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Health Report - 05/27/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The wall next to and above the 3c sink has holes numerous. The one next to it is extremely large. Repair holes and refinish the wall surface so that it is smooth and cleanable. Floor tiles are missing from the kitchen leaving concrete slab. Replace/refinish floor with approved flooring materials.

Health Report - 11/05/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Numerous fruit flies or drain flies observed flying around the food in the kitchen. Call exterminator to eliminate infestation. ,

Health Report - 04/29/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Leak at the faucet of the kitchen handsink. Repair leak for proper function of faucet

The foods in the walk in cooler were found uncovered. Keep all foods covered for proper protection while in storage. Containers of food found double stacked in the reach in cooler where the bottoms of the containers holding the food are touching exposed foods. Do not double stack containers of foods as the bottom of the containers may not be clean and are touching exposed foods

Assorted pans of raw foods found in the walk in cooler that are not a minimum of 6" above the floor. Rearrange cooler and provide additional floor shelving if needed to keep foods a minimum of 6" above the floor

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning: the hood filters, the fryer cabinets, inside of the upright cooler. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The floors in the kitchen under the cooking equipment and at the floor/wall junctures need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 11/02/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (29983) does not have any more information on it

This incident (42866) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 05/02/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Foods found on steamtable including beef and chicken at 104 - 121 degrees f. These foods had been reheated on the stove top and did not reach 165 degrees f prior to placing into the steamer. Use the thermometer and temp all foods that are reheated, prior to removing from stove top and placing into the steamer to make sure 165 degrees f is reached within 2 hours of removal from temperature control. The food was removed from the steamer and reheated on the stove top to 165 degrees f. Corrected as indicated above.

(Critical) The strainer hanging on the clean utensil rack had food debris build up inbetween the mesh wire. Clean now and make sure that the strainer is properly cleaned immediately after use to avoid debris build up. Corrected by cleaning the strainer at time of inspection.

The interior lining of the chest freezer is in poor repair and handle is lined in duct tape. Duct tape is also lining the dge of the counter. Repair these areas so that the duct tape can be removed as duct tape is not cleanable. Replace lining inside the chest freezer so that the insulation is not exposed.

Thermometer missing from the prep unit. Provide a thermometer for this unit in order to monitor the temperatures for this unit.

The fryer cabinet needs cleaning, the hood filter needs cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The gasket on the door of the pepsi unit is torn and hanging. Once torn split gaskets are not cleanable. Replace split gasket.

Utensils are being stored in the utensil dispense unit with the mouth end ups. Althought they are wrapped with napkins the mouth end is still subject to contact. Invert utensils so that the handle end is up to minimize contact with the mouth end.

Health Report - 11/07/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Several cartons of raw eggs stored on top shelf above and next to ready to eat foods including, water, milk, salsa, etc. In the pepsi cooler. Store raw foods so that they are not above or in close proximity to foods that are ready to eat. Correct by reorganizing the cooler so that raw foods are on a bottom shelf or relocating the eggs to the two door cooler in the kitchen so that they are not in the same cooler as all of the rte foods.

(Critical) Unlabelled spray bottles with blue and purple liquid found in the chem storage areas by the front counter and in the hallway by the mop sink. Properly label all spray bottles as to their contents to avoid mix up and mis use. Corrected by labelling spray bottles at time of inspection.

There are two domestic chest freezers in the facility. One is in poor repair as the inner lid is broken and cracked and is no longer cleanable. When no longer functional replace with commercial equipment

There is excess frost build up inside both chest freezers. Defrost now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule. Grocery bags and trash bags are not allowed for food storage. Replace with approved food grade wrap or approved food grade food tubs for proper storage.

Double stacking plate with garnish lettuce, guacamole and pico de gallo (i. E diced tomatoes) on top of containers of foods on the top section of the prep unit. This is prohibited as the bottom of the plate with the garnish may not be clean nad may contaminate the food stored in the containers that are submerged in the top section of the prep unit. In addition the potentially hazardous foods (guacamole and pico de gallo/diced tomatoes) will not hold proper temperatures over time. Relocate to bottom of the prep unit for proper storage. Assorted uncovered foods in the upright two door cooler in the kitchen and in the walk in cooler. Keep all foods covered during storage for proper protection of foods

Assorted potentially hazardous foods including, beef, pork and rice cooling in ice bath temped as low as 88 degrees f for the beef, rice at 114 degrees f. Note some foods were still above 135 degrees f. Owner indicates foods that were at the lower temperatures were cooling for about an hour. Foods are in stainless containers approximately 5 - 6" deep. Change method of cooling to use shallower pans and have food no more than 2" deep to expedite the cooling process. You will need more pans, and more tubs with ice bath to expedite the cooling process. Foods must cool rapidly from 135 degrees f to 70 degrees in the first two hours and then to 41 degrees f in an additional 4 hours. Implement revision to cooling process as discussed and retrain employees to cooling method revisions. During inspection owner had changed foods to shallower pans, placing less foods in containers and spreading out into additional tubs with ice. Food temps had dropped to 68-70 degrees for the rice; 70 -85 degrees f for the beef and pork within a half hour of putting the food into shallower containers. Continue to cool via this method from now on.

Thermometer missing from the prep unit. Provide a thermometer in this unit for properly monitoring the temperatures of this unit.

The light bulb in the upright two door cooler in the kitchen is not plastic coated or shielded. Provide plastic coated bulbs for the cooler to minimize potential for glass fragments to get onto foods if bulb should shatter.

The fryer cabinets and sides of equipment in the cooking area need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 05/17/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Beef and pork found sitting in stainless containers awaiting order to be reheated temped at 90 degrees f. Once cooked ph foods must be maintained at 135 degrees f or above or 41 degrees f or below. You may keep this in the top of the prep unit by relocating non potentially hazardous foods such as limes, onions, chives and lettuce to a container with ice setting those foods in a separate container and storing on top of ice. The other option is to get an additional table top steamer for any cooked foods and maintain 135 degrees f during rush periods. Corrected by discarding beef and pork.

(Critical) Three sheet trays full of rice found sitting on roll cart behind the door. Temped at 74 - 76 degrees f. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 135 degrees f or above or 41 degrees f or below after cooking. Provide additional rice warmers in order to be able to maintain enough rice to get through lunch rushes. Corrected by discarding rice at time of inspection.

Inadequate hot holding equipment for rice. Provide additional rice warmers so that back up rice is available hot during the rush periods. It is not allowed to keep rice on sheet tray on roll cart at room temperature. Discontinue this practice and provide additional rice warmers. Electric will be ok and can sit on the table next to the prep table allowing ready access to rice.

Handwash sink blocked for access for routine handwashing by large pot in sink basin blocking access for routine handwashing. Remove pot from sink basin so that hands may be readily washed.

There is a domestic chest freezer in the facility. Replace with commercial nsf approved equipment when in need of repair.

Large containers of salsa found in the upright cooler indicating improper cooling for this product. Per discussion product is cooked, cooled somewhat at room temperature and covered and placed into upright cooler for continuing cooling. Provide ice sticks or place product in shallow pans and use an ice bath to rapidly chill cooked foods such as salsa from 135 to 70 in two hours and 70 to 41 in an additional 4 hours. Corrected by discussion

Beef and pork found sitting in stainless containers on prep cutting board waiting next order. Once cooked potentially hazardous foods must be kept cold or hot. You may place this product back into the cooler during lunch rush waiting order and to reheat as it is limited in quantity. If you need immediate access relocate to top of prep by relocating the limes, lettuce and chives/onions to a container with ice which will leave room available for the beef and pork. Correct immediately by discussion. Note foods were discarded at time of inspection

Assorted foods found in containers on the floor of the walk in cooler. Keep all foods a minimum of 6" above the floor to allow access for routine cleaning.

Numerous foods found uncovered in the upright two door cooler. This unit operates like a prep unit during rushes instead of a storage unit. Keep foods covered for proper protection. Tripe found in the domestic chest freezer in a grocery bag exposed. Keep all foods covered for proper protection.

Health Report - 11/29/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed water stained ceiling tiles located above the prep table area of the kitchen. To correct schedule repairs to ceiling to prevent future leaks and replace stained ceiling tile in the kitchen area

Observed pitted wall surfaces above the hand sink area of the kitchen, and floor tile missing under the refrigerator equipment of the kitchen. To correct schedule repairs to provide smooth easily cleanable surfaces to the wall and floors as indicated

This incident (30009) does not have any more information on it

Observed interior of the microwave oven with chip worn surfaces, should schedule replacement in future to provide smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. Observed only two sink stoppers for the three compartment sink. To correct provide another sink stopper for a total of three sink stoppers for three sink compartments to allow for proper sink operation. Pic indicated a paper towel was being used for the rinse compartment of the three compartment sink as a sink stopper.

Observed wiping cloth stored on prep table cutting board without sanitizer solution. To correct should store wiping cloth submerged in a sanitizing solution equivalent to 50 to 100 ppm chlorine as a sanitizer

This incident (42870) does not have any more information on it

Observed utensils placed in hand washing sink located in the kitchen. To correct, please note: that a hand sink may not be used for purposes other than hand washing. Instruct employees to use hand sink only for hand washing purposes as required

Health Report - 05/19/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Clean dishware was being wet stack. Correct by air drying before stacking dishware

Freezer has frost build-up. Correct by defrosting freezer unit

No hand washing signage in at hand sink of front counter. Correct by providing signage at all hand sinks

Food in walk-in-cooler and reach-in-cooler at 41 degrees f. . Food service has just open at time of inspection. Refrigeration units should be turn down to shut off around 36 to 37 degrees f. Refrigeration units should turn on at 42 degrees to maintain food temperatures during peak operations hours at 41 degrees f ,or below

Thermometer in reach-in-cooler not reading accurate temperature. Correct by replacing thermometer to read the correct temperature of refrigeration units.