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Health Report - 06/26/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Hot holding units were not being used at time of inspection because the soups were just being cooked and oatmeal was not served today. Discussed proper set up (warming dial setting) on hot holding units with pic. Reviewed and approved completed rcp with pic. Corrected

Health Report - 06/01/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no sanitizer being made available at the 3 compartment sink in the dishwash area. Proper sanitization of items being washed shall be employed as the final step in the 3 compartment wash process. A box of sanitizer for the 3 compartment sink was located and installed at the 3 compartment sink during inspection. Corrected

(Critical) Observed the oatmeal in the hot holding unit to be 120*f. Observed the cream of broccoli soup in the hot holding unit to be 120*f. Pic indicated that these products were placed in the wells for hot holding at 9am today (2 hours earlier). It was observed that the warming dial was set very low (2). Pic discarded the oatmeal and the dial was set to (6) for the hot holding well. Within 30 minutes, the cream of broccoli soup was 140*f. Potentially hazardous foods that require hot holding shall be maintained at 135*f or higher. Corrected by discarding oatmeal and resetting the warming dial to a higher number to keep food (cream of broccoli soup) at 135*f or higher. This is the second routine inspection in a row where there has been hot holding issues at the hot holding wells. Please retrain staff to ensure that the dials are set correctly and continuously check temperature of food to ensure the hot hold food is kept at 135*f or greater. Corrected. ,

Observed in use wiping cloths to be sitting on the counter and on the edge of the (empty) wiping cloth sanitizing solution bucket. To correct, please fill wiping cloth solution bucket with proper concentration of sanitizing solution (200 ppm quat solution) and ensure that wiping cloths are stored in solution fully submerged when not in use.

Observed a lack of handwashing signage for employees in the mens bathroom. To correct, please provide the proper handwashing signage in the mens bathroom.

Observed the cappucino machine to be out of service. Please have this unit repaired or removed

Observed numerous boxes of food in the walk in freezer to not be closed/covered. Food shall be stored so it is not subject to contamination by dust, debris or splash. To correct, please ensure the boxes of food are covered/closed when not in use.

Health Report - 12/15/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed oatmeal in container in hot holding unit to be at 110f. Hot holding potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at 135f or higher. Pic indicated that temperature was not set properly for unit. Corrected by discarding oatmeal into trash and setting proper temperature for hot holding unit. Corrected

(Critical) The food prep cutting board used for potentially hazardous foods is not being cleaned and sanitized at the proper frequency. Staff indicated frequency was at every shift change. Discussed proper cleaning schedule with pic of every 4 hours or less of food contact surfaces/utensils for potentially hazardous foods/ ready to eat foods. ,

(Critical) Observed a lack of paper towels for hand drying at the hand sink by the front counter. Provide an adequate supply of paper towels for drying hands. ,

(Critical) Observed cleaning chemicals to stored adjacent to and over single use items such as bulk boxes of toilet paper and hand towels. Chemicals/toxics shall be stored so they can not contaminate food, equipement, utensils, linens and single service and single use articles by either locating them in an approved designated area or by separating the poisonous/toxic materials by spacing or partitioning. Correct as indicated above. ,

Observed the bulk containers of flour/sugar to be unlabeled. Correct by provided properly labeling to enable easy identification of food stored in containers.

Observed buckets of glaze and several boxes of bottled beverages to be stored on the floor. All food shall be stored such that it is protected from comtamination. Correct by storing food in a clean and dry location, where it is not exposed to splash and at least 6" off of the floor so the floor is cleanable

Observed the buildup of mold/residue on the inside of the ice machine and the spouts/chutes, etc. On the inside of the hot chocolate machine and latte machine are in need of cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed utensils at dishwash area utensil storage to be stacked wet. Correct by allowing all utensils and equipment to be allowed to completely air dry prior to stacking for storage.

Observed mops being stored in mop bucket and in the mop sink. After use, mops shall be placed in a position that allows them to air-dry without soiling the walls, equipment or other supplies. Correct as indicated above

Observed to the cutting board for the prep unit to be in poor condition with numerous pits and grooves making surface difficult to properly clean and sanitize. Correct by resurfacing or replacing this cutting board

Observed the plumbing drain under the handsink at the front counter area to be separated from the underside of the sink. Secure drain plumbing to sink to allow for proper plumbing drainage.

Observed the following non food contact surfaces to be soiled: the undersides of all beverage dispensers (i. E. Iced capp and frozen beverage mixer) at the front service counter. Non food contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at a frequency necessary to preclude the accumulation of soil residues. Correct by cleaning now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the ambient air thermometer in the reach in cooler next to the handsink to be broken. Correct by replacing thermometer to allow for the proper monitoring of air temperature for this unit

Health Report - 07/02/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) the bulk sugar bins in wheels are over-due for cleaning. 2) the spouts/chutes, etc. On the inside of the hot chocolate machine for the drink powders are over-due for cleaning

(Critical) Observed the employee working the front counter to have artificial nails on her hands. This position involves obtaining customer's food (donuts, making drinks, scooping ice, etc. ). Remove the nails or utilize single use gloves. Corrected by using gloves

The new food service license is not available in the store. Locate and post the license at the front of the store

The general manager indicated she has taken and passed the serv-safe manager level food safety exam. The gm indicated the owner has her certificate. Provide me with a copy of this certification

The wiping cloth pail at the front of the store was not registering any sanitizer. Corrected by dumping that solution out and re-filling the container with sanitizer from the three comp. Sink that was at 300 ppm

The back counter one door cooler for the whipped cream

The floors in the following locations are in need of cleaning to remove misc. Debris and spilled foods: the floor sink located under the soda dispensing station ice bin; under the ice machine; around the grease trap (including behind it); under the donut prep table

Health Report - 01/08/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Staff could not locate any quat sanitizer test papers. Asap provide these testing papers and keep them in the vicinity of the dish washing area

(Critical) Observed the creamer stored in the dispensing unit to be at 44/45f. Corrected by discarding this product

(Critical) No soap was provided at the front kitchen area hand washing sink. The supervisor located a counter top dispenser from the back and relocated it to this hand washing station. Soap must always be provided at your hand washing sinks

(Critical) Observed the following equipment to be stored unclean: 1) the holding tool for the mandolin slicer; 2) the tomato slicer; 3) one of the handled plastic hot holding pans; 4) a previously used kitchen knife placed back in the commercial knife holder; 5) the soda dispensing nozzles; 6) the chute area in the ice making machine (pink slime build-up). Items 1 & 2 were sent to soak and be washed, items 3 & 4 were washed (corrected), items 5 & 6 need cleaning. Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize these items

(Critical) Staff are not taking food contact surfaces (tongs, knives, cutting boards, utensils) used for potentially hazardous food out of service frequently enough for formal washing, rinsing and sanitizing. Devise a way to remind employees (timers or log book?) to swap these items out with clean back-ups or remove these items from use for cleaning at intervals not to exceed 4 hours. Staff indicated this task is currently performed at the time of management shift changes (8 hours typically)

(Critical) At approximately 2:45 pm, a covered pan containing 4 to 5 cooked hash browns were found with a label indicating a discard time of 11:20 am. Corrected by discarding these hash browns. In the future, ensure staff are closely monitoring this product and discarding them after the allotted holding time (not to exceed 4 hours)

Observed a white powder (coffee urn cleaner) spilled on the floor in the drain, under the ice machine (as well as some misc. Food crumbs) and at the wall in this same area

Locate and post your food service license in an area where it is visible to your customers

Provide a small hand washing reminder sign at the back counter hand washing sink (located next to the coffee cream dispenser)

The refrigerated dispenser for bulk coffee cream was not maintaining proper temperature (41f or below). This unit was turned off. The supervisor will turn this unit back on later in her shift to see if the equipment drops to the required temperature. If not, have this unit serviced/adjusted as needed to maintain 41f or below

Health Report - 07/08/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The hand sink at the front of the kitchen had no soap dispenser or soap. Temporarily corrected by providing an insert pouch of soap for a wall mounted dispenser. Provide a wall mounted dispenser or purchase a pump dispenser for this station

(Critical) Again, observed three opened containers of milk in the front of the store in the one door low-boy cooler, ham in the prep refrigerator and an opened package of chicken from the walk-in cooler to be lacking employee provided use-by dates based upon when the packages were opened. Instruct staff to apply date stickers to these products and perform verification inspections to ensure staff are providing this information on an on-going basis. A risk control plan was provided with this report for the management team to complete. Provide me a copy of your completed plan

(Critical) Observed floating and sunken debris (one piece looked like a sliver of metal) in the hopper for the frozen, unflavored drink mix. Corrected by draining and discarding this mix, flushing the system and sanitizing prior to re-filling with fresh product

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: three previously used kitchen knives stored in the knife holder; the tomato slicer push block; interior surfaces of the ice machine; a couple hot holding pans (yellow plastic with a handle); insulated, bulk coffee dispensers. All of these items, except the ice machine were cleaned and sanitized during the inspection

The interior of the exhaust hood duct located above the toaster oven has dust accumulated on it. Clean to remove dust

Observed a couple boxes of tea and a case of water resting on the floor with evidence of water damage. All foods need to be at least 6" off of the floor

This incident (30652) does not have any more information on it

The floor under the soda dispensing station and the floor sink located in this area are overdue for cleaning. Also the receiving drains for the three compartment sink are in need of cleaning as well

Observed a winter coat (used by staff restocking the freezer) to be stored on some plastic buckets of food in the back room. Corrected by relocating to the coat storage area

Observed a case of drinking straws stored on the floor behind the front counter with water damage to them. Corrected by discarding

Observed unclean and clean knives being stored together in the commercial knife rack. This rack is only to be used for the storage of clean (washed, rinsed and sanitized) knives prior to use. Store your previously used knives in an approved manner.

Observed two wet mop heads (one on a handle and the other off of a handle) stored on the floor and on the bottom of the mop sink. Keep these wet mop heads elevated above the mop sink to facilitate faster drying and allow draining water to go down the drain

This incident (62792) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 01/04/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed three open containers of dairy products in the front area, back counter one door cooler and a small quantity of thawed chicken pieces in a zip lock bag in the walk in cooler to be lacking use-by dates. Corrected by discarding