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Health Report - 07/09/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed 3 large pots of curry sauce that was cooked off last evening in the walk in freezer, and the center of each pot was found at 46*-49*f, well past the 6 hour total to get hot foods cooled down to 41*f or less. You need to cool your hot sauces in shallow hotel pans, like we have discussed in the past. Owner needs to be sure all workers are following proper cooling procedures. Corrected by discarding curry sauce and following proper cooling procedures.

There are numerous leaks coming into your facility from the roof, as evidenced by stained and wet ceiling tiles. You need to have the roof repaired so no water is leaking into your facility. After you repair the roof, replace all ceiling tiles. Contact me after you do the repair and i will come out after a rain event to see that the leaks have been eliminated. This work needs to be completed by 9/30/15.

Please clean the door gaskets on your reach in cooler more often.

The cover for the ice machine mechanical parts was not on. You need to keep this on so the ice does not become contaminated. Corrected by putting it back on.

Health Report - 01/08/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Beverage glasses, tableware and chop sticks were found stored under soap and paper towel dispenser and within the splash zone of the server handsink. You need to store food contact items in a location where they will not become contaminated. Correct by moving these items to another location. Highly recommend intalling splash shields on both sides of this handsink.

The air vent gaurd above utensil storage in the server area is dusty. Staff need to be cleaning this area more frequently to preclude dust build up

The door latch to the roof in the kitchen has peeling paint on it. Scrape off all loose and peeling paint off.

Health Report - 07/23/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed staff drop a cooking utensil on the floor and just rinse it off and put it back into use. When kitchenware gets soiled it needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized properly before putting back into food prep use. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) I observed a pan of potato and curry sauce in the reach in cooler at 58*f. Upon investigation, it was determined staff brought out of cooler and left on counter, which allowed the food to rise into the danger zone, which is above 41*f. Staff need to be aware to work with foods after bringing out of refrigeration immediately, to limit time in the danger zone. Also, one of the sauces was found at 132*f in the steam well. Staff need to be using the thermometer to verify heating temps are to 165*f before stocking onto the steam well and held at 135*f or hotter at all times. Corrected by educating cooks and discarding curry sauce and re-heating the hot white sauce to 181*f.

Please be sure to clean the dustpan in the kitchen, as it has an accumulation of food debris on it which attacts pests into your facility.

A couple of dining room windows are opened and they don't have screens in them to keep out pests. Please install screens on your windows that you open.

You need to clean your storage racks, room fan and ceiling around air vents more frequently as there is dust accumulation. You also need to clean the walls of the walk in cooler.

Discontinue using overturned milk crates in your facility to store things on, as they are not easily cleanable. Obtain easily cleanable racks that have at least 6" of clearance to the floor.

You need to discontinue re-using retail containers to store foods and beverages in. I observed several plastic vinegar jugs being used to store beverages in and yogurt containers being re-used as food storage containers. Obtain durable, reusable food grade storage containers to store your products in.

The walk in cooler doesn't latch leaving a gap around the door seals. The door needs to shut so the door seals fit tightly.

Health Report - 01/17/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed cabbage that was cut and dated on 1/7 and 1/8. These items exceed the 7 day maximum use by dates. I would like you to begin posting the use by dates instead of the prep/open dates. When posting use by dates, add 6 days to the day product is prepped or opened. This gives you the 7 day total. Corrected by discarding outdated product.

Health Report - 08/01/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Foods in the walk in cooler found at 47*f. Needs to be holding 41*f or less at all times. Owner adjusted thermostat and temp came down to 40*f in cooler. The unit is very dusty behind the compressor. Be sure you are cleaning the compressor coil fins routinely so your compressor functions properly. I also want you to use the refrigeration chart i left with you to monitor the temps of all cooler at least twice a day, every day that you are open. Corrected by getting temp down below 40*f inside cooler.

(Critical) A pan of red curry sauce that was cooked off the previous evening was found at 59*f in the walk in cooler. Owner said they cool in large hotel pan with product not more than 2" thick. This process was not followed by the evening staff. Owner needs to assure all staff are following the correct cooling procedures at all times. Corrected by discarding product and holding staff accountable to follow the proper cooling methods!

Discard damaged spatulas when they begin to crack/chip.

Health Report - 01/17/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (31238) does not have any more information on it

This incident (43194) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 07/26/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Dishmachine was found not sanitizing. Determined it was due to old sanitizer. Put in new gallon of chlorine and dishmachine worked properly, therefore corrected. Staff need to be using test papers to verify machine is dispnsing 50-100ppm. Test everyday!

(Critical) Red curry sauce with coconut milk found at 118*f, not being held on heat source. I also observed 4 other hot products that were sitting on counters when i walked in. You are going to need to obtain a countertop steam table to hold your hot foods in, as they need to be maintained at 135*f or hotter. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you have a steam table large enough to hold all of your hot products in. Product out of temp was heated up to 165*f and stored at above 135*f on stove. Temp correction until steam table purchased and used.

You need to have a new screen put on your back door, as the screens are torn from frame.

Health Report - 01/23/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed pans being only washed and rinsed, without the required sanitizer step. You need to be using the 3 comp sink if manually washing any kitchenware and be sure to be sanitizing. Corrected by doing such

Please clean the dumpster pad area of all debris.

You need a new battery for your digital thermometer. Be sure and use this thermometer often throughout day to check temps of foods.

I observed improper thawing methods for frozen shrimp. No running cold water over shrimp. Always have cold water running over product being thawed which is submerged in water.

Health Report - 07/19/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Please clean the door gaskets on your prep cooler on the line more often. Also, clean the floor drain under the dishmachine more often.

Several indications of water leaks from the roof as evidenced by stained ceiling tiles. Repair the leaks and then change out the stained ceiling tiles.

I observed a water pitcher stored in the handsink basin. Do not obstruct the handsink, which needs to be used often for washing hands.

Health Report - 01/11/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the handle of the large rice warmer broken. To correct repair/replace handle.

Found the ceiling tiles through out facility water stained. Found the vinyl covered ceiling around the cooking hood damaged. To correct repair/replace ceiling tile.

Found the edges and sides of the cooking hood soiled with grease. Found the inner underside of the prep top cooler lid soiled. To correct clean as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found lid of dumpster left open. To correct keep lids closed.

Found water around the floor surrounding the toilet in the ladies restroom. To correct repair source of leak.