Taqueria La Fiesta

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4060 Packard Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 03/22/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Found a spray bottle of water without label. To correct label spray bottle of water.

Found facility using a household fryer on the counter top under the cooking hood. To correct discontinue using household fryer and replace with a commercial fryer, that will fit under cooking hood.

Health Report - 09/23/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Found 2 bags of frozen tamales thawing on cart by the prep table. Pic corrected by having employee place tamales in the cooler. Pic was reminded to thaw foods in coolers, and if needed immediately to use the microwave to thaw only what is needed and re-heat for immediate service.

Found the ceiling lights above the prep table not working. To correct repair/replace lights.

Found a gap along the back screen door and floor. To correct install a door sweep or other means to eliminate gap.

Observed mop on the floor of the mop closet. To correct hang mop to allow proper air drying.

Found the wall behind the shelf above the 3 compartment sink with peeling paint. To correct repair and finish wall to be durable, smooth, and easy to clean.

Health Report - 08/05/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the cook remove cooked food (toasted bread) from the grill with his bare hands. Corrected by providing single use gloves. In the future please ensure gloves or utensils are utilized to handle ready to eat foods

(Critical) Observed an open container of milk in the back kitchen refrigerator and several flan desserts in the front counter area cooler with out required date marking. The milk was opened two days ago and the flan were also prepared two days ago. Corrected by providing use-by dates (8-9-10)

Observed no chlorine residual in the wiping cloth bucket. Corrected by providing fresh solution of sanitizer

Observed a large gap under the screen door at the back of the kitchen. Please provide a door sweep to seal out pests

Observed the white wire shelves in the three door kitchen upright cooler to be overdue for cleaning. Remove these shelves one by one and thoroughly clean and sanitize them. Please increase the cleaning frequency for these shelves

Health Report - 02/03/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the cook not wash his hands on several occasions in the kitchen (after touching/prepping raw beef, and after touching his forehead), and the front of the house employee after bussing dirty dishes & sweeping the floor. Corrected by providing a hand washing document in spanish outlining the hand washing requirements & procedures, and by the employees washing their hands

Observed at least one entire kitchen light fixture to be burned out. Provide replacement bulbs/replace the ballast as needed to provide proper lighting levels to prevent accidents and aid in cleaning

Observed wet wiping cloths in the kitchen and at the front counter to not be stored in a solution of sanitizer. Provide proper strength sanitizer solutions in both locations to store your wet wiping cloths in to prevent bacterial growth on the towels. Corrected by providing sanitizer buckets

Observed water to coming out of the kitchen hand washing sink faucet when the hot water valve was opened. Please repair the sink valve to be operational

Observed rice prepared the previous afternoon in the three door upright cooler to be covered with a lot of condensation droplets to be present on the underside of the cover. Please allow your bulk, hot foods to fully cool down prior to tightly covering them to allow the heat/steam to escape