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Health Report - 05/13/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

At the walk in freezer observed the condensate drain line no longer draining. Water is backing up and falling onto the floor and wall of the unit forming ice. A half hotel pan has been placed to capture the drainage. Correct so the drain line adequately drains the condensation from the cooling unit.

Observed the floor under the main cook line equipment with an extremely heavy buildup of grease and food debris. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of food debris and grime

Health Report - 10/23/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) ************************risk control plan needed********************************* this violation was observed during the last inspection. Therefore, a risk control plan needs to be developed and submitted to the health department for approval. A copy of risk control form was provided to helen panos during the inspection. Please complete and submit within 30 days. Thank you. Observed four potential cross contamination issues related to eggs: 1. At the prep top cooler next to the grill observed a tray of raw shell eggs sitting on top of foods used on ready to eat salads. Corrected by relocating the eggs. 2. At the prep top cooler next to the grill observed another tray of raw shell eggs placed on the cutting board where ready to eat foods are processed. Corrected by sanitizing the cutting board 3. At the hot holding steam table observed egg carton liners used to insulate clean plates from the steam table. Corrected by discarding the egg carton liners. All of the plates in the area were wash, rinsed, and sanitized. 4. In the walk in cooler observed french toast batter containing raw shell eggs located over ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating the french toast batter. Item corrected.

(Critical) Observed improper glove use: 1. Observed a cook wearing gloves handle raw shell eggs then handle ready to eat without changing gloves. 2. Observed a dishwasher wearing gloves handle dirty dishes and then handle clean dishes without changing gloves. Corrected by educating the employees about proper glove use. Gloves shall be changed as outlined above

Observed the following equipment in need of repair: 1. In the sever station observed the turbo air reach in cooler with condensation accumulating inside the unit. Correct by repairing so condensation does not accumulate inside the unit. Walk in cooler/freezer 2. Observed the condensate drain line no longer draining. Correct so the drain line adequately drains the condensation from the cooling unit. 3. At the freezer door observed the threshold to have bare wood. Correct by repairing the threshold to cover the bare wood with an approved material. 4. Observed door seals for both the freezer door and cooler door to be torn. Correct by replacing the door seals.

In the dish area at the clean dishware storage area observed several stacks of pans stored without completely air drying prior to storage. Correct by completely air drying prior to storage

This incident (65347) does not have any more information on it

The food safety certification for edgardo in the kitchen has expired as of december 10, 2013. Provide a full time (30 hours or more) kitchen employee with a food safety certification with in 90 days. This is a repeat violation

At the three compartment sink observed the hot water faucet to be leaking. Correct by repairing the faucet

In the dry storage room observed four unprotected fluorescent light bulbs. Correct by providing approved protection

In the walk in cooler observed several covered containers of food under the cooling unit. The cooling unit is leaking condensate on the covered food. Corrected during the inspection by relocating the food.

Health Report - 05/13/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed raw egg batter for french toast, and batter previously used for fish to be stored above ready to eat deli meat. Also, deli meat was found stored among raw animal foods (fish, beef, turkey). Corrected by elevating ready to eat deli meats up one shelf and by relocating all raw animal foods to the bottom shelf

(Critical) The dish washing employee was observed washing his hands at the right-hand basin of the three compartment sink. Corrected by discussing with the employee the need to only use the hand washing sink for cleaning hands

(Critical) The ice machine drain line (currently a clear, flexible hose about 3/4" diameter o. D. ) is still routed down into the floor sink. Repair as needed to provide an air gap (1. 5" minimum) above the overflow level of the floor sink. Given the location and installation of this ice machine/bin using rigid pvc or copper piping for the drain line might be necessary to maintain the air gap

The mounting surfaces for the sprite and root beer diffusers are in need of cleaning to remove build-up. Ensure staff use an appropriately sized bottle brush (can be obtained from coke) to clean this circular channel

The food safety certification for edgardo in the kitchen has expired as of december 10, 2013. Provide a full time (30 hours or more) kitchen employee with a food safety certification with in 90 days.

The drain pan that houses the food trap screen on the wash water discharge from the dish washing machine has some food build-up on the side walls. Also, the drain plumbing for the over-head spray station basin has excessive food build-up on it. Please maintain these areas clean daily

The hobart mixer has significant oil build-up on the underside of the mixing head. Have the seals repaired on this mixer to prevent oil from leaking out of the gear box

Health Report - 11/06/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an inconsistency with date marking of food containers in the facility. Some date labels have 8 to 9 days indicated. Ensure staff are only utilizing 7 days. The day of opening/prep is day number one. These foods then have 6┬░Future days before they expire. As an example: a package of ham opened on 11-6 needs to have a last day of use of 11-12

(Critical) Observed a 1/2 of a flat of eggs stored on the upper part of the prep refrigerator. These eggs were at 72f. Corrected by discarding these eggs. Keep your eggs refrigerated

(Critical) Observed an employee prepare a sanitizer bucket using a pump dispenser for the quat sanitizer and then add water from the faucet without verifying the concentration with the test papers. Corrected by discussing the test paper use with the staff in the kitchen at the time and by testing the solution. This product's use range is 150 to 400 ppm

(Critical) Observed recently cooked corned beef in the walk in cooler in a hotel pan tightly covered in aluminum foil on a middle shelf. Corrected by partly uncovering the pan and placing on the top shelf

The dish washing machine food catch tray housing and the overhead spray rinse station drain are overdue for cleaning. Ensure these areas are maintained clean to prevent odors and the attraction of pests

The flexible drain line for the ice machine has slumped down into the floor sink. Secure/trim this drain line as needed to re-establish the required drain line air gap (2" in this case)

Health Report - 04/26/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a server have bare hand contact with a banana she was slicing onto a breakfast item. Also observed the cook handle toast with his bare hands. Corrected by discussing these items with the employees and by having them use single use gloves/utensils for these tasks

(Critical) Observed several employees not wash their hands when required. The dish washing employee needs to wash his hands after handling soiled dishes so his hands are clean for putting away the clean dishes; a server was reminded to wash her hands after touching her hair and face; and a cook needed reminding to wash his hands after cracking raw, shell eggs on the flat grill. Corrected by discussing the hand washing requirements with these employees

(Critical) The following ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods were found to be expired: sliced salami (4-16), cooked italian sausage (4-25) and stuffing (4-24). Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure someone is purging expired foods on a daily basis

(Critical) A thin tipped metal stem food thermometer is not provided in the kitchen for staff to verify the minimum cooking temperatures of thin raw animal foods

Provide a minimum of one full-time (30 hours per week), manager level employee with a nationally accredited food safety certification

Observed some oil droplets forming on the metal edge just above the removable hood filters in the exhaust hood above the cooking equipment. Regularly wipe down this surface to prevent oil from dripping onto food/cooking surfaces

Observed debris build-up on the sidewalls of the dish washing machine drain pan (visible when the food trap screen is removed). Please clean these surfaces daily to prevent a pest breeding area

Health Report - 11/01/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (43369) does not have any more information on it

This incident (31731) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 05/03/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following items to be expired (corrected by discarding these foods): sliced roast beef (expired on 4-29), corned beef (5-2), chicken gravy (4-27)

(Critical) 1) observed sliced tomatoes in the top of the sandwich prep cooler to be at 52f. Corrected by discarding the tomatoes. Consider either of the following options to keep your tomatoes at 41f or below: store the tomatoes in a metal container with a lid on it to prevent the hot kitchen air from warming up the tomatoes or if that doesn't work, keep the tomatoes in the bottom reach in portion of the cooler. 2) again, observed the hash browns at an improper temperature (122f). These potatoes were reheated to above 165f. Ensure these potatoes are stored on a heated surface capable of maintaining 135f), and make sure all kitchen staff are informed of this requirement and new procedure

Observed a metal stem food thermometer at the end of the kitchen (near the delivery door) to be way out of calibration. Corrected by re-calibrating this unit

Dish washing machine: observed the drain pan housing (holds the food trap screen) to be over-due for cleaning. Please clean this area of the machine now and daily in the future

Health Report - 10/24/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed cooked potatoes (hash browns) stored in two 1/3 pans on a table top adjacent to the flat grill to be at 82 and 114f. Corrected by reheating and placing them in a double boiler pan set-up on the flat grill. 2) observed foods in the top and bottom of the sandwich prep cooler to be at 45f. Adjust this unit to operate at 41f and below

(Critical) Observed the cook not wash his hands on several occasions when required, such as after handling raw animal foods (cracking raw shell eggs, raw sausage) or after wiping hands on his apron. Corrected through a discussion with the cook and by the employee washing his hands.

(Critical) Observed the cook handling ready to eat foods (toast during buttering and plating, sliced tomatoes for a garnish) with bare hands on multiple occasions. Gloves are available for staff to use in the kitchen. Corrected by employee using gloves to handle rte foods when utensils are not used

(Critical) Observed a piece of bread wrapped in aluminum foil placed in the bottom of a small plastic 1/6 pan below the sliced cheese. This surface has obviously been in this container for a long time and it is not smooth and easily cleanable. Corrected by discarding all of the contents and washing the pan in the dish washing machine. Discontinue this practice and only store your sliced deli cheese in a clean container (the container needs to be sent for cleaning when the cheese is depleted).

Observed an employee prepare wiping cloth buckets without verifying the chlorine concentration. Corrected by the employee using the available test papers to verify the chlorine concentration

Observed one of the two fans in the walk in cooler to be inoperable (the motor and output shaft are turning, but the fan blades are not turning). Repair as needed

The sandwich prep cooler is not maintaining foods at 41f and below. Repair/adjust as needed to hold foods at 41f and below

Health Report - 05/04/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed 13+ red onions in a bulk storage container to be sprouting, soft/rotten and moldy. Corrected by discarding these bad onions. Ensure your bulk produce is sorted through regularly to eliminate any bad units

The kitchen food mixer still has not been repaired. The underside of the mixing head has oil build-up on it. Apparently this unit needs to be serviced/rebuild to eliminate the oil leak. Take care of this matter asap.

Observed the sides and bottom of the drain pan located under the food trap screen for the dish washing machine to have excessive accumulated food particles. Please clean this drain pan area daily to eliminate food debris that can attract pests.

Observed three hot foods prepared today (small extra portions of two soups (vegetable soup & potato soup) and a half pan of rice pudding) in refrigerators covered with plastic wrap. Your hot foods need to be left uncovered/vented on a top shelf of the cooler to allow heat to escape. Corrected by doing such, and by placing a pan of ice under the rice pudding since it was still 100f

Observed oil droplets forming on the cook line exhaust hood above the removable filter sections. Frequently wipe this surface to eliminate the oil

The garbage dumpster still has one of two covers missing. Contact your solid waste hauler to install another cover or switch out the dumpster with one that has both covers

1) observed food debris, oil residue, etc. Accumulated behind the cook line equipment under the gas line (a difficult to access area). Pull out the cooking equipment and use some scraping tools to remove this build-up. 2) the pipe below the floor drain grate (located under the floor mat at the dish washing station) is in need of cleaning to remove debris build-up

Health Report - 11/08/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a cook not sanitize his food thermometer after cleaning it with a towel or prior to inserting it into some food being cooled. Corrected by discussing this issue with the cooks and by sanitizing the thermometer

(Critical) 1) observed a container of hard boiled eggs in the salad/sandwich prep cooler without a use-by date. Corrected by providing a use-by date based upon when they were prepared. 2) observed a bulk container of chili (3-4 gallons +/- ) in the walk in cooler with dates of 11-8 to 11-13, however, the chili was not made today. Corrected by providing a revised use-by date based upon the actual date the chili was made

Observed 1) mashed potatoes made earlier this morning to be in a 1/3 pan covered with plastic wrap. Please keep your food containers vented during the cooling process. Corrected by venting this pan. 2) observed a thick soup being cooled in a deep pan on the counter. Corrected by placing this soup into two containers and using an ice bath

Observed the floor mixer to have evidence of gear oil leaking out of the mixing head. Repair and clean this unit so no oil migrates into food

Observed a cook wearing single use gloves not remove the gloves after cracking raw shell eggs or after opening a package of raw beef steak. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and be the employee removing the gloves and washing his hands

Contact your solid waste hauler to provide a replacement cover (right side cover is missing) for the trash dumpster

Please provide a pail of sanitizer (on a bottom shelf) for your cooks to store their wiping cloths in when they are not being used

Re-establish the air gap for the walk in freezer drain line above the floor drain

Observed worn/missing tile grout located in the walkway in front of the ice bin. Please have someone remove any remaining grout in this area and apply a full thickness layer of grout to eliminate these depressions that allow food debris and moisture accumulate