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Health Report - 07/31/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the interior cavities of the two microwaves in the cook area to have a built up accumulation of food debris attached to the upper portion. Corrected by person in charge having the interiors of these microwaves cleaned out during inspection and will ensure they are kept clean with a thorough cleaning at least every 24 hours or between uses as it becomes soiled. Corrected

Observed several containers of ready to use silverware on the counter on the wait staff prep side of the make line stored with their food contact portion exposed (face up). Ready to use silverware shall be stored covered or with the food contact portion stored inverted. Corrected by person in charge sending all of the silverware back to the dish wash area for re washing. Pic will retrain staff to ensure that ready to use silverware is stored inverted in these containers. Corrected

Health Report - 02/04/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed several containers stored/stacked above the vegetable prep area to be stored/stacked wet. To correct, please allow containers to completely air dry prior to storage/stacking

Health Report - 08/12/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Re-establish the drain line air gaps (vertical air gap between the discharge pipe and receiving drain = 2x the discharge pipe diameter) for the following equipment: 1) two of the three ice machine drain lines have slumped down. 2) the discharge drain (semi-rigid, white piping) for the water softener

(Critical) At least seven bottles of open liquor were found to have one or more small flies (fruit/vinegar flies) in them. Corrected by discarding this alcohol. Rubber spout covers are available, but were not being used during the business day. Utilize these covers 24 hours a day to physically prevent fly access

Ensure staff utilize the provided bottle brushes as part of the cleaning process for the mounting bases on the coke dispensing spouts and diffusers. There two of these multi-flavor soda units in the facility

Dish washing machine: observed old food build-up on the interior side walls of the food trap screen housing. Maintain this area clean on a daily basis

Bar: missing and/or worn grout was evident between floor tile behind the floor sink and around the perimeter floor sink located under the draft beer station. Repair this area to eliminate the depressions that collect misc. Debris and moisture

Walk in freezer: make necessary repairs/adjustments to the walk in freezer to eliminate the icicles that form and drip in food packaging when the unit defrosts

1) wif: a shallow hotel pan of uncovered blue cheese. 2) ice cream freezer: a chocolate pie was observed to be uncovered. Maintain your foods in a protected manner by keeping them covered

Dry goods storage area: three stacks of to-go food containers were found to be stored upright. Invert these containers to prevent misc. Debris accumulation

The following areas are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future (2-3 x per week): bar--around the floor sinks under the draft beer tower and by the glass washer; server expo area-- under the soda dispensing station ice bin. Maintain these areas clean and dry to eliminate conditions suitable for fly breeding

Health Report - 01/24/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) A can of wd-40 was found stored on a shelf right next to cleaned pan lids. Store toxic items in a safe location where they will not contaminate food or food contact items. Corrected by storing in locked chemical room.

(Critical) I observed the dishwasher handle dirty ware with gloved hands and then handle the clean ware with the soiled gloved hands. Dishwashers need to take off soiled gloves and wash hands before handling clean kitchenware. Corrected through employee education.

(Critical) Most items on the "cold side" cold rail on the main cook line were found at 48* - 62*f. Upon further investigation, it was determined that staff pulled the cart that the panned foods were stored on in the walk in cooler out and left it out too long before stocking into cold rail. Foods need to be immediately transferred from one cooler into another to keep foods at 41*f or less. Manager has made a policy that carts are to be left in walk in during morning counts. Corrected by discarding foods and following the above procedure

You need a bucket under your bag you keep your soiled wiping cloths in to catch the water.

Health Report - 07/22/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The handsink at the dishwash area was obstructed and not available for staff to wash hands at this station. Do not use this sink for any other purpose than handwashing. Obstruction was removed, thus corrected.

(Critical) Paper towels were not available at the server area handsink and in the employee restroom. Handsinks always must be stocked with supplies so staff can easily wash and dry their hands. Paper towels need to be stocked/maintained as soon as they become unavailable. Corrected by stocking/maintaining.

Provide a handwash sign at the dishwash area handsink.

The floor drain under the pop station in the server area needs to be cleaned more often. Also, the floors in the walk in freezer need to be cleaned more often.

Repair the condensation leak in the walk in freezer. Leaking from the compressor.

Health Report - 01/08/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (41409) does not have any more information on it

This incident (25080) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 07/09/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The bar dishwasher was found not sanitizing when tested with chlorine papers. The feed tube was coiled up in bottom of bucket and sucking air. You need to have the tube inserted in the plastic wand to keep the feed tube at bottom of bucket. Corrected by doing the above and priming machine. Came out at 100ppm.

I observed boxed foods stored on bread and milk crates in the walk in freezer. You need them on racks that have 6" or more of clearance to facilitate sweeping and mopping of floor under rack. Do not use bread/milk crates.

No paper towels were stocked at the far handsink on the cook line. Staff must be re-stocking after depleting. Corrected by stocking.

Soap was not stocked at the handsink in the rear prep area of the kitchen. Staff need to re-stock immediately after depletion. Corrected by stocking.

Filters above the grill were not in place due to washing them. Be sure to wash them during non peak times. Filters need to be in place to capture grease to reduce the risk of fire. Corrected.

Health Report - 01/11/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The date marking system at the bar is not in compliance. I observed one milk marked with a date, another milk with no sticker on it and another milk with a sticker on it, but no date. Also, an opened whipped cream in cooler had no use by date on it. I want you to mark these items with the 7 day maximum use by date (add 6 days to the date opened). Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) I observed several servers bare hand contact the lemon wedges while scoring the lemons and garnishing drinks. There can be no bare hand contact with drink garnishes. Plans are to have the person cutting the lemons also score the lemons and then have servers use tongs. For now, they are using deli paper as a hand barrier. Corrected.

(Critical) I observed 3 different servers drink from cone cups, then have a finger(s) contact the area where lips contacted the cup and not wash their hands before serving more tables. For this reason, i highly recommend having staff use beverage cups with lids and straws to take this risk right out of the equation. For now, staff must wash hands immediately after drinking from cone cups. Corrected by enforcing this.

No paper towels were stocked at one of the handsinks in the kitchen. Staff need to always re-stock after using up supply. Corrected by stocking.

Basket liner papers were found stored under the soap dispenser at the server area handsink. Do not store here where exposed to soap and dripping hands. Corrected by discarding and storing in recessed area under the counter.

The soap dispenser was broke at the handsink at the dishwash area. Soap must always be available for effective handwashing to occur. Corrected by re-stocking with working soap dispenser.

Health Report - 07/05/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

The handsink at the dishmachine was totally blocked by pan lids being stored in the sink basin. Do not block handsinks. Also, the far handsink on the main cook line was being used as a dumpsink, as evidenced by food debris in sink basin. Handsinks are to be exclusively used for handwashing only.

Observed someone portioning food without a hat on. Corrected by donning one.

Health Report - 12/15/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the lids of storage containers of dried seasoning soiled with accumulation. To correct clean as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found slight accumulation in the pop nozzle and diffuser of the pop gun in the bar. To correct follow manufacturers directions and throughly clean pop nozzles and diffuser on a more frequent schedule.

Found cases of single use utensils on the floor of the outside storage building floor. To correct store utensils on shelf at least 6 inches off the floor.

Found numerous stacked containers on storage shelves wet, and not air dried prior to stacking. To correct allow containers to air dry prior to stacking and storing.