Thompson's Bar & Grill

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10655 W. Michigan Avenue
Saline, MI 48176

Health Report - 06/09/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Please note the certified manager information shown on this report with date of 5/12/2014 has expired. To correct submit up dated information for the food safety manager working at this food service establishment

Health Report - 11/13/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the grease receptacle on the flat top very full. Grease was also dripping out of this area, down into the oven and down onto the floor. To correct - empty and clean this receptacle now and on a more frequent schedule. Noted that receptacle may not be fitting correctly in its place. Investigate reasons for ill fit.

Health Report - 05/14/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, cut lettuce 46°F, sliced tomatoes 46 in the top portion, and chicken salad 48°F, tuna salad 50°F in the bottom portion of the 2 door prep top cooler. Found tcs food, a gallon of milk 45 in the 4 door bar cooler. Pic temporarily corrected by discarding tcs food, and has been instructed not to use these coolers to hold tcs food, until repaired/replaced to hold tcs food at 41°F.

Found the walls in the dishwashing area, by the ice machine with holes and damaged surfaces. To correct repair walls to be smooth, durable and cleanable. Found the ceiling in the kitchen with water stained ceiling. To correct locate and repair source of leak, and repair and finish surface to be smooth, durable, and cleanable.

Observed flies in the dining room area. To correct keep doors closed as much as possible, and take appropriate measures to control flies.

Found the basement filled with old equipment, utensils which may no longer be needed for operations. To correct determine if equipment and utensils are needed and remove items no longer needed.

Found an enamel coated pot with rust and chips. Pic corrected by discarding enamel coated pot.

Found no handwashing sign in the bar handsink. To correct provide sign reminding employees to wash hands.

Found the dumpster and used oil dumpster stored on grassy surface. To correct store dumpster and used oil dumpster on asphalt surface.

Found an old backflow prevention device on beverage carbonator. To correct provide a backflow prevention device (double check with atmopsheric vent) meeting asse 1022.

Found no thermometer in bar cooler. To correct provide thermometer.

Found the floor under equipment, edges and corners in the bar, kitchen and basement soiled with accumulation of debris. To correct thoroughly clean floors and keep clean. Found the walls in the kitchen prep area soiled with splash. To correct clean walls and clean on a schedule to preclude accumulation.

Found gaps along the side door in the rear dining area. To correct take measures to eliminate gaps.

Found dumpster with a broken/missing lid. To correct repair/replace missing lid.

Found the 2 door prep top cooler and the 4 door bar cooler not holding tcs food at 41°F. Found the ice machine not working. To correct repair coolers to hold tcs food at 41°F or lower, and repair ice machine.

Health Report - 11/07/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (30408) does not have any more information on it

This incident (42950) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 05/09/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found raw shell eggs to be stored on top shelf in wic above rte food items. Corrected - eggs were relocated to the lowest shelf in the wic to prevent cross contamination

(Critical) Found pop gun and holders to have an accumulation of syrupy debris. Corrected - pic thoroughly cleaned pop guns and holders at the time of this inspection

Found back splash behind plates to have dried on food debris, light shields under the hood need cleaning, lines in beer bottle cooler have mold growth on them, and the condenser fan in the wic has an accumulation of sticky dust on it. To correct - clean these areas now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found burnt out light bulb under hood and in dry storage area. To correct - replace bulbs to achieve better lighting to work and clean these areas

Found cook not wearing the required hair restraint while cooking food. To correct - provide hair restraints for all staff that are in contact with cooking/prepping food, to effectively keep hair from food, clean equipment and utensils

Health Report - 11/14/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Found no handwahing signs in kitchen or restrooms. To correct - provide signage requiring employees to wash their hands prior to returning to work

Found residential upright freezer being used while commercial freezer is repaired. Residential freezer not holding temp. Found previously frozen foods holding @ 39 degrees f. To correct - immediately relocate frozen food from residential freezer to the chest freezers in the basement which are holding frozen @ 24 degrees f. It is understodd that the broken reach-in freezer is waiting on replacement parts which are due in today. Will return for follow-up to verify

Found hand sink behind the bar with used lemon slices, straws. To correct - the hand wash sink is to be used for handwashing only, not for dumping drinks and garbage. Discontinue this practice immediately

Found hand sink wall near saloon doors to be in dire need of repair. To correct - repair wall and seal or apply non-pourous, non-absorbant, smooth, durable, cleanable material over existing wall material and seal around edges to prevent future water damage

Found wood shelving used in walk-in cooler in basement. To correct - remove wood shelving as this is not an approved material for food storage. Observed metal shelving in old walk-in/storage area. Replace the wood shelving with the metal shelves - no cost - quick fix

Found floors, stairs, some shelving to be in need of cleaning. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent schedule in the future

Found beer bottles stored under dripping condensate pan in reach-in cooler behind bar. To correct - repair dripping condensate pan and relocate beer bottles until corrected

Found both metal stem thermometers to be uncalibrated @ 40 degrees f in ice water bath. Corrected - metal stem thermoeters were re-calibrated immediately

No anti-choking poster provided. To correct - provide required anti-choking poster which can be obtained from the american red cross

Health Report - 05/19/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

(1) excess clutter and unnecessary items found stored in various rooms in basement, on table next to slicer upstairs kitchen and in area under stairs near bar. Please sort through and get rid of any items not used in the operation and maintenance of facility. This will make it easier to clean and prevent a potential harborage condition for insects and rodents. (2) observed construction debris and other items outside rear kitchen entrance. Please sort through and get rid of any items not used in the operation and maintenance of facility. This will eliminate potential harborage conditions for insects and rodents and will make it easier to keep clean

Please re-caulk handwash sink to wall near kitchen entrance

(1) inadequate lighting in rear kitchen near slicer/prep table. Please provide adequate lighting; consider installing an under the counter light in this area. (2) light bulbs in light fixture left side of dry storage room in basement burnt out. Please replace to provide adequate lighting in this area. (3) please provide maximum wattage light bulb in walk-in-cooler; rear section of wic dimly lit

These areas in need of cleaning: knife rack, floors under all cooking equipment, hood filters, shelving units in food walk-in-cooler in basement, fan covers in the basement food walk-in-cooler and floor/wall juncture at front bar. Please clean now and as often as necessary to maintain in clean condition

Base coving missing in several sections rear kitchen. Please provide base coving at the wall/floor juncture. This will provide a good seal to prevent water from seeping between wall and floor and a smooth, easily cleanable surface

Please remove the raw wood shelving units in the food wic in the basement. There is excess mold on these raw wood shelves. Please consider installing food-grade shelving units; observed some new shelving units in basement and a dunnage rack in rear storage room. The wood can be refinished to provide a non-absorbant, smooth, easily cleanable surface

Walls and ceiling in some sections in poor repair. Please repair to provide smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. Please concentrate on repairing the ceiling especially over any preparation surfaces in kitchen

Inadequate water pressure at some sinks. Please provide water at adequate pressure at all sinks. Per pic pressure tank recently replaced

(1) please re-establish air gap for the 3-compartment sink drain line which is also used as a food preparation sink. The air gap shall be twice the pipe diameter above the flood rim of the mop sink. (2) appears to be a leak behind the ice machine. Please repair and maintain in good repair. (3) please repair hot water control knob at 3-compartment sink. (4) water on floor in area of basement near water softener. Please repair any leaks in this area.

Wet wiping cloths stored improperly at bar. Please set up wet wiping cloth solution at proper sanitizer concentration for wet wiping cloth storage

Dumpster lids found in open position; please close when not in use

Please invert ice transfer bucket when not in use

Health Report - 12/03/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) There were several cans of unapproved insecticides stored on racks in the kitchen. Only commercial grade insecticides can be used and stored in a licensed facility. Corrected by removing from store.

There are no paper towels stocked at the bar handsink. You need to re-locate the soap and paper towel dispenser where it is easily accessible.

Repeat violation 2 times now!!!! once again, there is a leak on the drain line out of the ice machine in the kitchen. Repair within 2 weeks!!!!

The drain for the 3 comp sink at the bar is clogged and drains slowly. Unclog.

You need a much brighter light bulb in the walk in cooler so you don't need a flashlight to observe the integrity of the foods in there.

You folks need to clean the following areas more often: the interior of your oven, the steamer drawers were left with food in them, wash tongs at end of shifts, clean the exterior of the chest freezer in the basement, and clean the sump crock in the basement.