Red Rock Downtown Barbeque

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207 W. Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 07/29/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed fruit flies in the bar and dish washing areas. Take necessary steps using approved methods/chemicals to eliminate these pests

Health Report - 01/15/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Nearly all of the hot foods from the previous night were improperly cooled. Two pans of beans, baked apples, two pans of mashed sweet potatoes, two large containers of alfredo sauce were found to be at 43 to 62f early this morning. These foods were discarded. Ensure effective procedures are implemented to rapidly cool these foods to meet the food code cooling requirements.

Health Report - 07/05/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed four kinds of cheese in plastic pans resting on top of a shallow ice-water bath, one shallow 1/2 pan of alfredo sauce and two shallow 1/2 pans of macaroni noodles on top of the cook line low-boy cooler at 48 to 52f. These foods were discarded--corrected. These foods must remain under refrigeration in the future.

(Critical) Observed macaroni noodles cooked earlier today to have only cooled a few degrees over an hour and a half period due to several factors, such as: large quantity, and in a covered plastic container. Staff indicated these noodles were chilled using a cold water rinse and adding ice cubes to the pasta. Apparently this process wasn't continued for a long enough time to remove all of the residual heat. Corrected by removing the noodles to a colander and continuing the cold water rinse with ice. Ensure these foods are fully cooled using effective methods and staff are monitoring the food temperatures for a period of time after icing down foods.

(Critical) A small stainless steel table was located in the small dish washing area for the drying of clean dishes. Spray bottles of chemicals area located above a portion of this table and clean equipment stored on the table. Relocate this rack and chemicals elsewhere to protect your clean equipment

(Critical) A few areas of the interior of the ice making machine to have a slime growth on them. After turning the unit off and discarding the ice, thoroughly wash rinse and sanitize these surfaces with the quat sanitizer. Discard the first couple batches of ice

(Critical) A prep top refrigerator is needed at the cook line station in lieu of the ice bath method in use today to keep your frequently needed cheeses, alfredo sauce, etc. Cold at 41f and below.

Kitchen staff are keeping their knives, tongs, etc. Stored in the sanitizer pails when they are not in use. These wiping cloth pails are only for the storage of wiping cloths. Store your utensils in food being held at proper temperature or on a clean and sanitized surface between uses

The hose for the overhead spray rinse arm is starting to come apart. Provide a replacement hose

Observed several flattened cardboard boxes being used as a shelf liner in the basement dry storage area. The cardboard is not cleanable and can be a hiding area for insects. Corrected by removing this cardboard.

Several of the cook line skillets have a damaged non-stick coating on them. Ensure staff are using soft utensils for cooking in these pans and non-abrasive methods to clean them. Discontinue using these pans

Health Report - 12/13/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a single small fly in each of the following bottles of seldom used liquor at the bar: sloe gin, raspberry pucker and orange-vanilla vodka. Corrected by discarding these products

(Critical) Observed two small containers of expired giardineria (12-6) and one small container of pico de gallo (12-9). Corrected by discarding these foods.

Re-establish the air gaps for the ice machine/ice bin drain lines in the kitchen above the flood rim of the floor sink receiving the waste water

Provide a sliding cover for the northern ice bin at the bar

Repair the damaged inner cover panels of the two basement chest freezers and the water leak on the main bar soda gun (bar tender side)

Health Report - 06/05/2012 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed foods in the kitchen prep cooler to be at 45 to 48f. This unit was cleaned and adjusted to provide 41f and below. Ask staff to keep the prep top covers closed as much as possible

(Critical) The under-counter high temperature dish washing machine was not sanitizing dishes/equipment with hot enough water during the rinse cycle. A technician from ecolab was on-site during the inspection to repair this unit. Manually sanitize dishes as needed until the dish machine is repaired

(Critical) Observed two foods in the walk in cooler (beef broth and cooked chicken) that expired on 6-3. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed the following food prepared the previous day that did not cool quickly enough (greater than the 6 hour period allowed from 135 to 41f) in the walk in cooler: 3. 5 gallons of collard greens (52f), 1/3 of a large lexan tub of beef burnt ends (50f), +/- 28 racks of ribs (45 to 50f). These items were discarded. Ensure staff are monitoring and modifying the cooling processes for these foods as needed to ensure they cool properly.

(Critical) 1) observed four chemical spray bottles lacking a label as to their contents. Corrected by providing proper labels. 2) observed a spray bottle mis-labeled as to its contents. Corrected by disposing the incorrect chemical

(Critical) Observed a deep 1/2 pan of burnt tips recently placed in the hot holding cabinet from the smoking oven to be at 110f. Corrected by placing them back in the oven and reheating to 165f.

Observed excessive items in the eastern portion of the basement. Please remove unnecessary items and organize the remaining items to facilitate cleaning and inspections for pest activity

Re-establish the drain line air gaps for the following units (vertical air gap = 2x the discharge pipe diameter, with a minimum of 1" above the flood rim of the receiving plumbing/floor): the dish machine (corrected by trimming off the drain line), the ice machine drain line, the drain line for the ice bin at the top of the b-ment stairwell, the basement water filter system drain line, and the drain line for the back flow preventer on the basement soda system carbonators. The drains for the last two items terminate near the front of the walk in cooler

The prep top cooler (top and bottom) was observed operating at an elevated temperature. Some dust was removed from the condensing coil. After lunch when the doors were not opened as frequently the air temp. Came down to 40/41f. Monitor this unit to ensure it can perform at 41f and below throughout your work day. Also, it should be noted this cooler is located directly adjacent to the smoking oven. Provide additional separation if possible

Observed bulk hot foods that were cooled tightly wrapped or in large covered plastic containers (chicken halves, beans, collard greens, ribs, etc. ) ensure staff implement techniques that facilitate rapid cooling such as: using shallow, uncovered metal pans, not tightly wrapping foods, using ice or ice sticks, not nesting/layering foods

The interior of the ice making machine and the bottom edge of the deflector shield are due for cleaning

Observed the shelves for the liquor storage to be bare wood. Seal these shelves (all surfaces) with a water-proof sealant such as polyurethane

Observed the back door propped open for extended periods of time today. Ensure the door is kept closed to prevent pest entry

The dish washing machine rinse pressure gauge was only registering 11 psi. Repair/adjust as needed

Observed two stacks of upright to-go containers stored on top of a kitchen garbage can. Corrected by relocating these containers to a storage shelf. Ensure these containers are stored inverted for protection