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Health Report - 04/22/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 09/24/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found a half gallon container of heavy cream opened, only a small amount - about 2 cups, left, without a date in the wic. The processor date was today's date, but the cream had started to curdle around the liquid edge and smelled sour. Corrected - cream was discarded. Dairy items must be dated when opened and discarded within 7 days.

(Critical) Found many house made food items with various types of datemarking on them in the wic. All items have only one date on them, but it was difficult to tell what was a prep date or discard date. When asked, staff had different answers to when things were made, what system of datemarking was being used, or when items were to be discarded. Also found previously sliced lunch meats that were frozen/thawing - wrapped for portion control with out any date. Temporarily corrected - food items that had no date or confusing dates were discarded. Frozen/thawing lunch meat was dated at the time of this inspection. Staff was reminded of proper datemarking and from now on will use the two date systemm of prep date and discard date on all house made food items, as well as commercially prepared phf items. This is the second routine inspection in a row that this violation has been cited. As such, a risk control plan is required to be completed. The plan will be reviewed at the time of the follow-up inspection on oct. 8th. ,

(Critical) Found beef broth, chick stock, spaghetti sauce, sausage gravy, and cooked corned beef cooling improperly. Most items were covered, deep containers with excessive condensation. All items were prepared within the last 3 hours, all were all above 90*. Corrected - all items were correctly cooled with ice wands, shallow pans, uncovered. Temperatures were all below 70*f before the inspection was over. Cooling methods were discussed extensively at the time of this inspection. Two stage cooling sticker was provided at the time of this inspection

(Critical) Found the ice machine chute to have an accumulation of slime on it. To correct - ice machine is to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned now and kept a more frequent cleaning schedule in the future. A re-inspection will be performed in 10 days (oct. 8th) to verify correction. ,

Found vents over prep area and back cook area with an accumulation of greasy dusty debris. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found cases of bottled/canned beer stored directly on the floor in the beer cooler. Also found a box of smoothie mix bottles stored directly on the floor behind the bar. To correct - all food items must be stored at least 6" above the floor at all times. It was discussed that tuesdays are delivery days and today being tuesday - deliveries take time to put away. , ,

Found two 5 gallon buckets half-filled with frozen fish fillets for friday service stored on the floor in the dish room. Corrected - fish was still frozen, and therefore re-located to the wic for correct thawing process. This is a common practice that must be discontinued immediately. All thawing must take place; under refrigeration, under cold running water, or as part of the cooking process

Found water standing in the bottom of the beer coolers behind the bar. Also found the toilets in the women's restroom in need of air gap clips in the toilet tanks. To correct - clean/maintain drain in bottom of cooler now and keep on a more frequent cleaning/maintaining schedule. Replace the air gap clips in the toilets in the women's rest room. ,

Found cream being stored in a re-used juice bottle. Corrected - juice bottle with cream was discarded. Staff was reminded that containers such as juice bottles are not for re-use and must be discarded when emptied

Found the small waste receptacle between stalls in the women's restroom to be in need of a lid. To correct - provide a covered waste receptacle for the women's restroom. ,

Health Report - 04/05/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found several paper packages of old, opened mashed potato flakes, spices and lime jello that were soiled with old spills, dust and debris. Corrected - these food items were discarded. Clean and organize shelves on a more frequent schedule

(Critical) Found boiled eggs in a container in the waitress reach-in with an expired date of 3/27. Corrected - boiled eggs were discarded and staff was reminded to pay close attention to dates.

(Critical) Found open gallon of milk in waitress reach-in without an "opened on" date. Corrected - the gallon of milk was discarded and staff was reminded to date gallons upon opening

(Critical) Found food slicer with an accumulation of crusty food on the bottom of the blade guard. Corrected - food slicer was disassembled and thoroughly cleaned at the time of this inspection. This is the second routine inspection in the last three inspections where the slicer has been found dirty. A risk control plan must be completed and submitted at the time of the follow-up inspection to take place in 10 days (on/about april 15th)

(Critical) Found the pop gun holder at the bar to have an accumulation of slimy deposits collecting in the bottom. Also found utensil drawers and the blue clean pan tub to have an accumulation of crumbs, debris, spice residue collecting in the bottom of these containers. Corrected - all drawers, tubs and utensil containers were emptied, utensils re-washed, and containers were washed at the time of this inspection. These locations must be cleaned on a more frequent schedule. Pop gun holder was thoroughly cleaned. This holder is old, and is in need of replacement as it is difficult to remove and clean

Found 4 slicers in kitchen, only one being used. Found 5 kitchen scales, only one being used. This extra equipment is covered with dust and debris. To correct - these items must be removed from the kitchen if they are not used regularly. The presence of these items is causing unnecessary clutter and an inability to clean properly around them

Found most shelving and speed rack with an accumulation of grease, crumbs and debris. To correct - remove stock and thoroughly clean all shelving and speed rack.

Found several food items with utensils, scoops, bowls, cups used for dispensing stored in direct contact with the food making it impossible to avoid contact with food. To correct - this practice must be discontinued. If dispensing utensils are needed, the utensil must have a handle that extends out of the food, not a bowl, pitcher, cup etc.

Found clean pans stacked wet on storage shelf. To correct - all pans, utensils, service ware must be allowed to air dry before stacking

Health Report - 10/19/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 04/16/2012 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found one of the toilets in the women's restroom to have a submerged inlet in the tank. To correct - replace old ballcock assembly in the toilet tank to a new, approved assembly that will not be submerged

(Critical) Found one of the food slicers to have an accumulation of food debris dried on the bottom guard. Slicer should be cleaned after each use or every 4 hours if in constant use. Corrected - pic disassembled slicer and thoroughly cleaned it.

(Critical) Found the cooks prep unit to be holding @ 46-50*f. Prep unit must hold cold @ 41*f or lower. Corrected - all phf were discarded; ham, sausage, chopped tomato. Unit was still not operating correctly at the end of this inspection. It may be that the unit was inadvertently turned off. Do not use unit until it is serviced and can hold food @ 41*f. I will be back to check on the unit later this week

(Critical) Found raw eggs stored above ready to eat foods in cooks reach-in refrigerator and in the walk-in cooler, raw eggs were stored above cooked burrito meat and enchilada sauce. Corrected - pic relocated eggs away from the ready to eat food items

Found crates in walk-in cooler with mold on them, found the drip pan below the burners on the back stove to have an accumulation of food debris on it, found a broken beer bottle on the bottom shelf of the reach-in unit behind the bar. To correct - clean all of these areas now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule. At the time of this inspection, the drip pan was being cleaned

Found wet wiping cloth sanitizer bicket to have a high sanitizer concentration, above 200 ppm chlorine. Corrected - pic discarded sanitizer solution and re-made to correct concentration

Again found standing water in the bottom of the beer cooler behind the bar. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frquent cleaning schedule

Health Report - 10/12/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found pork gravy in wic holding @ 49 degrees f. Pic said gravy was made on 10/11/11. Food had no date. Gravy held in deep aluminum pan. Also found taco meat holding @ 44 degrees with no date. Also found cooked potatoes being held at 44 degrees f. In a deep pickle bucket. To correct - observe proper cooling techniques of cooling cooked food to 70 degrees within 2 hours, and from 70 degrees to 41 degrees in aother 2 hours. Use shallower pans with ice sticks to cool foods rapidly. Use datemarking. Pic corrected by discarding these food items

No thermometer was found in the reach-in cooler in the hallway. To correct - replace missing thermometer

Found gaskets of the reach in freezer across from the time clock to have gaskets that are dirty with a build-up of grime. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found thermometer in wic cooler to be reading 26 degrees f. To correct - recalibrate or replace thermometer

Found several pans of food in walk in cooler with bowls or plates used as scooping utensils stored in the pans. To correct - remove all such kitchenware from food items as this practice is not approved. If scooping utensils are needed, they must have handles which extend above the top of the food they are being stored

Found standing water on the bottom of the reach0in beer cooler at the bar. To correct - check to see if there is a plugged drainline that could be preventing the water from draining out of the unit. Maintain now and on a more frequent basis

No anti-choking poster displayed. To correct - obtain an anti-choking poster from the american red cross office and display in plain view in the kitchen area

Found several working food containers and cooked foods in the wic and reach-in coolers without labels. To correct - provide labels to all food containers and cooked foods

Found several buckets stored on the floor in the wic, and unopened boxes of jar foods stored on the floor in the dry storage area. To correct - in the wic, reorganize food storage to accomodate the food buckets. If buckets are removed from cooler, then placed on a prep surface, dirt from the cooler floor is now on the prep area. In the dry storage area, keep all foods at least 6" off the floor. Pic rearranged dry storage and relocated boxes to a shelf above the floor

Health Report - 04/04/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Assorted potentially hazardous foods found sitting on cutting board portion of the prep unit at 65 degrees f. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41 degrees f or below. Corrected by discussion and placing food into top of prep by reorganizing. Food to be discarded or consumed within 4 hours of removal from temperature control

(Critical) Au jus found sitting on top of stove top under pilot light at 103 degrees f. Keep au jus at 135 degrees f or above. You can set up a double boiler to keep foods hot enough without burning or evaporating to maintain 135 degrees f or above while waiting to serve/use during lunch. Corrected by setting up double boiler and reheating to 180 degrees f and consuming or discarding within 4 hours of removal from temperature control

The gasket on the upright freezer is torn and coming off the door. Replace torn gasket. Once torn they are no longer cleanable.

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning , the fryer cabinet, the interior of the upright freezer, the tray support slides on the roll cart, the shelves in the walk in cooler, the shelves in the dry storage area, the non food contact surfaces of the slicer. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Large tub of sausage gravy in the walk in cooler to cool without ice stick and in deep container approximately 7 - 8 " deep. Use shallow pans to cool in ice bath or use frozen stir sticks. At time of inspection, product was over 150 degrees f. Corrected by discussion and placing stir stick into sausage gravy

There is excess water build up in the bottom of the beer cooler on the wall. Most likely the drain is plugged. Unplug drain to eliminate water and clean.

Manufacturer's containers are being reused to store foods in once the original food product is consumed. Discontinue this practice as this is not approved. Provide food grade approved containers for storage.

Grill utensils found on cloth towels in the kitchen. Cloth towels are absorbent and not approved for surface. Keep on clean surfaces such as sheet trays or counter tops, etc.

Health Report - 10/04/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The dishmachine was not dispensing sanitizer at the time of inspection. It was in use without any sanitizer being dispensed. Proper concentration of sanitizer is 50 ppm cl. Corrected by changing bucket, priming and adjusting sanitizer level. Corrected and is now dispensing 50 ppm cl.

Thermometer broken at the beer cooler. Replace thermometer in order to properly monitor the temperatures for this unit.

The interior of the fryer cabinet and the interior of the coolers and freezer uprights and beer coolers have build up. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Interior of the microwave is in need of cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.