Simmering Pot Kitchen

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850 S Hewitt
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 08/08/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a bare spray bottle on the shelf at the dish washing station that contained a small amount of a faint yellow chemical in it. This spray bottle was relocated to the office

(Critical) 1) observed two spray bottles in the kitchen with quat sanitizer in them to be way too strong (one appeared to be undiluted quat concentrate). The test paper turned a bright blue (>>500 ppm). Corrected by diluting to 350-400 ppm. 2) the ecolab quat sanitizer dispenser at the three compartment sink to be dispensing quat at too high of a concentration (>500 ppm). Contact ecolab and have them adjust this dispenser to provide the required amount of active ingredient in the dispensed solution

(Critical) Two of the hand washing sinks were lacking paper towels

(Critical) Dish washing area: observed a trash can stored in front of the hand washing sink and an inverted green pail stored in the sink basin. Maintain access to the sink station and basin at all times

(Critical) Mop sink: a black hose is connected from the mop sink faucet to the chemical dispenser containing a shut-off valve. The atmospheric vacuum breaker built-in to the mop sink is not approved for use with any down-stream shut-off valves. As a simple means of correction obtain a "side-kick" bleed-off tee from ecolab and install it between the faucet and the existing black hose going to the chemical dispenser

The spill tray for the range oven is due for cleaning to remove spilled food/liquids

Food prep sink located at the cook line area: the floor sink, located in a base cabinet, is over-due for cleaning.

Shatter-proof light bulbs are needed in the two white, residential refrigerators to protect stored foods should a bulb break

Dish washing machine: 1) the food trap screen in the bottom of the dish washing machine was not cleaned out after the last use. 2) noodles appear to be stuck in the upper wash arm of the machine. Disassemble the wash arm(s) as needed to remove this debris and wash out the food trap screen in the bottom of the unit