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3901 Jackson Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 08/16/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed 3 chemical spray bottles stored over and with plastic lids and paper plates on shelf under front counter. All chemicals and toxics must be stored below and away from food and single service items at all times to prevent contamination. Pic corrected by relocating spray bottles to chemical storage area near 3 compt sink in back kitchen area. Critical corrected

(Critical) Observed container of raw shell eggs stored on top shelf of wic. Eggs are stored above rte dressings. Also observed raw hamburger stored above case of pop in wic. All raw animal foods must be stored below and away from rte foods at all times to prevent cross contamination. Pic corrected by placing eggs and hamburger on bottom shelf of wic. Critical corrected.

(Critical) Observed 2 different rte pizzas in hot holding unit on front counter with an internal temp of 120f (unit thermostat was turned down too low). All phf must be hot held at 135f or more at all times. Pic stated that pizzas were cooked an 1 hour ago so pic corrected by turning up unit. Pizza now holding at 140f. Critical corrected

Observed 2 spray bottles of bleach sanitizer in dishwashing area used to wipe down dining room tables with a concentration of 0ppm. Spray bottles are not being mixed daily per pic. All spray bottles used to wipe down food contact surfaces must be mixed per manufacturers directions (50-100ppm). Staff must be mixing bottles more often and verifying concentration with proper test strips.

Observed inaccurate thermometer in pizza hot holding unit on front counter. To correct, please replace as soon as possible