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Health Report - 07/17/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The malfunctioning cooler observed during the routine inspection has been replaced with a new properly functioning unit. Observed all of the food items with internal temperatures 41 degrees f. Or less

Health Report - 06/08/2015 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces not cleaned frequently enough: 1. Food slicer used yesterday evening not cleaned every four hours 2. Ice wands stored in the wif on raw meat packages. The ice wands may have been contaminated and need to be cleaned. The pic properly cleaned each item during the inspection. Item corrected

(Critical) Observed handwashing sinks being used for filling water pitchers and for dumping food waste. Handwashing sink are for handwashing only. During inspection corrected by discussing proper use of handwashing sinks with the pic. Item corrected

(Critical) At the two sliding door cooler near the server make line observed the following food items with an internal temperature of 52 to 55 degrees f. : 1. Two 1/3 pans hummus 2. Six quarts half and half 3. Several 1/9 pans house made dressing 4. A few 1/9 pans of house made sauce 5. Two 1/3 pans cole slaw. The food items were stored in the cooler overnight. It appears the cooler is not functioning properly. Pic temporarily corrected during the inspection by discarding the affected foods in the trash. ****also, this violation has been cited on 3 of the last 5 routine inspections. Pursuant to the washtenaw county procedures for enforcement of the michigan food law you are required to attend an administrative conference at the health department office. An administrative conference notice was provided to chef bob during this inspection. ,

In the wic observed several large containers of house made soup and sauce without covers. Correct by storing with covers

This incident (69285) does not have any more information on it

In the walk in freezer observed five ice wands stored unprotected on house wrapped packages of raw meat including chicken and lamb. Storing unprotected ice wands on raw meat may lead to cross contamination between the raw meat and foods being cooled by the ice wands. Correct by storing the ice wands in a protected manner. Item corrected

At the handsink in the rear kitchen prep area observed the drain pipe to be dribbling water during use. Correct by repairing the drain line so it does not leak water

Observed the following surfaces with an accumulation of food debris, grease, and grime: 1. Inside the ventilation hood. Drops of grease accumulating on edges of hood 2. Top of the convection oven 3. Inside bottom of deep fryer 4. Inside bottom shelf of several reach in cooler on main cool line 5. Piping behind the cooking equipment correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of grime

Observed the two sliding door upright cooler not able to maintain foods at 41 degrees f or less. Pic indicates a new cooler has been ordered to replace this cooler

Health Report - 11/12/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the can opener blade to have a deep gouge. Correct by replacing the blade

Observed three plumbing items in need of repair 1. Observed the mop sink to have a plugged drain correct by clearing the plug 2. Observed the handsink by the dish machine to have a slow drain correct by repairing the drain 3. In the dry storage room observed the drain from the ice machine to be dripping correct by repairing the drain so it does not leak

Back of the house areas: numerous areas of the flooring are in need of repair to eliminate depressions from missing tile and grout. Some tile wall base coving is missing as well. Continue working on the repairs to these areas. Much improvement since the last inspection

In the rear kitchen area observed an out of service water heater. Correct by removing this unit

Health Report - 05/01/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a couple cock-roaches (one small and one medium size that appeared to be either brown banded or german roaches) on the floor by a floor drain next to a hot water storage tank near the back door. A piece of shrimp located on the floor near this drain was a likely food source for them. Coincidentally, the pest control technician was on-site prior to my arrival to set monitoring traps and apply bait to specific areas and check the exterior rodent traps

(Critical) Observed a sanitizer solution in the bar three compartment sink to be too weak (no more than 100 ppm). Corrected by adding two additional quat tablets to achieve approx. 250-300 ppm. The label indicates 200-400 ppm is required

(Critical) Ensure staff are utilizing the provided test papers to verify the sanitizers they dispense or prepare are within the required parameters indicated on the manufacturers label. Educate staff about the different test papers and how to use them to obtain accurate results

(Critical) Observed only three of the sixteen shell stock tags for april and only two of eleven tags for march to have the last date of sale written on them by employees. This is a requirement in the food code to aide in the investigation of illnesses caused by eating raw shell stock. Additionally, these tags need to be filed in chronological order within the organizer folder being used

(Critical) Observed the lower portion of the salad prep cooler to not be maintaining foods at 41f or below. The following foods were found to be at 44 to 47f: shrimp, cut tomatoes, goat cheese, crab, cut lettuce, etc. Corrected by discarding these foods

In general, the floors are being maintained quite clean, however, some out of the way areas (a few floor sink drains and areas where grout is missing and some of the trough drains) are in need of cleaning. Please keep these areas clean and dry to eliminate pest food sources

Observed three ice transfer pails to be stored upright by hanging them from their handles on a shelving unit across from the office. Provide a way to store these pails inverted (either propped up on the edge of a clean serving/sheet tray or by the provided hanging bracket) to allow moisture to drain out and to prevent debris accumulation

Observed the ice making machines to be due for a full cleaning. Schedule this service to be performed on the two stacked ice machines and the ice bin below located next to the office

The interior bottom surfaces of the randell drawer refrigerator units under the cook line equipment are in need of cleaning. Also, the underside of the stand mixer head has some food accumulation on it. Maintain clean

The salad bar prep cooler was operating at an elevated temperature. The temperature control dial was at a setting of "9" which is highest setting, however, this dial continued to rotate clock-wise to the "3" setting where it stopped turning. The chef adjusted this dial to a location between the "9" and the "3" and will monitor it. If needed, a service technician will be called to repair/adjust this unit so it maintains 41f or below

Provide covers for the two atmospheric vacuum breakers that are currently missing them (mop sink faucet and behind the tilt skillet & steam kettle)

Back of the house areas: numerous areas of the flooring are in need of repair to eliminate depressions from missing tile and grout. Some tile wall base coving is missing as well. Have the owner provide me with a written plan and time-frame to address these issues (including copies of repair contracts). These deficiencies in the flooring are contributing to the pest issues in the facility

Health Report - 10/31/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The mop sink faucet no longer has the bleed-off tee installed between the faucet and the black hose going to the chemical dispenser. Have your chemical company install another bleed-off tee at this location

(Critical) Observed phfs (tuna, turkey, ribs, potato cake mixture, hush puppies, lettuce, cut tomatoes, etc. ) in the bottom of a line prep cooler to be at 48 to 52f. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Observed several foods in the middle walk in cooler to be expired: beef brisket au jus (10-25), gumbo ya ya (10-29), carmelized onions (10-25), and a few deli meats (10-15). These items were discarded. Ensure a staff person is performing a daily check for expired foods and discarding expired products as needed

Observed the mounting surfaces for the server beverage station soda nozzles and diffusers to be in need of more regular cleaning. Provide staff the proper size brush to wash, rinse and sanitize these surfaces on a nightly basis

The bottom portion of a kitchen cook line cooler was not working properly (50-52f air temp. ). Staff turned the temperature control dial from 5 to 8 and removed some dust from the condenser coil. Additionally, a refrigeration contractor was called to evaluate the cooling system. Adjust/repair as needed

Atmospheric vacuum breakers are damaged in two locations: the dish washing pre-rinse station and the back mop sink faucet. Have a plumber remove the existing internal components and install new atmospheric vacuum breakers with proper caps

Large portions of the kitchen floor tiles/base coving are still (or once again) missing grout. Repair as needed with new grout to prevent debris accumulation and moisture problems

This incident (24384) does not have any more information on it

Observed two mops (one in a mop bucket and one resting on some boxes in the electrical/empty beer bottle room. Corrected by hanging up these mop heads above the mop sink

No trash can was provided at the dish washing area hand washing sink. Corrected by providing a trash can

The garbage disposal is non-functional. Either repair or remove the disposal as the internal area of this piece of unused equipment could be an fly breeding area. If the disposal is removed, the drain pipe may be directly connected to sewer line (no air gap or air break required)

This incident (59143) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 04/18/2013 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a whole speed rack of prepared phfs (chicken pieces, rice, pastichio, sausage, etc. ) in the middle walk in cooler to be lacking date marks. Corrected by providing date marks based upon when they were prepared,

(Critical) Observed a missing consumer advisory asterisk for the tuna option of the nicoise salad (lunch and dinner). Also, the children's menu still has a consumer advisory for the q burger. The 2009°Fda food code no longer allows any raw animal foods to be under-cooked on a children's menu. Remove the asterisk for the burger option and the foot note at the bottom of the menu

(Critical) Observed a tureen of chickpea and vegetable soup (3/4°Full) from the hot holding well the previous night that didn't fully cool within six hours. The walk in cooler was maintaining foods at 36 to 37f and this soup was still 42f this morning at +/-9:30 am. Corrected by discarding this soup

(Critical) Observed potentially hazardous foods stored in the bottom and top of the one door victory cook line sautee cooler to be at 44 to 55f, respectively. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Observed a server employee dump and rinse out the coffee filter basket at the nearby hand washing sink. Hand washing sinks may not be used for activities other than hand washing. This issue was discussed with the employee. Please make sure all staff are aware of this requirement

(Critical) Observed twelve containers of food in the walk in cooler and two in the sliding door server cooler to be expired. The following rte, phfs were at the end of their seven day shelf as of: cooked lentils (4-6), unknown cream based sauce (4-13), red beans (4-16), stroganoff (3-27), portofino sauce (4-4), provencal sauce (4-16), bienvielle (4-10), gaspacho soup (4-14), spinach-artichoke dip (4-6), muffaletta mix (3-28), red beans (4-16), onion soup (4-13), creole sauce (4-16), ranch dressing (4-13). These items were discarded. Staff must be inspecting and purging foods on a daily basis as they expire

A number of out of the way areas were observed to be unclean with debris build-up in the kitchen, bar, and storage room areas. Ensure regular deep cleaning of these difficult to reach areas to remove debris that will provide a food/water source for pests. Also, a towel is in the bottom of the dirty floor sink located in the base cabinet of the dining room server beverage station. Please remove this towel and clean the drain basin.

This incident (24397) does not have any more information on it

The victory one door sautee cooler was not operating properly to keep foods at 41f and below. Have this unit serviced to maintain foods at proper temperature

1) observed water weeping out of a back-flow preventer on a water line that is serving the bar area espresso machine. Provide an exact replacement device to eliminate the moisture issue. 2) the cover is missing from the back-flow preventer on the mop sink faucet. Provide both replacement internal back-flow preventer parts and a new cap

This incident (59155) does not have any more information on it

Many areas of the kitchen tile and grout are damaged. This has resulted in moisture and debris accumulation that can attract pests. Ensure these damaged areas are properly repaired

Health Report - 10/15/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed poultry and beef stored above seafood, and beef stored above seafood in the pull out drawers on the cooking line. Relocate your raw animal foods as needed so seafood is located above beef/pork, and beef/pork are stored above poultry. 2) observed raw oysters (in shell) stored above sliced tomatoes for sandwiches in a reach-in cooler on the cooking line. Relocate all ready to eat foods from below any raw animal foods

(Critical) Observed no air thermometers provided/readily visible in the three pantry area coolers. Provide air thermometers for these and any other coolers missing thermometers

(Critical) Observed in-house prepared sauces/dressings in the expo rail cooler to be 60 to 65f. A manager indicated one staff person turned the unit on early this morning and another employee came by later and turned the switch again thinking they were turning it on. Corrected by discarding the foods in this unit and turning the unit back on. Ensure this unit is pre-chilled prior to re-stocking these foods

Observed multiple metal kitchen food pans to be stacked while still wet. Ensure your pans/equipment are allowed to air dry prior to stacking/nesting them

Observed a condensate drain line from the walk in meat cooler (located over foods stored on the shelf below) to be un-insulated. Provide pipe insulation on this drain line where located above food storage to prevent condensation from dripping on foods

Health Report - 03/22/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed flies in two liquor bottles with pour spouts at the bar. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) Observed a pail of chlorine sanitizer mixed way too strong--the blue test paper color was bleached out. Corrected by diluting to 100 ppm.

Observed the surfaces of the cooling system, including the fan covers, in the meat cooler to have mold growth on them. Thoroughly clean these surfaces to eliminate this mold

Observed many/most of the floor drains and floor sinks to be overdue for cleaning. Clean these areas now and at least 2-3 times per week (more frequently if warranted) to eliminate food debris build-up. Also, spilled food was observed in the dry food storage room under shelves and behind the door. Excessive moisture was observed on the floor in the bottle sorting / electrical room. Maintain your floors clean and dry

Observed the following areas to be in need of thorough daily cleaning: the mounting surfaces for the soda diffusers at the dining room server beverage station, and the soda gun holsters at the main bar

Observed multiple small flies at the main bar and a single cockroach on a shelf in the dry food storage room. Co-incidentally a pest control contractor made a visit to this facility this morning. Ensure staff are performing regular inspections for the presence of pests and that appropriate steps are taken to keep the facility clean and dry to eliminate food sources and breeding areas

Kitchen staff are not using the available sanitizer test papers for verifying the chlorine concentration of the wiping cloth pails. Ensure staff are trained on how to mix and verify the solution concentration

Observed two containers of bulk food in the dry storage room with the clear plastic covers not in place--corrected by properly installing the covers on the containers. Also, a bag of walnuts inside a box was not closed. Ensure your foods in storage are protected by covering containers and closing bags

This incident (24415) does not have any more information on it

Observed the corners of the plastic ice pails to be cracked and have pieces missing. These pails were discarded. Purchase new, more durable ice pails

Observed the sanitizer concentration in some of the wiping cloth pails to be too weak. Corrected by addition additional chlorine to provide 50 to 200 ppm chlorine

Observed a wet mop head resting in the bottom of the mop sink. Ensure staff fully wring out and hang up the mop head to facilitate quicker drying

This incident (59173) does not have any more information on it

Observed many areas of damaged tile and missing tile grout in the kitchen (especially at the dish washing station). After cleaning and drying these damaged areas repair as needed to eliminate the depressions that collect moisture

Health Report - 09/22/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The following food contact surfaces were observed to be unclean: several metal kitchen food pans, a metal chicken pounder/tenderizer, a robot coupe food mixing attachment, and recently returned knives from the knife sharpening service to have metal filings still on the blade. Corrected by sending these items to be rewashed

(Critical) Observed quite a few previously prepared foods (most of them from the sunday breakfast buffet from four days prior such as sausage, pasticcio, potato salad, beef, kafta, etc. ) stored in the walk in cooler without last date of use marked on them. Observed six pans of rice made yesterday without dates, and an open large container of feta cheese. Provide date marks for these foods based upon when they were prepared/opened. Corrected by providing date marks

Paper towel could not be dispensed at the bar paper towel dispenser. Corrected by re-routing the paper so the towel dispenser works

Observed single service items such as aluminum to-go containers at the cooking line station, aluminum and plastic catering food containers in the back storage room stored upright. To prevent misc. Contamination store these containers inverted or in a bag for protection

Observed the floor sinks in the following areas to be unclean: the one at the kitchen cooking line that receives wastewater from the hand washing sink, the one for the server side stand near the banquet room, and the one at the oyster station

Observed bare wood and wallboard walls and door surfaces in the liquor storage rooms. Paint and/or seal these surfaces so they are smooth and easily cleanable

No thermometers were observed in any of the three pantry area coolers.

Observed the several bulk containers for flour in the back prep kitchen to be uncovered. Locate and install or purchase more container covers as needed to keep your food protected from misc. Contamination

Pantry station hand washing sink: observed a container of salt and a box of crackers stored under the wastewater drain lines for the two compartment food prep sink. Corrected by relocating these foods so they are no longer under the drain lines

Observed some kitchen staff wearing watches and a bracelet. Ensure staff take off watches and bracelets prior to starting their shift

Observed the ice dispensing scoop touching the ice in the server side stand ice bin (near the large banquet room). Ensure staff store the scoop with the handle out of the ice

The following plumbing items need attention: 1) the pvc drain pipe from the cooking line hand washing sink has become disconnected under the line--repair as needed; 2) the hand washing sink for wait staff (near the ice cream freezer) is draining slowly--clear blockage as needed; 3) water did not flow at the bar area hand washing sink when the hot water valve was turned on. Corrected by opening the hot water line valve located under the sink

Health Report - 03/15/2011 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the electric food slicer used the previous day (appears to have been a cooked beef product) was not fully cleaned. The crumb catch tray, the cutting blade and the surface the sliced product falls were observed clean, however the blade guard, the area under the motor and the pressure plate were observed with excessive meat and fat accumulations. Ensure all surfaces of the slicer are thoroughly washed, rinsed and sanitized after use. Corrected by cleaning

(Critical) 1) observed a pan of mussels in the small walk in cooler to be lacking a shell stock tag. No staff could produce the tag for these mussels. In the future, all shell stock tags must be maintained for 90 days. 2) the tags for the raw oysters were stored loose/jumbled in a drawer at the pantry station. Provide a way for staff to maintain the order of these tags based upon when the last date of service. Instruct staff to write the last date of service on the tag prior to storing them for 90 days.

(Critical) Observed a few expired foods in the middle walk in cooler: mortadella (3-12), cooked greens (3-12), pastichio (3-12). The pan of pastichio with an expiration date of 3-12 was also found to have another label on the other end of the pan with dates 3-12 to 3-19 (this time frame is also too long--should be 3-12 to 3-18). Ensure staff are not re-dating any foods. Lastly, a large, full container of remoulade sauce was not marked with an expiration date. This full container was recently made (verified by the production log and marked with an appropriate date based upon when it was made). Corrected by discarding these foods (except the remoulade sauce)

Observed cracked and split door gaskets on the following coolers: drawer gaskets on the cook line prep unit with the four drawers; the middle and left-hand door gaskets on the bar cooler located below the draft beer station. Provide replacement gaskets so these surfaces are easily cleanable and to keep the cold air in your coolers

One quat test kit (orange paper) at the three compartment sink has either been subject to heat and/or moisture. Provide a replacement test kit with a color for 150 and 400 ppm. Also, another brand of quat test kit (yellow paper) does not have a color on the chart of 150 ppm. Your test kits need to have colors on the chart for the useable range of the sanitizer (150 to 400 ppm). Replace these kits lacking colors for the proper use range

The following drains are plugged/partially plugged--remove blockage as needed: the dish washing area hand sink, and the trough drain located near the electric food slicer

Observed the 4 to 5 bulk food containers (for flour, bread crumbs, etc. ) to not have covers. Locate and provide covers to protect these foods

An employee made a couple sanitizer wiping cloth buckets with chlorine (normally quat sanitizer is used) and use the quat test papers. Ensure the appropriate test paper is used to verify the sanitizer concentration as quat test papers will not work for chlorine, nor will chlorine test papers work for quat

Dry store room: observed spilled grain, dried beans, an onion on the floor. Under the two door upright freezer: a tomato has rolled under this unit. Maintain these areas clean to prevent the attraction of pests

Observed a +/-6 inch open space in the exhaust hood filter area above the deep frying station. Provide a solid insert to seal this gap so the grease/oil is filtered out properly, thereby minimizing the amount of build-up inside the hood duct system

Observed numerous metal kitchen pans stored in a stacked manner while still wet. Air dry equipment prior to stacking them

Health Report - 09/16/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a line cook handle cooked chicken that was cut on the cutting board with his bare left hand to help guide it on to the kitchen knife to shuttle the chicken onto a plate. Corrected by discussing the concerns of this practice with the employee and by having the employee use a single use glove, spatula, tongs, etc. To prevent bare hand contact with rte foods

(Critical) Observed three bulk hot foods, prepared the previous day, in walk in cooler #2 that were improperly cooled. The red beans (43f), curry soup (43f) and ravioli sauce (46f). Other foods in the cooler were observed to be 35f. These three improperly cooled foods were discarded.

(Critical) Observed a cook wipe a kitchen knife on his unclean apron. After pointing out the concerns of this practice the employee he was asked to clean the knife. The employee went to the dirty dish side of the dish washing machine and only rinsed off the knife at the overhead spray-rinse nozzle. Upon returning to his work station he was reminded of the requirement to sanitize equipment after cleaning. The knife was sent through the dish washing machine for thorough cleaning and sanitizing--corrected.

Observed several employee purses stored on shelves in a back storage area for food and single use items. Provide a proper location for employees to store their personal belongings that is away from food and single service/use items

The bulk soup, beans and sauces are being removed from their ice bath too soon and placed in covered plastic containers in the walk in cooler. Staff must make the following changes to their cooling procedures: 1) continue the ice bath longer in the food prep sink/buss tubs (if staff are currently transferring food to a plastic storage container when the food reaches 41/40f, they need to continue until the food reaches 34/35f, for example) 2) wait to take a food temperature until +/- 3-5 minutes after thoroughly stirring the food and take a core/central food temperature reading (remove any ice stick to prevent a false cold reading) 3) leave these foods uncovered and stored on a top shelf or a speed rack in the walk in cooler until they are fully cooled 4) continue the ice bath of the foods even after they are placed in the walk in cooler 5) keep a whisk or spoon in the food container to periodically stir the food during the cooling process 6) monitor the temperatures of all foods cooling (cooks and management) and log them in a cooling chart so other staff know the progress and status of foods cooling

The door sweep is worn on the back delivery door and the walk in coolers have missing door sweeps that are allowing cold air to seep out. Provide replacement door sweeps for these locations. Consider using a different type of door sweep for the delivery door--try the nylon bristle type instead of the vinyl strip currently installed)

Observed a moist slime accumulation in a narrow gap between two sections of stainless steel at the oyster cleaning station. Apparently not all of the protective film wrap was removed prior to installation of this equipment. Try to remove all of the film, thoroughly clean, sanitize and dry this area, then apply silicone sealant to the gap to prevent further moisture & food debris from migrating into this gap

Observed the waste water drain line for the ice making machine to not be accepting all of the ice machine discharge water. The receiving basin doesn't have enough capacity and was slightly out of position. A contractor arrived on-site during the inspection to evaluate the situation. He plans to modify the drain next week so it can handle the water volume and flow rate

Observed an employee not rinse off tomatoes prior to cutting them. Corrected by the employee rinsing them off in a food prep sink

1) many areas of the kitchen (dish washing machine area, back prep kitchen, etc. ) have cracked floor tile, missing/worn tile grout, loose/missing wall cove tile or areas where water can get behind the wall surfacing material. These damaged areas have persisted for a long time and need to be addressed this year. 2) a 3 to 5" gap still surrounds the floor sink located under the two door upright freezer in the hall way. Fill in this hole and replace the floor tile and grout so this area is smooth, easily cleanable and impervious to water. The above areas are allowing food debris and moisture to accumulate or seep into the building structure and providing a food source and hiding areas for pests

Observed no trash can provided at the dish washing area hand washing sink, nor at the back prep area hand sink. During the inspection a trash can was provided at the dish area sink

After the lunch service period observed the pantry area prep cooler to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. During the inspection the temperature control dial was turned from a setting of 6 to 7. Monitor this cooler to ensure it maintains 41f and below

Back storage room: observed single use items (catering food containers, etc. ) to be stored upright and have a dust coating on them. After removing the top container, invert these stacks of food containers or store them in a bag that is tied off to prevent contamination

The two pantry coolers (not the glass dessert cooler) did not appear to have an air thermometers in them (or they were not in an accessible area of the cooler). Provide air thermometers for these units and place them in a viewable area so staff can easily monitor temperatures

1) observed torn door gaskets on the line cooler for the sautee station. Replace these gaskets so they are easily cleanable and keep the cold air in the unit when the doors/drawers are closed. 2) a +/- 3" gap exists between two of the exhaust hood filter sections located above the deep fryers. Either locate the missing blank filler section or provide a replacement blank section to fill this gap. Excess oil/grease accumulation increases the risk of a fire and makes the hood cleaning more difficult/time consuming