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Health Report - 04/16/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) A replacement mechanical dishwashing machine has been ordered. In the mean time, pic indicated that all dishes are being washed in the 3 c sink until new unit is operational. Please email photo of new unit once it is installed and put into use. Be sure to continuously check the operation of this unit to ensure it is providing proper sanitization. Corrected

Health Report - 03/24/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The mechanical dishwasher appears to only be dispensing a very week sanitizer solution. Eco lab has been contacted to repair this unit. Until this unit is repaired, the sanitization step must be completed manually at the 3 compartment sink.

(Critical) Observed a knife and a scraper in the basin of the hand sink in the rear prep area of kitchen. Hand wash sinks are to be used for hand washing only. Corrected by removing items from sink and placing them at 3c sink for proper washing. Corrected

Observed the interior compartment of the microwave in the main prep area to be soiled. To correct, please properly clean the interior of the microwave now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the following locations to be in need of cleaning: the floor area around the 3 compartment sink, the floor drain for the soda machine in the front service area, and the ceiling tiles above the main prep table in the back kitchen. To correct, please properly clean these areas now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

An ambient air thermometer could not be located for the reach in 3 door cooler in the main food make line and the thermometer for the upright glass cooler by the front counter was no longer operational. To correct, please provide ambient air thermometers for these locations

Observed the exterior surfaces and the holding mount for the mechanical can opener to be soiled. Observed the interior surfaces of the reach in cooler in the main cook area to be soiled with food debris and in need of cleaning. To correct, properly wash, rinse and sanitize the above mentioned items now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed a packaged/sealed rack of frozen ribs thawing in standing water in the 3 compartment sink. This package of ribs were still frozen. Corrected by removing ribs from the sink and placing the package of ribs into the cooler for proper thawing. It is ok to thaw ribs completely submerged under 70*f or lower water, and the water must be continuously running/draining. Corrected

Observed wipe down rags to be stored on the counter and not in a sanitizing solution. Wipe down rags are to be stored in a sanitizing solution with a concentration sufficient to control the growth of contaminates. Concentration of solution shall be set per sanitizer manufacturers recommendations

Health Report - 09/29/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The dish washing machine was not properly sanitizing with chlorine. Some liquid is being discharged when the pump is primed, but the solution is weak. A five gallon pail of chlorine is being used. Consider ordering 2. 5 gallon containers of this solution so it is used up more quickly. Eco-lab was contacted to trouble-shoot the problem and repair as needed

(Critical) The last time the dish washing machine sanitizer was checked was five days ago. Ensure staff are checking the sanitizer concentration at the beginning of the day and before dinner with the provided test papers

The back kitchen, glass front two door refrigerator is not maintaining proper temperature. The owner defrosted it this past friday. Contact a refrigeration repair service and adjust/repair as needed

Observed some to-go food containers stored upright at the food assembly area. Corrected by inverting these containers for protection

This incident (62847) does not have any more information on it

The exhaust hood filters are over-due for cleaning. Remove for cleaning and replace them asap

1) one of the two light bulbs in the walk in cooler did not have the bulb guard installed. Corrected by installing the guard. 2) a small light bulb in the front counter display cooler for drinks was not shatter-proof. No bulb guard is available. Corrected by removing the light bulb

One of the two light bulbs in the walk in cooler was non-functional. Provide a replacement light bulb

1) walk in cooler: observed a few stacks of tortilla cases stored on the floor. Elevate these food boxes off of the floor to protect them and to facilitate cleaning of the floor. 2) observed multiple food containers without covers on them while in storage (under the kitchen prep counter, in the walk in cooler on shelves). Provide covers for protection

Observed some cardboard being used as a shelf liner on bottom shelf (painted wood) in the walk in cooler. Remove this cardboard and clean the shelf as needed

Health Report - 03/06/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The combined drain line for the rinse and sanitize basin of the three compartment sink was re-plumbed. Now there is no air gap at the discharge point. Repair as needed to provide the required air gap (vertical height above the flood rim of the receiving basin = 2x the discharge pipe diameter)

(Critical) Observed multiple ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods in several coolers that were lacking last date of use stickers (pinto beans, cooked vegetables, tamales, cooked rice, etc. ). These types of foods are required to be marked with a date of last use when they are prepared.

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed raw meat (ground beef, and pork) stored with and above fully cooked foods. The open package of ground beef had dripped blood on a covered food container. The container of food was an employee's. Corrected by relocating the ready to eat foods to another shelving unit and discarding the food in the container with blood on it

(Critical) No paper towel was provided at the front kitchen area hand washing sink. Corrected by providing paper towel

(Critical) Observed a few small flies in the back kitchen. Provide necessary fly traps (approved types in areas away from food and clean equipment) to eliminate/minimize the flies

(Critical) Observed the following foods to be expired in several refrigerators: chuletitas 2-29; salvadoreno 3-4; multiple quart containers of soup, beans, etc, that expired on 2-25, 3-2, 3-4; cortido 2-25; cheese and chicken tamales 3-4; and chiles rellenos 2-24. These items were discarded. Ensure staff are checking refrigerated foods at the end of each day and discarding any expired foods. The container of chuletitas was observed to be expired early in the inspection. A label made of wide masking tape was observed on the end of the container. One hour later when i returned to this cooler to have an employee discard this expired food the masking tape label was removed and a small, commercial date sticker was found in its place indicating the food was made yesterday. Adhesive residue was still on the end of the contianer where the old tape label was located. Staff cannot re-date foods that have expired!

1) the gaskets are torn/damaged/missing on the two door randell upright cooler. Provide replacement door gaskets to seal in your cold air and to provide a cleanable surface. 2) a threaded bolt is missing in the eco-lab dish washing machine that holds the lower rinse arm in position. Contact eco-lab asap and have them provide this necessary part to keep the wash arm in position and allow it to spin so water is circulated during the wash and rinse cycles

1) observed an employee using a long immersion blender to blend cooked foods into a sauce. The employee placed the pot on the floor to mix this food. Corrected by cleaning the bottom of the pot and placing it on the counter. Next time either blend the food on the counter or place something under the pot on the floor during the mixing process. 2) multiple foods in the walk in cooler are not covered for protection. Instruct your staff to cover bulk foods during storage (the only exception would be foods on the upper shelves that are actively cooling)

One of the outside dumpsters is missing a cover. Contact the solid waste hauling company and have them provide a replacement cover or switch the dumpster with an new/repaired one

The floor under the three compartment sink and around the grease trap are over-due for cleaning. Thoroughly clean these areas to eliminate debris build-up

The general manager still has not taken the serv-safe course. He indicated one that he was signed up for was canceled. He indicated there is a course happening later this month he will be attending. Within one week, provide me with verification you are registered for this course

Observed the small grey containers used to store utensils in the back kitchen to have crumbs in the bottom. Wash these containers now and more frequently in the future to eliminate debris accumulation

Front counter. Corrected by organizing these plastic utensils so the handles were all extended toward the customer

Health Report - 09/13/2013 (13 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Raw animal foods (bacon and ribs) were stored above/with ready to eat foods in two locations (two door cooler and the walk in cooler). Corrected by relocating the raw animal foods to the bottom shelf

(Critical) The spray bottle of bleach did not have a label on it. Ensure staff indicate what chemical is in a bottle to prevent chemicals being used for the wrong task

(Critical) Black beans that were cooked in the morning were still at 55f (outside edge) to 65f in the center of the pail. The beans were discarded. Other foods (salsa, rice, etc. ) found in the kitchen might not have cooled properly; however the owner took measures to rapidly cool these foods using ice sticks, spreading the food into a thin layer, etc

(Critical) The spray bottle containing bleach was way too strong. The color on the test paper was bleached out. Ensure staff are diluting the bleach for food contact surface use per the label directions

(Critical) Upon arrival, cooked rice, cooked cow tongue, cooked black beans were found in the back kitchen in a covered container, piled high and in a large plastic container, respectively. Ensure staff are utilizing multiple rapid cooling methods to chill foods quickly

(Critical) This incident (62876) does not have any more information on it

(Critical) Observed small flies (likely fruit/vinegar flies) in the facility (a couple in the front counter area, but most of them in the back kitchen). Provide appropriate fly traps in approved locations to minimize the number of flying adults

(Critical) Very few rte, phfs (10-15%) were found to be date marked. Ensure staff are providing labels with the last date of use marked on them when they are prepared

(Critical) A one gallon container of bleach in the back kitchen does not have usage directions for sanitizing food contact surfaces nor does it have an epa registration number. Provide an approved bleach for sanitizing food contact surfaces

(Critical) 1) a recently delivered case of raw beef ribs (not frozen) were observed setting out in the back kitchen. These ribs were not placed in the refrigerator prior to the owner eating a meal. Corrected by relocating them to the two door cooler. 2) cook line prep cooler: lettuce and seasoned, cooked strips of chicken were observed at a slightly elevated temp in the top of the prep cooler. The lettuce container did not have a cover to keep the lettuce cold and the chicken was mounded up over the top of the container. Corrected by placing a cover on the lettuce and by removing the top few inches of chicken from the container and placing the extra in the reach-in portion of the unit

(Critical) Observed a back-up supply of a cooked fish product in the back kitchen two door upright cooler to be expired (9-12). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) The back kitchen hand washing sink was blocked by a couple of dirty sheet trays that were waiting to be washed in the three compartment sink. Also, there were a few soda cans in the hand sink basin. Corrected by removing these items

(Critical) This incident (30721) does not have any more information on it

Provide a certified food safety manager who works at least 30 hours per week in this facility

1) the cold water line to the back kitchen hand sink is broken at the supply shut-off valve. Repair as needed. 2) the front counter hand washing sink waste water drain line (in the base cabinet) has a leak. Repair as needed to eliminate the leaking water

A cover is still missing from the trash dumpster in the back parking lot area. Contact the solid waste hauler and ask for a replacement cover/dumpster

The following areas are in need of cleaning: back kitchen floor drain cover, the three compartment sink overflow drains, the floor under the bottom shelf in the front kitchen base cabinet with the hand washing sink, and the floor drain near the bulk juice cooler

Some foods located in the walk in cooler in the adjacent market (just purchased by the owner) were found on the floor. Ensure foods are protected by keeping them at least 6" off of the floor. Also numerous foods were observed uncovered. Protect stored foods by keeping them covered (unless they are actively cooling)

Observed several employee foods stored on the top shelf in the two door back kitchen cooler. Relocate all your employee foods so they are all in one location (consider a storage tub for organization) and below your customer food

Health Report - 03/08/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed about four pounds of cream cheese opened on feb. 27th to be expired (as of 3-5). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed an employee cutting limes in the back prep kitchen without using single use gloves. Corrected by employees using single use gloves

(Critical) Observed a deep hotel pan of beef barbacoa cooked the previous night left on the back kitchen counter all night to cool down. This food was found at 62-64f. Corrected by discarding this food. Ensure staff are following required procedures for rapidly cooling potentially hazardous foods.

(Critical) Observed an employee enter the back door of the kitchen to begin their work day walk to the front kitchen to get a pair of food service gloves and put them on prior to beginning food prep. Corrected by the employee washing their hands prior to putting on single use gloves. Ensure staff are washing their hands as required

(Critical) At the beginning of food service four foods were observed in the counter-top hot holding unit that were not re-heated 165f. Two types of pork, chicken and a vegetarian offering were found to be at 117f, 109f, 130f and 95f, respectively. Corrected by re-heating these foods in the microwave oven, sauce pan and grill to above 165f

The drain valve for the sanitizing basin of the three compartment sink is still leaking. Repair as needed to eliminate the water leak

Observed two large containers of plastic eating utensils at the front counter to be stored jumbled. Organize these utensils so the handles are all extended toward the customer.

Observed a cover missing from one of the outside dumpsters. Contact the solid waste hauling company and have them replace the missing cover

Back kitchen dish washing area: observed the floor sink and the surrounding floor area to be soiled with old food debris build-up. Maintain this area clean to prevent odors and the attraction of pests

Observed the wash arms of the dishwashing machine to be neglected as far as daily cleaning and routine maintenance. Many of the wash arm water outlets were plugged with debris and the interior surfaces of the dish washing machine had a thick coating of mineral build-up. Have this machine de-limed and ensure staff are performing daily removal and cleaning of the wash arms

Health Report - 09/14/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed raw, in-shell chicken eggs stored in three separate cooler locations above ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating these foods to the bottom shelf away from rte foods

(Critical) Observed 1/2 & 1/2 that expired on 9-12 and a cooked pork special that expired on 9-13. Corrected by discarding these foods

The door gaskets are torn on the two door upright cooler (metal doors). Install replacement door gaskets on these doors to provide a cleanable surface and to keep your cold air in the unit

Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the round floor sink that receives waste water from the three compartment sink and the dish washing machine, the floor drain between the 3 comp sink & the prep table, and the floor under equipment

Observed the two door upright glass-door cooler to not be providing cold air at 41f or below. The evaporator coil was found to have excessive frost build-up on it impacting the air flow. Food in this cooler was relocated to other units and the unit was defrosted. Contact a refrigeration contractor to repair/adjust this cooler as needed

Observed some single-use items (to-go cups and lids) to be stored in the base cabinet at the back counter. Corrected by removing these items from the cabinet. One sleeve of cups that was still intact were relocated and two exposed stacks of cup lids were discarded.

The light bulb above the display chest freezer for your bulk fruit drinks is not protected from breakage. Provide a bulb tube with end caps, a guard for the light fixture or a bulb with a shatter-proof coating

Observed a few quart sized plastic containers with rice made today to be covered in the reach in cooler. Corrected by uncovering these containers and relocating them to a unit maintaining a colder temperature. The owner indicated an employee who was working on this food item was nearing the end of her shift and cut out the step of spreading the rice thin on a sheet tray for quick cooling.

Health Report - 03/14/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed tamales cooked the previous night to still be at 43 to 56f in the front display cooler and the two door upright cooler in the back of the kitchen. Corrected by discarding. Ensure proper techniques are utilized and the temperature of cooling foods are monitored during the cooling process to verify rapid cooling

(Critical) Observed several open containers of food without use-by dates (cream, ham, cooked beans, soup, etc. ). Ensure staff are providing last day of use stickers when your rte, phfs are prepared

Observed a shelving unit with the bottom shelf just above the level of the floor. Adjust this lower shelf so it is at least 6" off of the floor to facilitate cleaning and the protection of the equipment stored on the shelves

Observed several employee jackets stored on a food storage shelf in the back storage room. Provide wall hooks for employee's to store their jackets

Observed wooden boards made of pine that were purchased for preparing the baked goods. Immediately discontinue the use of these unapproved boards and provide a hard maple or bamboo wooden baking prep board (or a plastic board if acceptable for this purpose)

Observed bare light bulbs in the pastry display cooler. To correct either remove the bulbs, provide bulb tubes with end caps, or purchase shatter-proof bulbs to prevent contamination of food and equipment should a bulb break

No thermometer was observed in the true brand display cooler. Provide a thermometer for this unit so staff can monitor the temperatures

The drain line of the sanitizing basin is still leaking. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak

Health Report - 10/05/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a small pot on the stove with multiple cooked chicken breasts in water, and a small pan of cooked black beans. The water with chicken was found at 75 to 76f and the black beans were at 84f sitting on the stove top. These foods were made much earlier in the day. Corrected by discarding. Ensure your bulk hot foods are rapidly cooled to prevent bacterial growth

(Critical) Observed no required foods (ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods) to be provided with last day of use stickers. Provide labels on your food containers with the last day of use when they are prepared

The storage containers for the returnable/recyclable metal and glass soda cans and bottles

Observed the front door propped open with a floor mat. Smoke from people smoking outdoors was migrating into this facility. Keep your exterior doors closed to prevent smoke and pests from entering the building

Observed the back kitchen to be dimly lit. Repair the ceiling light fixtures as needed to provide proper lighting for employees to work and clean as needed

Empty soda bottles are accumulating in the back kitchen. Remove these bottles containing soda residue from the facility frequently

No paper towel was provided at the front kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by providing paper towel

This incident (62908) does not have any more information on it

Observed containers of single service items on the floor of the back storage room. Elevate all items off of the floor to protect them from contamination

Front kitchen: observed a small metal table located between the back counter and the cook line. Provide legs to elevate the bottom shelf off of the floor for cleaning

This incident (30766) does not have any more information on it