Senor Lopez Taqueria Mexican Restaurant

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2135 W. Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Health Report - 12/17/2009 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed too many critical food safety violations during this and past inspections. Either provide a manager for this store that has an accredited food safety certificate or register an appropriate full time staff member for a food safety training course and provide verification of registration

(Critical) Observed several kitchen knives stored in the knife rack that were unclean. Only clean knives may be stored in the knife racks. These knives were sent to be washed

(Critical) Observed numerous small flies located near the dish washing machine, the three compartment sink & grease trap area, and by the back dry goods storage area. Provide some fly paper (only in areas away from food and clean equipment) to trap some adult flies, perform frequent inspections of the facility looking for pests, remove produce that is going bad, and keep the facility clean and dry

(Critical) Observed the large white plastic tub for the tortilla chips to have a hole melted through the bottom corner. This container is not smooth and easily cleanable. As soon as possible, provide a replacement food grade plastic tub for these chips and remove the old tub

(Critical) Again, observed the two desserts (flan and tres leche) and an open gallon of milk to have no use-by dates provided. On of the staff indicated these items were purchased on tuesday (12-15). Corrected by providing a use-by date of 12-21

(Critical) Observed a couple rotting onions and several rotting potatoes on the shelf in the back dry storage room. The small flies in the facility are attracted to this rotting produce. Corrected by discarding these items. In the future, ensure staff are inspecting these foods and throwing away bad ones

(Critical) Observed chafing fuel stored with foods on the second shelf in the back dry store room, and garlic stored on a small shelf above the kitchen hand washing sink with hand soap and sanitizer. Corrected by moving the chemicals away from these foods

(Critical) 1) observed portioned in-house prepared salsa and pico de gallo stored on the front counter. Corrected by placing these items in the cooler. 2) observed the upright three door cooler to only be maintaining foods at 45 to 48f. Made an adjustment to the temperature control dial to a colder setting. Monitor this unit to ensure it holds food at 41f or colder. An employee called the owner so the unit could be evaluated and adjusted/repaired as needed

Observed the kitchen floor drains and some of the floor sinks (including the one under the soda dispensing machine) to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future (at least 2x per week)

Observed the freezer and cooler compressor coils to be covered with dust accumulation, the prep cooler door gaskets were unclean, and the top shelf on the prep cooler to be unclean. Most of the dust was removed from the freezer and cooler coils and the door gaskets were cleaned during the inspection. Utilize a foaming compressor coil clean (according to the label instructions) to eliminate additional dust and oil

Observed plastic eating utensils stored jumbled in large trays under the front counter. Please organize these items with the handles all in the same direction

This incident (60581) does not have any more information on it

Observed a few areas inside the dish washing machine and parts of the drain and food trap screen & housing to have food debris build-up. An employee began to clean these areas. Ensure the dish washing machine is cleaned daily to prevent this build-up

Observed one of the two kitchen microwave ovens to have cracked and blistered paint on the ceiling and the back wall. Replace this oven with a new one

The three door upright cooler was not operating at proper temperature. It was observed one of the two circulating fans to be non-functional. Have this fan repaired/replaced and the unit evaluated & repaired as needed

Observed the gap still present between the tile floor and the plastic rim of the grease trap. This gap is accumulating food debris and moisture that can be a breeding area for flies. Thoroughly clean and dry this area and seal the gap with grout or a silicone sealant

The front door still has a large gap at the bottom. Provide a door sweep to seal out pests and cold air.

Again, sour cream tubs are being saved and reused for food storage. Some of them have damaged covers. Remove these containers from your establishment and only use multi-use food grade storage containers

This incident (26697) does not have any more information on it

1) observed portioned chips and salsa setting out on the counter again. Do not pre-portion the chips into the baskets, and the salsa needs to stay in the refrigerator to protect them from contamination. 2) three or four baskets of pre-portioned chips were found resting on the loose tortilla chips inside the plastic storage tub. These baskets may not be stored on the chips. Corrected by removing the baskets from the tub

Observed the cook cover two containers of cooked rice that was placed in the one door upright cooler. Corrected by pulling back the covers to allow the rice to cool more quickly

Health Report - 06/18/2009 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple flats of raw, in-shell eggs stored on a shelf one up from the bottom. This storage location is above/adjacent to the storage of ready to eat foods such as lettuce. Please relocate the eggs to the bottom of the cooler

(Critical) Observed both the dish washer and the front of the house employee not wash their hands after handling dirty dishes from the dirty dish drain board area, and from bussing tables, respectively. Please ensure staff are washing their hands after they become contaminated, and prior to changing tasks (handling clean equipment, serving/preparing food, etc. Corrected by discussing this concern with the employees and by washing their hands.

(Critical) Observed a flan dessert without a use-by date. The flan was discarded. In the future, please provide use-by dates for your ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods (flan, tres leche, milk, etc. )

(Critical) Observed the top layer of raw, in-shell eggs in the top of the prep cooler to be at 48f. Corrected by removing the top layer and placing them in the reach in cooler and by covering the container to maintain a colder egg temperature. Monitor your egg temperatures in the future, and if they are above 41f your employees will need to keep them in the reach in part of the cooler

(Critical) The following items were observed unclean: a kitchen knife in the ready to use knife rack, a white jar cap with a hinged cover (discarded), several of the black tortilla containers, a lemonade dispensing spout. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing these items

(Critical) Kitchen employees were not able to follow the required hand washing procedure due to a lack of soap and paper towel at the kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by providing soap and paper towel for use when washing hands. Soap and paper towel must be provided at all times for your kitchen staff to properly wash their hands to prevent the spread of illness

Again no paper towel was provided at the kitchen hand washing sink. Paper towel must always be available at this sink. Corrected by providing a roll of paper towel

1) observed the floor drain near the three compartment sink (white cover) to be plugged with food debris. Please remove this cover and clean out the debris to clear the drain pipe. 2) the floor sink located under the soda dispensing machine in the base cabinet to be in need of cleaning at this time

Observed 1) pre-portioned baskets of chips and salsa setting out on the front counter uncovered, 2) pre-portioned baskets of chips stacked two layers high inside the large plastic storage tub on top of bulk chips in the kitchen, and 3) the cover missing from the ice chute between the ice making machine and the soda system dispenser. Please find a way to cover and protect your chips and salsa at the front counter (deli paper, a protective display cabinet, etc. ) or don't pre-portion them. Discontinue storing chip baskets in the bulk chip storage tub. Contamination on the bottom of the baskets can be transferred onto the chips below them. After cleaning re-install the ice chute cover

Your current food service license is posted in the kitchen. Please relocate it to the dining room/front counter area in a location visible to your customers

Observed old sour cream tubs being saved and re-used to store bulk foods, and deli tissue for the nacho chip baskets not being discarded when they are brought back into the kitchen after being bussed from customer tables. Discard/recycle the old sour cream tubs and only utilize multi-use, commercial food-grade storage containers for your foods. Left over chips and the basket liners need to be discarded when they are removed from a customers table

1) your cooler and freezer coils are due for a cleaning to remove the accumulated dust. 2) the top shelves above the prep cooler and the assembly table are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed the red plastic cups and the black containers for the tortillas to be stacked and covered, respectively, after washing them. Please allow these items to air dry on the dish rack or a clean drain board prior to placing them in storage.

The bare wood particle board shelves for the dry goods storage racks are still not sealed to be easily cleanable. Either seal these shelves with a clear sealant (polyurethane, varnish) or provide commercial storage shelving with 6 inch high legs

1) the front and rear doors do not close fully. Tighten/adjust the door hinges, and repair the door frame as needed to allow the doors to close fully. 2) the front door has a large gap at the bottom. Provide a door sweep to seal out pests.

Again no soap was provided at the kitchen hand washing sink. Soap must always be available at this sink. Corrected by providing a bottle of soap