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56 E. Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Health Report - 05/05/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The 3 comp sink that is used as the food prep sink is not air gapped, as required. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify this is air gapped.

Health Report - 10/21/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The main bar handsink was obstructed by having a pan in it with the sink plugs stored in it. You need to find another place to store these items, as the handsink must always be accessible for handwashing. Corrected by moving the items to another location.

(Critical) I observed mashed potatoes in the hot box at 124*f. Potatoes were not sufficiently heated back up to 165*f after adding cold milk to the potatoes before stocking in the hot hold cabinet. Corrected by heating in microwave to over 165*f, since product was just made.

You need to install a self closing mechanism on the restroom door in the "birdbrain" dining area.

There are cracked and missing floor tiles in the kitchen that need to be repaired/replaced.

The 2 door upright cooler in the kitchen needs to have th doors adjusted. When one door is closed, it pops the other door ajar.

The kitchen stove is in really bad condition. One of the 4 burners does not work. The knobs to control the burners are missing. And the over doesn't work. Repair or replace.

There are a few small flies at the bar in frenchies. Have your pest company target this area.

The exterior doors that go out to both patio dining areas have gaps around them that need to be eliminated to keep out pests.

Post handwash signs at both bar handsinks.

The mopsink was found dirty. You need to keep the sink clean and repair the walls in the closet.

Health Report - 04/22/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No metal stemmed thermometer that is suitable for thin masses at your store. You need to provide at least one that has tapered tips. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you have them.

(Critical) I observed a pan of raw ground beef stored above the salad dressings in the walk in cooler in the basement. Raw product needs to be stored safely below and not directly next to ready to eat foods. Corrected by storing properly.

(Critical) I observed a can of furniture cleaner and a box of powdered cleaner stored in a cabinet with the liquors and above blenders. Always store toxic items in a safe location seperate from food/beverages or food contact items. Corrected by safely storing cleaners in seperate location.

(Critical) I observed ground beef and turkey at 47*f in the drawer coolers on the left side. Must be holding 41*f or less at all times. Do not use these 2 drawers to store any potentially hazardous foods in until repaired. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify unit is working properly. I also found a bag of cut lettuce sitting out of refrigeration at 58*f. Cut leafy greens must be held at 41*f or less. Corrected by discarding meats and lettuce and working with staff.

Replace all of the missing and cracked floor tiles. Also, the handsink at the dishmachine is leaking and pulled away from the wall. Repair this please.

There is standing liquid in the bottom of your beverage cooler at frenchies. You need to thoroughly clean out this unit and be sure the drain is not plugged.

Discontinue using bread racks to store foods on. You need to use racks with at least 6" of clearance to floor so the floors can be cleaned and mopped.

The floors and walls around the fryers are dirty. Staff need to clean in this area more often and better.

Health Report - 10/15/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (27297) does not have any more information on it

This incident (41958) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 04/17/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Both wiping cloth buckets had excessive chlorine in them. Keep at 50-100 ppm. Corrected.

Eliminate the gaps in your exhaust hood.

Replace the cracked light shields on the lights over the cook line.

No paper towels stocked at grill area handsink. Staff must re-stock after depleting. Also, you need a new paper towel holder. Corrected

Cases of yams stored on basement floor. Keep up on racks at least 6" off the floor.

The floors and coving are very dirty under the fryers. Also, the floor drains are dirty. You need to keep clean. Also, you need to clean and organize the electrical closet in frenchies.

The floor in the dishwash area is rotted and tiles are loose and missing. This entire floor needs to be replaced within 6 months!!!

Provide a small wastebasket at the handsink at the grill.

Health Report - 10/25/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed the potato slicer on the wall dirty. I also observed dirty utensils and utensil bins in the kitchen. Staff need to thoroughly clean and sanitize kitchen utensils. Corrected by cleaning

(Critical) I observed foreign matter in your ice in the ice machine. The ice machine is not working properly. Do not use the ice in this unit. Repair it and then thoroughly clean and sanitize it. I will be back to re-inspect for this.

(Critical) I observed raw fish above ready to eat foods on the cook line in the salad prep cooler. Raw product must be on bottom shelves at all times. Corrected by making the switch.

(Critical) I did not observe any kitchen staff wash their hands while i was in kitchen. The main handsink on the line was found dirty with fryer grease and debris. Staff using it to keep strainer and tongs in. Also, the soap dispenser near the dishwasher is broken. Repair and stock asap. Corrected by cleaning sink and putting pump soap at dishwash handsink. Staff must wash hands often.

Drain flies are showing back up in your facility. Major repairs are starting to be made within this establishment to eliminate the harborage of the flies. In the interim, contract you pest company to come out often to kill on-going population that is in your store.

The dishmachine area was observed dirty. Clean the dishmachine inside and out. . Thoroughly and often. Also, clean the walls, pipes and floors thoroughly in this area.

Keep cleaned utensils in a covered container with handles all in one direction.

You do not have enough working refrigeration on the cook line as the 6 drawer cooler is not holding product at 41*f or less. Within 30 days you need to have this working or replaced. I will be back on november 23rd to verify a unit is in and working.

Repair the latches and handles on the alto sham.

Health Report - 04/04/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Replace or grind down the excessively grooved cutting boards.

Keep wiping cloths used for guest tables in sanitizer between uses.

The floor at frenchies bar lacks coving along the back wall. Have this done by next inspection.

Replace the damaged microwave on the server line.

Observed some improper cooling methods. You folks need to use sheet trays and shallower pans and be cooling all foods in the basement walk in cooler. Do not cover foods while cooling.

Health Report - 09/07/2010 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The ice machine in the kitchen was found soiled and at risk to contaminate the ice. Staff need to be routinely cleaning and sanitizing the ice machine to control this risk. I will be back to verify this in 3 weeks.

(Critical) I observed improper cooling of sauteed onions, mushrooms and ground beef. Product is supposed to be put on sheet trays and taken to the rack in the basement walk in cooler but was found in larger pans in the small coolers on the line. Product was put on sheet trays and furthered cooled in walk in and thus corrected.

(Critical) Date marking is not being consistently done in your store. I observed a server blanket dating product in the 2 door upright cooler using todays date as the start date even on items prepared before today. Also, i did not find any date marking on some of the cut deli meats and spinach dip in the line prep cooler. You need to get everyone date marking consistently on a permanent basis. I will be back to verify this in a month.

(Critical) Once again, there is a major infestation of drain/fruit flies throughout the establishment. You need to have a pest control operator mitigate for the flies. I can give you up to 30 days to take care of this hazard.

(Critical) I observed a container of raw steaks next to romaine lettuce and a steak above fresh fruit in the line prep cooler creating a cross contamination risk. Always store raw animal product below and seperated from ready to eat foods to control this risk. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) I found 4 pans of raw fish that were in an upright freezer at 51f-53f. I also found a pan of blanched asparagus and black bean burgers at 58f in a line cooler. It was determined these items came from the drawer coolers that went down overnight and this product was not thrown out. Items were discarded. Corrected.

(Critical) The 2 door upright cooler in the kitchen was found to be holding product at 46f. This unit has a long history of not holding product at 41f or less. This is a very old unit and has a significant leak coming from the compressor. It is time to replace this unit. All product was moved out of this unit. Replace it within 30 days.

(Critical) The meat slicer was observed dirty, especially behind the blade. Staff must be held accountable to properly properly clean and sanitize the slicer after uses. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing.

You need to clean and sanitize around the beer spouts more often.

The produce walk in cooler in the basement was found holding product at 48f. Service it to hold 41f or colder.

You need to put in shatterproof light bulbs in both basements.

You need to store your cleaned utensils in a protected manner. Keep in covered, clean, food grade containers with handles all in the same direction.

I observed dirty apples and pears in the salad prep cooler. Produce must always be thoroughly washed before serving. Corrected by washing.

Your facility was found to be generally unclean and it is contributing to the fly infestation issues. You have got to keep the floors, walls and drains clean in the kitchen and the bars. Repair leaks into the basement and keep floors mopped and dry in the basements.

You need to have all doors to the outside be self closing and tight fitting to keep out insects.

You need to install all new exhaust hood filters within 2 weeks.