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Health Report - 09/14/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a white rectangular cutting board at the food prep counter with a long deep crack in it. Cutting boards with deep cracks in them harbor food debris and allow bacteria to grow. Corrected by discarding the cutting board. Provide a replacement board

(Critical) Observed an open employee beverage cup on the back kitchen prep counter. Corrected by pouring the drink into a to-go cup and installing a lid and straw

The following areas of the dish washing equipment are not being cleaned on a frequent basis: the interior of the dish washing machine, the food scrap screen and housing on the drain line for the dish washing machine. Please clean these areas thoroughly now and on a nightly basis in the future

Observed gaps under the back kitchen delivery door and screen door. Repair or replace these doors as needed to eliminate gaps that can allow pests to enter the building

Observed many damaged floor tiles and missing tile grout in kitchen, especially by the dish washing area. Please remove and replace the damaged tile and provide new grout and reseal the base coving to the walls to make these areas water proof

Observed the floor, floor drains and lower sections of the wall at the dish washing area, and the floor drains by the hand washing sink and the walk in cooler to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future. Please keep these areas clean and dry

Observed a strip of fly paper hanging from the ceiling above the back kitchen food preparation tables. Corrected by removing the fly paper. Fly paper may only be utilized in areas away from food storage/preparation, and any clean equipment or single service items.

Observed both of the fly strips in the kitchen to be overloaded with flies. Discard the existing fly strips and replace with fresh fly paper

The cook's food thermometer was not adjusted properly. Corrected by adjusting the thermometer to 32f in an ice bath

1) observed the two door freezer by the three compartment sink to have the air circulation fan inoperable. Repair this fan so the cold air can properly circulate. 2) the walk in cooler is operating at a slightly elevated temperature. Have your refrigeration contractor come to trouble-shoot the system and make any needed repairs

Health Report - 02/23/2010 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the dish washing machine to not be sanitizing. The sanitizer hose from the pump to the dish washing compartment was disconnected causing the sanitizer to leak onto the top of the dish washing machine. No sanitizer was provided after the hose was reconnected due to the tubing being plugged at the discharge point. As a temporary measure employees will need to manually sanitize dishes in a basin of the three compartment sink. A call was placed to eco-lab for a repair visit

(Critical) Observed beef and chicken in the top of the cook line prep top cooler to have an odor and a temperature of 54f. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Upon arrival, right behind the first two kitchen employees, observed no hand washing happen before starting their kitchen duties (the only kitchen hand washing sink basin was dry). Also, observed a server not wash her hands before placing cooked food on a serving tray and in food containers after bussing dirty dishes to the dirty dish drain board. These concerns were discussed with staff. The manager will follow-up with the employees interpreting the information as needed and keep watch over the employee actions providing hand washing reminders as needed

(Critical) Observed several off-brand chlorine bleach sanitizer containers (household laundry use) in the facility that don't have sanitizing directions or epa registration). Corrected by purchasing chlorox chlorine sanitizer meeting the above requirements

(Critical) 1) observed a medium sized plastic container in the bottom of the prep cooler to have diced red peppers that had gone bad (mold growth starting on the top). Corrected by discarding

Observed the walk in cooler floor to be in need of cleaning, and several of the floor sinks/floor drains (at the bar by the ice bin, at the dish washing machine drain, and at the back delivery door). Clean these areas now and on a regular basis in the future

Observed a dead mouse caught in a snap trap located in a storage closet by the back delivery door. Remove this old mouse asap

Observed multiple foods stored uncovered over night on the wheeled cart at the cook line (nuts, sugar, salt, msg, etc. ). At the end of the night these foods must be protected from misc. Contamination/insects by individually covering them with plastic wrap or aluminum foil

Observed the two cooks without hats or hair nets. Additionally, observed a single hair that had fallen out of one of the cooks and landed on the top edge of a pan containing a sauce at the cook line. The hair was removed from the top of the container, and the cooks will provide hats to wear tomorrow

Observed some mouse feces in the following locations: 1) on the floor and on several small ledges in the dry food storage room, and 2) on some vacuum cleaner bags in the coat closet/storage room located at the front entry area. Please perform frequent inspections looking for the presence of pests. These areas should be cleaned to remove the feces and then wiped down with a bleach solution

Observed a wiping cloth bucket in the kitchen without any sanitize in it. Corrected by providing 100 ppm chlorine

Observed cardboard being used in several locations in the kitchen as a shelf liner. Do not utilize cardboard as it absorbs moisture, is not cleanable and small insects like to hide in the corrugations. Correct by removing the cardboard and using something such as plastic wrap or aluminum foil to cover the metal--change the wrap/foil as it becomes soiled or damaged

Observed 1) the cook line exhaust hood to be dripping oil in multiple locations (the filter sections themselves look clean). Schedule your next hood cleaning as soon as possible (the tag on the hood shows the hood not due again until sometime in april. 2) the walk in cooler shelving is due for cleaning to remove spilled food and some mold growth

Upon my arrival a cook took a large plastic tub of prepped chicken that had been thawing on the counter overnight to the walk in cooler. This container of chicken was still below 32f in the center and around 41/42f at the outside of the container. Potentially hazardous foods may not be thawed at room temperature, especially not out over night. Ensure employees discontinue this process

Two separate light fixtures in the kitchen (four bulbs total) are missing the bulb tube end caps. Provide the end caps to contain and glass shards should the bulbs break

The top rail of the cook line prep cooler was not operating at 41f or colder. The cook indicated he frequently has to adjust the thermostat for the top of this cooler because it freezes food on top. In the future ensure the thermostat is not turned to a setting that is too warm again. Utilize on a daily basis the provided metal stem thermometer to verify proper food temperatures

Metal kitchen bowls and pans. Corrected by turning upside-down

Observed a cook wash/rinse his hands off in the kitchen food prep sink. Corrected by having the employee use the hand washing sink

Observed: 1) a wastewater drain pipe connection for the kitchen hand washing sink to be leaking, and 2) the bracket to be loose that is holding up the walk in cooler drain line. This last item was corrected by re-securing the drain line bracket.

Observed multiple interior surfaces of the dish washing machine, the food trap screen on the dish washing machine drain and the drain pan for the food trap screen. Please clean these areas now and on a daily basis in the future to prevent food residue accumulation that can be a food source or breeding ground for pests

Clearly the dish washing staff are not checking for the required amount of sanitizer residual in the rinse water of the machine. Ensure staff are utilizing the provided test strips in the office to verify 50 to 200 ppm of chlorine

Health Report - 07/31/2009 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed containers of water with rice scoops and old rice in them from last night (they had not been used yet today)--corrected by washing them. Also, the manager described these rice scoops and containers are cleaned and replaced at 3 pm and 9pm. The maximum amout of time between cleaning and sanitizing is 4 hours. In the future, these items need to be cleaned and sanitized at 3 pm, 7 pm and at the end of the night

(Critical) Observed cleaning chemicals stored above a case of canned food on a storage shelf at the back of the restaurant. Corrected by moving the chemicals to the bottom shelf

(Critical) Again observed a pipe added to the food prep sink drain line extending it down into the floor drain. Also, the small diameter drain line for the two door upright cooler was extended down into this same drain line. Corrected by removing the extension pipe for the food prep sink, and the cooler drain was cut to provide the required air gaps

(Critical) Observed all of the kitchen knives, the electric food slicer, the two carrot choppers and the kitchen knife racks to have old food debris and/or oily residue on them. These items must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to placing them in storage. Items sent to the dish washing station to be cleaned

(Critical) Observed cooked sweet & sour chicken to be stored in non-food grade bags in the walk in cooler. Discontinue this practice and only utilize clear food grade storage bags or approved food storage containers

Observed the drain line for the kitchen dish washing machine to not be accepting all of the waste water from each washing cycle. The over flow was migrating to a nearby floor drain. This drain line must be cleaned out prior to dinner service

Observed several areas of the kitchen, employee restroom and back storage rooms to have missing base coving tile and/or holes in the walls. Repair these walls to seal out pests and to facilitate cleaning

Provide replacement bulb tube and end caps as needed above the kitchen food preparation table and above the ice making machine

Again observed evidence of mice primarily in the dry storage room (urine and feces in two small aluminum pots with a small bag of food in it, mouse feces on the tops of four cans of food, and mouse feces on the floor along the wall and in the corners). Three dead and desiccated (old) mice found on the top (exterior surface by the compressor) of the cook line two door upright reach-in cooler (mice were discarded). Observed 3 to 4 house flies in the kitchen that were congregating on a piece of electrical wire and on the electric food slicer. Fly paper was observed hanging from the ceiling by the back door, but non was located in the kitchen. You may place another fly paper strip in the kitchen so long as it is away from any food, clean equipment and single use items. Ensure the back screen door is kept closed. Employees need to be more observant of the presence of pests, keep the facility cleaner and eliminate pest harborage areas. Contract with a pest control company to address your mouse and fly problem. Fax me a copy of your contract asap, and the invoice for your first service.

Observed it to be very dark in the food dry storage room due to several burned out/non-functioning light bulbs. Replace the bulbs and/or repair the electrical system as needed to provide proper lighting in this area

This incident (62251) does not have any more information on it

Observed the door gaskets on the reach in portion of the cook line prep cooler to be in need of cleaning, and the food trap screen for the dish washing machine was not emptied at the end of last night. Please keep these areas clean on a frequent basis

Observed large gaps around the back entry screen door. Repair or replace this door as needed to properly seal to keep out pests

Observed all six/seven of the bulk food storage containers (flour, salt, rice, etc. ) to have their covers open or missing. Corrected by closing the covers. Ensure employees close the covers immediatly after scooping out the food

Provide hand washing reminder signs in your bathrooms

Observed food, oil & debris build-up in the following locations: under the chinese range and cooking equipment at the back wall, the spill tray rails located under the chinese range burners, the floor in the dry storage room (food and mouse feces), the floor underneath the bar area and bar ice storage bin, the floor sink under the bar, and under the dish washing machine due to the waste water overflowing. Clean these areas asap and maintain them clean in the future

The pavement behind the dumpster and oil storage containers

This incident (29668) does not have any more information on it

Too many violations were observed today that can impact food safety. The manager must take all steps necessary (such as more monitoring, and inspecting on a daily basis) to ensure staff are complying with the food code/law requirements

1) observed the condensation drip pan for the walk in cooler to be sloped the wrong way because it is not properly attached. This is allowing condensation to drip on to an unused food rack on wheels and onto the floor. 2) observed no pipe wrap insulation on the small copper refrigerant gas line for the cook line area upright 2 door cooler