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2550 W. Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 04/03/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 03/24/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Quaternary ammonium tablets stored improperly on same tray as inverted ice transfer bucket. Please store chemicals in a segregated area separate from any food, clean equipment, utensils, linens or single-service items. Corrected at time of inspection by relocating two bottles of quat tablets to chemical storage area near mop sink. Consider providing a shelving unit under or above 3-compartment sink for storage of in-use soap, sanitizer, etc. If installing shelf above 3-comp sink for chemical storage please install above wash compartment

(Critical) No soap available at dishwash area handwash sink. Soap shall be provided at all times at all handwash sinks. Corrected at time of inspection by filling soap dispenser at dishwash area handwash sink

Refrigeration door gaskets in poor repair reach-in-coolers front counter. Please replace gaskets to provide good seal and so smooth and easily cleanable

(1) exposed coffee filters stored under paper towel dispenser front counter handwash sink. Please relocate coffee filters to prevent potential of water dripping on them when retrieving a paper towel. (2) please store coffee filters in original packaging or covered container.

These areas in need of cleaning: floors near hot water heater rear kitchen and floors in corner that are not easily accessible between shelving unit and upright refrigeration unit. Please clean now and as often as necessary to maintain in clean condition

Observed several gallons of milk being delivered at rear entrance directly on sidewalk. Please discontinue this practice; bring your own clean coolers to transport milk purchased at local grocery stores at proper temperature and to prevent potential contamination of bottom of milk jugs. No temperature violation

Some clutter and unnecessary items stored in rear kitchen. Please sort through and get rid of any items not used in the operation and maintenance of facility. This will make it easier to clean and prevent potential harborage conditions for pests

Observed wet wiping cloths stored improperly under espresso machine. Once wet please store wiping cloths in a wet wiping cloth solution at proper sanitizer concentration

Health Report - 09/26/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No soap at rear dishwash area handwash sink. Please provide soap in soap dispensers at all times at all handwash sinks. Corrected at time of inspection by providing soap in soap dispenser at rear dishwash area handwash sink. Please monitor and fill soap dispenser as needed

(Critical) Yogurt parfait's front display cooler found at improper temperature. Potentially hazardous food shall maintain at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. Corrected at time of inspection by discarding yogurt parfaits found at 48°F. Per pic unit recently serviced; defrost cycle may be off. Pic agreed to purchase "fake" display yogurt parfait for display cooler and store yogurt parfaits at proper temperature in reach-in-cooler rear kitchen to maintain at 41°F or below at all times

Observed water on floor near base of toilet. Please repair any leaks and maintain in good repair

Observed some in-use utensils stored improperly. Please store on a clean portion of the food prep table as long as utensil is properly cleaned and sanitized at proper frequency (utensil used with phf minimum every 4 hours throughout the day); for ice scoop in a clean, protected location

Wet wiping cloth stored near espresso machine used for milk wand only. Please provide separate wet wiping cloth solution at proper sanitizer concentration designated for milk wand

Refrigeration door gasket split front counter one door reach-in-cooler. Please replace to provide good seal and so smooth and easily cleanable

Health Report - 03/31/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the floor under the ice machine to be in need of cleaning as well as below the floor drain in the walk way next to the ice machine

Observed two red wiping cloth pails in the front kitchen area to have no detectable quat sanitizer. Corrected by draining this solution, rinsing the towels, and providing fresh quat sanitizer from the three compartment sink

Observed a coat hanging on the corner post of the back kitchen equipment storage rack. Utilize the provided coat rack on the back door for hanging employee coats

Observed a few coffee filters on the front counter with coffee pre-ground in them. Please either discontinue this practice or provide a way to cover/protect the coffee in these filters

Observed multiple pitchers on the back kitchen equipment storage rack stored upright. Corrected by inverting these items on the rack

Health Report - 10/07/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

The following areas are in need of cleaning at this time to remove coffee beans and misc. Debris: the floor in the closet, the floor under the base cabinet below the espresso machine, and the counter under the espresso machine

Provide required sign in the restroom

The bottom edge of the ice bin ice shield and the dispensing spout of the insulated, bulk coffee dispenser on the back kitchen storage shelf. Thoroughly clean and sanitize these surfaces

Health Report - 04/04/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) two yogurt parfaits in the customer grab and go display cooler to be at 60 to 62f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure your potentially hazardous foods are maintained at 41f and below. 2) the customer self service insulated container of 1/2 & 1/2 was found to be at 43f. Corrected by discarding the product and by washing and sanitizing the container

Observed a thick blanket of dust on the condenser coil of the front counter display cooler. Remove this dust layer and adjust as needed so the unit maintains 41f or below prior to placing any yogurt or other phfs in this unit

Health Report - 10/16/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed one of the drain lines from the espresso machine spill tray drain line to out of position under the front counter. Waste water was draining on the floor. Corrected by re-inserting the drain line into the 2" pvc receiving drain

Observed the floor and the lower section of the base cabinet to be soiled due to the out of place drain line. Please clean this area asap

Health Report - 04/13/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed some spent coffee ground pucks scattered on the back sidewalk and around the dumpster. Apparently a staff member who previously took out the garbage pulled a garbage bag behind them that tore open and allowed this food to spill. Please have an employee clean up this area

Health Report - 10/27/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the sanitizer solution in the three compartment sink to be too weak (100 to 150 ppm). The manager indicated they fill the sink with water to the 2/3°Full level and add two sanitizer tablets. This recipe provides a sanitizer solution that is too weak. Corrected by adding another tablet to achieve 200 ppm. The label directions indicate that each gallon and a half of water required one tablet to provide 200 ppm quat.

No end caps are provided for the light bulb tube located in the upper portion of the customer grab & go cooler. Provide end caps to prevent glass shards from contaminating food and equipment should the bulb be broken

Observed a wet mop head to be stored in the mop wringer in the back kitchen mop sink area. Please utilize the provided mop hanging rack to secure the mop head in the air to facilitate faster drying

Observed two wet wiping towels stored improperly: one was stored on the spill tray of the espresso machine and the other was on a counter top. Also, sanitizer in the wiping towel pail on the back counter was found to be at 100 ppm quat. Corrected by placing the towels in a fresh sanitizer solution at 200 ppm

Observed coffee residue on the interior surfaces of the cambro insulated bulk coffee dispensers (three units). Ensure these spouts are fully disassembled after each use for thorough cleaning. These spouts were left disassembled on the dish washing sink drain board for cleaning

Health Report - 05/09/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the two yogurt parfaits in the customer grab and go cooler to be at 61f. Corrected by discarding

Observed a wet wiping towel resting on the counter by the coffee bean grinders. Please keep your wiping towels stored in sanitizer. Also the sanitizer strength in the three front counter sanitizer wiping cloth pails was too low. Corrected by discarding the solution and providing a fresh quat sanitizer at 200 ppm

Observed a thick covering of dust on the condenser coil of the customer grab and go cooler. Corrected by removing the layer of dust to allow more efficient air flow for this unit

The back kitchen hand washing station was out of paper towels. Corrected by providing a replacement roll of towels

Health Report - 11/30/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

The labels for the pre-packaged grab & go snacks are lacking the required food allergen notifications (i. E. This food contains: milk, soy, wheat, etc. ). Update these labels as needed to include the list of food allergens contained in the product

This facility has many dial type, metal stem food thermometers. Three of them were randomly checked and all of them were reading inaccurately. Two of them were reading 8 and 10 degrees too cold, and the third was reading 10 degrees too hot. Calibrate your thermometers to 32/33f in an ice water bath