep cooler at the cook line was not maintaining foods at 41f or below. During the inspection a contractor was working on this unit. Ensure this refrigerator is repaired prior to using it again.

Five gallon plastic containers with carrots, celery and hard boiled eggs in the produce walk in cooler were not covered to protect the food. Ensure staff are covering these food containers

Health Report - 10/23/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the portable breakfast counter-top cooler on the main line to be maintaining foods (sliced ham, diced ham, diced sausage, corned beef hash, cooked spinach and french toast batter) to be holding at 45 to 51f during the middle of the breakfast service. These phfs were discarded. It appears the location of this unit (below a heating element in the pass through window) is impacting the cold holding temperatures of foods in this unit. The chef indicated this unit could be positioned about 5°Feet to the left away from the heating element. If the new location is too inconvenient for staff a heat shield will need to be installed. Additionally, staff may need to utilize individual pan covers for these foods if the unit cannot hold 41f or below.

Although some recent tile re-grout work has been performed there are still some areas of the bar (under the low-boy glass chiller, main walk way for servers, etc. ) that are in need of new grout

Observed several trays of dishes that were being run through the dishwashing machine without any or very little pre-cleaning. Staff indicated many items are run through the dish washing machine twice. When staff thoroughly pre-clean dishes/utensils only one pass through the dish washing machine is needed, thus, saving chemicals, water and electricity to operate the dish washing machine

The chef's food safety certification expired in september. He believes the gm of food and beverage and another kitchen employee has this certification, but will have to ask them for their certificate and provide me their information.

No trash can is provided at the dish washing/dish storage area hand washing sink. Provide a small trash can at this station for the disposal of paper towel

Observed the under counter cover (metal) for the draft beer tower to have some open seams and condensation on it. After cleaning provide additional insulation as needed and reseal this cover

Health Report - 04/11/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed small flies located in several areas of the facility: the main bar, the ice machine area by the employee break room, and especially at the dish washing and clean dish storage area of the back kitchen. Take all necessary and appropriate steps to eliminate these pests (while protecting clean equipment and foods). Any chemicals must be applied according to label directions. Out of the way areas of accumulated food and water need to be targeted for cleaning. Utilize commercial floor drying fans to dry out flooring over night when the kitchen / bar areas are closed

Observed four long, old bread pans with interior surfaces that have not retained their original characteristics over time(located in the main metal pan storage area for clean dishes/equipment). Remove these pans from use and provide replacements if needed

Observed many out of the way areas with significant soil and moisture accumulation, such as: 1) main bar--the ends of the spill trays at the beverage service station, the floor sink under the ice bins, the floor under the ice bins and under the floor mat, and under the draft beer station/along side the glass chiller; 2) dish washing area--the pipes, walls and the underside of the drain boards for the dish pre-cleaning area, the floor tile and drains; 3) the floor under shelves in the clean dish storage area; 4) the floor drain between the two kitchen walk in coolers. Maintaining these areas clean and dry, and performing frequent inspections of these areas for cleanliness is important to prevent fly problems and odors

1) observed multiple uncovered foods in both of the walk in coolers in the back prep kitchen area. Please keep cold foods covered to protect them during storage. 2) observed the potential for misc. Contamination of foods (raw & cooked meats, and baked breads) held on sheet trays. Numerous instances were observed of foods contacting surfaces of the speed racks or the undersides of other sheet trays located above them. Please ensure staff are being more careful on how much food, on what rack slots the trays of food are being placed, and the placement of food on the trays so they don't overhang the tray to prevent misc. Contamination of food

1) the dry storage room commercial 12" flooring has significant damage to it. It is time to replace the floor tile in this area to provide a floor surface that is smooth and easily cleanable. 2) worn and missing grout and some damaged quarry floor tile was observed at the main bar (under the ice bins and under the rubber floor mat), and at the main dish washing area. Please remove any remaining grout in these identified areas and provide a full thickness layer of new grout to eliminate the depressions

The exhaust hood over the high temp. Conveyor dish washing machine was inoperable. Staff indicated the exhaust hood stopped working on this past sunday (easter sunday). Maintenance staff indicated they could make a temporary repair today to provide some exhaust air flow

An employee on the cook line had placed a 1/6 pan of corned beef hash, recently removed from a can at room temperature, and placed it in the counter top refrigerator. These units are for cold holding only--all foods needing cooling should be placed in a reach-in/walk-in cooler to reach 41f or below prior to placing it in the prep top of a refrigerator. Corrected by the employee relocating the hash to a reach-in cooler

Observed a lot of metal pans/trays put in storage while still wet from the dish washing process. Allow enough time for air drying prior to stacking these items in storage

Observed the rolling cart/rack and two of the three stacks of soup bowl saucers to be splattered with soup. Corrected by staff removing the rack and all of the saucers and washing them

No trash can was provided at the server hand washing sink located between the kitchen exit door and the salad prep cooler

1) observed the conveyor for the main dish washing machine to be inoperable. Staff indicated the conveyor stopped working on easter sunday of this week. Repair asap. 2) observed a small leak under the rinse compartment of the large conveyor dish washing machine (bad seal at the pump motor??). Repair as needed

Observed an employees jacket stored on top of a tray of inverted glasses in the pantry prep area. Corrected by the employee relocating their jacket to the provided coat hook area in the employee break room.

Health Report - 09/20/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following foods in the produce walk in cooler to be expired: weber's horseradish sour cream (9-16), weber's ranch dressing (9-7), feta cheese (9-7), and weber's blue cheese dressing (9-7). These foods were discarded. Also, the following foods were found without date marks: thousand island dressing and hard boiled eggs. The dressing was discarded and the eggs were date marked based upon when they were opened

(Critical) The mechanical dish washing machine was not providing water hot enough to sanitize dishes and equipment during the rinse cycle. The recently installed hot water heater providing hot water for the final rinse stage only had malfunctioned. The dish washing machine gauge was only reading +/-140f. The hot water heater was unplugged and then plugged back in to the outlet to reset it. Maintenance staff indicated this has happened previously and a contractor replaced a part. Have your contractor evaluate and repair this unit again to find out why the heater cuts out and stops producing 180f hot water. After resetting this water heater the dish washing machine was properly sanitizing (plate surface temp. Above 160f).

(Critical) Observed a small piece of prime rib and a partial piece of london broil in the hot holding steam well on the service line to be at 117 and 123f, respectively. Corrected by discarding. Ensure these foods are maintained at required temperatures

(Critical) The following items were observed to be unclean: the electric food slicer from the previous day (used for cheese), most of the hotel pans, approximately 25% of the 1/6th pans, a coffee carafe, the can opener, ceramic dessert bowl, soup bowl, a knife, grater, oyster shucking tool, a vegetable cutting tool, etc. These items were sent to the dish washing station to be re-cleaned. Ensure staff are thoroughly pre-cleaning equipment and inspecting washed items after they have air dried for cleanliness prior to placing them in storage

(Critical) Observed a half full soup pot of chili from the previous day that didn't cool properly. It was found mid-day today at 46 to 49f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff use effective techniques and monitor the cooling of your hot foods

Observed only a sealed double check valve installed on the water line serving an open ended hose at the dish washing station. Corrected by providing an atmospheric vacuum breaker on the threaded hose connection down-stream from the shut off valve and prior to the hose

Dry food storage room: eliminate the multiple inverted crates and provide a dunnage rack to facilitate thorough cleaning of the floor

No trash can was provided at the dish washing station hand washing sink. Provide a trash can for the disposal of paper towel

Observed three instances of the potential for food contamination (broccoli, and two involving bread) where containers with food in them were double stacked. The bottom of these food containers could be contaminated. Ensure equipment/containers are not stacked directly on top of other foods unless the lower container has a cover on it for protection.

The area around the dumpster and the waste grease removal piping are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed numerous metal kitchen pans stored stacked while still wet. Ensure enough time is provided for pans/equipment to air dry after washing, prior to stacking

Observed both floor sinks at the bar to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future

Observed a shelving unit in the back kitchen used to store clean metal kitchen pans on to have the coating coming off of the wire shelves. Repair/replace to be smooth and easily cleanable

Health Report - 03/10/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Walk in cooler for desserts, fruit and salad items: observed the following foods to be missing date marks--(feta cheese, hard boiled eggs, ranch dressing and (mozzarella cheese in the pantry area cooler #3)). Additionally, the following ready to eat, potentially hazardous dressings/sauces were expired in the above walk in cooler: honey mustard (3-8-11), thousand island (3-8-11), blue cheese (3-8-11), sour cream horseradish (3-5-11), sherry dressing (3-9-11). Corrected by discarding these items.

Observed spilled food/garbage on the pavement outside of the compacter dumpster. Please maintain this area clean to prevent the attraction of pests

Observed multiple metal pans in the clean dish storage area that were stacked while still wet. Please allow equipment to air dry prior to stacking them in storage

Observed cases of foods in the dry storage area to be resting on the floor. Provide dunnage racks and/or storage shelves as needed to elevate these items 6" off of the floor (or on a platform with caster wheels--no height requirement)

The following coolers are in need of new door gaskets: pantry cooler #3 (two reach in doors), and two of the doors on the four door upright pass through cooler for prepped salads and dessert items

The food thermometers in the two door stacked wine refrigerator was reading +/- 10°F too high. Re-calibrate as needed

Health Report - 09/30/2010 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Three coolers were not maintaining phfs at 41f or below. 1) a small counter top portable refrigeration unit (apw wyott) used during breakfast was observed with foods at 44 to 55f (sliced and diced ham and diced sausage). Out of temperature phfs were discarded. 2) the larger counter top refrigeration unit on the line was observed to have two containers of shredded cheese and sliced/diced tomatoes at 54/55f. These foods were double panned preventing the cold temperature of the unit from keeping the food cold. These foods were discarded. 3) observed dairy product in the bar area one door cooler to be at 45f. The cooler door was adjar upon arrival. These foods were relocated to another one door cooler until this one could be adjusted/cleaned/repaired.

(Critical) 1) the specials menu does not have an asterisk on the seared tuna sashimi, nor on the grilled rib-eye steak offerings. 2) the breakfast menu has no asterisks for the huevos rancheros or the lox offerings. Revise these menus to provide asterisks for the required disclosure. ,

(Critical) 1) the specials menu does not have an asterisk on the seared tuna sashimi, nor on the grilled rib-eye steak offerings. 2) the breakfast menu has no asterisks for the huevos rancheros or the lox offerings. Revise these menus to provide asterisks for the required disclosure

(Critical) Three coolers were not maintaining phfs at 41f or below. 1) a small counter top portable refrigeration unit (apw wyott) used during breakfast was observed with foods at 44 to 55f (sliced and diced ham and diced sausage). Out of temperature phfs were discarded. 2) the larger counter top refrigeration unit on the line was observed to have two containers of shredded cheese and sliced/diced tomatoes at 54/55f. These foods were double panned preventing the cold temperature of the unit from keeping the food cold. These foods were discarded. 3) observed dairy product in the bar area one door cooler to be at 45f. The cooler door was adjar upon arrival. These foods were relocated to another one door cooler until this one could be adjusted/cleaned/repaired. ,

(Critical) Observed prime rib and flank steak for london broil to be at 117 to 124f in the hot holding unit on the line. Corrected by reheating these foods

The one door counter top cooler at the bar was not maintaining 41f or below. Foods were found at 45f. This unit was taken out of service and removed for coil cleaning/maintenance. Two portable prep top coolers were not performing properly during the inspection (one was set up with double pans and the cause of the other one was unknown). Ensure these units are in proper working order, turned on and fully pre-chilled prior to use, and that they are set-up properly for the insert pans

Observed some small flies in the vicinity of the square "mop sink" drain in the basement. Monitor this area for the presence of flies and take any needed action to eliminate them

Observed two containers of dannon yogurt with a date of 9-15 in a walk in cooler. Corrected by discarding

Observed wet wiping cloths stored on the counters at the steam table on the cook line, and at the lunch buffet prep station. Please ensure these towels are stored in sanitizer when they are not in use to prevent bacterial growth

1) old food residue was observed to be built up on the floor under the cabinets where the hot beverages are dispensed in the kitchen. An employee was observed cleaning these areas during the inspection. 2) the floor sinks at the bar (under the ice bin/glass washer area and under the three compartment sink) need cleaning now and more frequently in the future. 3) the "mop sink" drain basin (and surrounding areas) in the basement where the main floor kitchen equipment drains to is over due for a thorough cleaning.

Provide a small trash can at the server hand washing sink located at the salad prep cooler/exit door of the kitchen to the dining room

Observed water leaking from two areas of the clean end of the conveyor dish washing machine (the bottom edge of the splash shield, and under the final rinse compartment). Repair/seal these areas as needed to eliminate the water leaks

In two locations on the cooking line staff are storing knives and utensils in pails of sanitizer. Utensils need to be stored on clean and sanitized surfaces (counter top or cutting board) when not in use (unless they are kept in a container of food--either cold or hot). Sanitized utensils must be air dried prior to use

Observed a ball cap, a shirt and a sweater stored among/above food in the dry goods storage room. Corrected by relocating these clothes to an area away from food/equipment

Observed some damaged floor tiles at the trough drain located in front of the conveyor dish washing machine. Replace necessary tiles and re-grout as needed

Observed a drop of oil at the bottom of the mixing head on the large floor mixer. Repair as needed to be leak free.

The ice deflector shield and the ceiling of the ice storage bin for the shaved ice unit are due for cleaning at this time

Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future: 1) the under side of the pantry area salad prep cooler covers; 2) the wall and fan guards in the basement produce cooler

Observed food processor grating blades on the bottom shelf of a kitchen table to have misc. Food debris that has fallen on them from the food processor above. Provide a covered storage container for the protection these items.