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300 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 02/06/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Found ceiling tile in the back kitchen area, above storage shelves missing. To correct repair/replace missing ceiling tile. Found tiled coving on the front corner edge of the front counter loose. To correct repair tiled coving.

Found time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, various sandwiches heated per customer, in a room temperature display case without sign indicating items are for display only and not for sale. To correct provide sign indicating tcs food in display case are for display only.

Found the door gasket of the 1 door under the counter cooler under the coffee machine not sealing with gaps. To correct repair/replace door gaskets to seal properly.

Observed flies in the front counter corner floor drain area. To correct keep areas clean and dry, in good repair, and continue fly control measures.

Found no manager in entire facility certified in food safety. To correct provide a certified manager.

Found wiping towels in sanitizing containers in the front counter area not completely submerged under sanitizer. To correct store wiping towels completely under sanitizer after each use.

Health Report - 08/12/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the water supply line of 2 cappuccino rinsing units in the front counter without backflow prevention device. To correct either show rinsing units have backflow protection or protect water supply with a backflow prevention device meeting asse 1024 or 1022 and disconnect rinsing unit at end of the day. Found the drain lines of the ice machine draining into floor drain receptacle without air gap. To correct provide an air gap(s) of at least 1 inch from the drain line and rim of the floor drain receptacle. Note: pic states these above items were moved and reinstalled in a recent remodel. ,

(Critical) Found time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food numerous gallons of various milk 47 to 49°F, whipping cream 48°F, cream cheese cups 49°F in the 3 door reach in cooler. Pic corrected by discarding tcs food above 41°F and has been instructed not to use this cooler to hold tcs food, until repaired/replaced to hold tcs food at 41°F. ,

Observed water dripping out of the dishwashing machine lower front corner. To correct repair/adjust dishwasher door and eliminate drips. Found the 3 door reach in cooler not holding tcs food at 41°F. To correct repair cooler to hold tcs food at 41°F. Found the handle of the cold water valve in the front counter removed from valve and sitting on counter. To correct repair handle or valve to properly function.

Found several ceiling tiles in the back kitchen area missing. To correct replace missing ceiling tile.

Found cases of single use utensils stored on the floor in the back kitchen storage area and dining area besides the restrooms. To correct store cases of utensils on shelf at least 6 inches off the floor.

Health Report - 02/13/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Soap was not being dispensed from the soap pump in the men's restroom. Corrected by adding more soap to the bottle

(Critical) 1) observed food residue on the under side surfaces of a yellow pitcher lid. Corrected by soaking and scrubbing this lid. 2) observed some milk residue lingering behind the clear silicone seals for the insulated carafe lids that had been washed and were in storage. Corrected by removing these seals and re-washing them and the lids

Men's restroom: part of the soap dispenser is broken such that the bottle does not attach to the soap pump. The siphon tube was not long enough to siphon any more soap out of the container that is temporarily supported. The supervisor indicated a replacement soap pump is on order. Install this new pump and bottle when you receive it

The floor (and possibly the floor sink) located under the one door freezer on wheels in the back hallway is due for cleaning

Health Report - 08/13/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the interior of the dispensing spout on insulated coffee pot #3 to be unclean. Corrected by disassembling the spout (tools required) and cleaning. Ensure staff are disassembling these spouts on a daily basis.

The rolling trash cart stored in the back of the store has one or more worn areas in the bottom of the cart that are allowing liquid waste to leak onto the floor. Provide a replacement trash cart

1) the floor and floor sink located behind the one door upright freezer (to the left of the 3 dr. Refrigerator) are over-due for cleaning to remove dust and debris build-up around and inside the floor sink. 2) liquids from the leaking trash cart have migrated under the back door and down the stairwell. Thoroughly clean the stairs and the area by the back door

Observed twelve of sixteen water ports to be plugged on the two wash arms of the dish washing machine. Corrected by removing these wash arms and back-flushing them to remove this debris. Ensure staff are fully taking apart the dish washing machine on a daily basis for cleaning

Health Report - 02/07/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (28338) does not have any more information on it

This incident (42355) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 08/21/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the washing arms (top and bottom) to have several openings on each end to be plugged with debris. Ensure staff are thoroughly pre-rinsing debris off of the dishes/equipment and removing these wash arms at least nightly to remove debris that is plugging the water outlets. Remove and clean these wash arms tonight at closing

Observed a wet mop head resting in the bottom of the mop bucket. To facilitate faster drying, please thoroughly wring out the mop head and hang it on the mop rack provided above the mop sink to catch any dripping water

Observed the following floor areas to be in need of cleaning: the floor sink serving the ice making machine (located behind the one door upright freezer on wheels in the hallway to the office), and the floor (grouted areas and the perimeter of the floor sink) and vinyl base coving at the beverage making station with the espresso machine. Consider placing a fan on the floor in this area and running it during the hours the facility is closed to help dry up remaining moisture from the nightly mopping

Mop sink faucet: observed water weeping out of the hot water valve when the hot water is turned on. Take necessary steps to eliminate this water leak

Health Report - 02/22/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed three drain lines from the new water treatment systems (water softener, salt tank & reverse osmosis units) lacking the required air gaps at the discharge point into the mop sink. There are three small diameter, flexible drain lines (one black and two clear) that were installed with their termination points located below the flood rim of the mop sink. Provide a minimum of a one inch air gap for these three hoses above the flood level of the mop sink

Health Report - 08/26/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a couple small flies present near and inside the base cabinet for the employee hand washing sink. Ensure staff are performing frequent inspections to monitor for pest activity. Take necessary steps to eliminate flies

Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning to eliminate debris build-up and standing moisture: the floor sink under the employee hand washing sink, the floor sink under the ice making machine, and the floor to wall juncture at the beverage making station (behind the cooler, under the service counter, etc. ). Maintaining these areas clean and dry will eliminate insect breeding areas

Health Report - 03/03/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Please ensure staff are using the available quat sanitizer test strips to verify the quat sanitizer concentrations. The following guidelines need to be followed to achieve an accurate reading with the test paper: 1) sanitizer temperature of 60-75f, 2) after dispensing sanitizer allow enough time for any foam to dissipate prior to testing, 3) immerse test paper for 10 seconds, 4) do not shake/wave the test paper when it is in the sanitizer. If sanitizer is too strong add additional tap water to dilute the solution to 150-400 ppm

Re-establish the drain line air gap for the white plastic drain located under the ice bin (this drain line is either from the ice bin or the ice making machine). The air gap height (distance from the discharge pipe termination to the flood level of the receiving basin) is required to be 2 x the discharge pipe diameter

Health Report - 09/28/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed fresh water leaking from the water supply line at the connection of the flexible hose to the pitcher rinsing device in the food prep sink. Repair the connection to prevent the water leak

Observed missing or damaged sealant around the perimeter of several through-the-counter inserts (sinks, ice bins, water stations, etc. ). Moisture is migrating under the flanges of these inserts and some debris build-up is evident. Remove these basins, thoroughly clean and dry the flange and the mating surface on the counter and re-install the basins with new sealant

Observed a few areas of the floor in the front of the business (in front of the safe, under the counter at the main beverage prep station to the right of the floor drain) with some debris and moisture build-up. Please clean these areas clean and dry to prevent pest issues